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Kemach annual report 2017


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Kemach annual report 2017

  1. 1. Annual Report 2017 KemachThe Kemach Foundation
  2. 2. Dear Friends, 2017 marked a decade since the Kemach Foundation started the economic revolution in Israel’s Haredi community. Close to 19,000 men and women in the Haredi community have been directly impacted by Kemach’s programs and have improved their families’ financial standing by earning a respectable living. But the ripple effects extend way beyond, bringing the number of affected close to 290,000 – including individuals who received guidance here as well as hundreds of thousands of family members whose lives were positively influenced. The Kemach Foundation has not made a single dent in the Haredi lifestyle. Today, it’s clear to all that it’s possible to acquire a profession, earn a respectable living, join the entrepreneurial world, and integrate in the Israeli workforce while maintaining a completely Haredi lifestyle and without compromising the slightest bit on values. This holds true whether one is a tour guide, a hi-tech guy, or a nurse in the hospital. The Foundation deeply appreciates the founders who are active and integral to its success, enabling its existence and continuity. As catalysts for further growth, Mr. Leo Noé, the Wolfson family from the USA, and Eli Horn from Brazil have planted the seeds for others to join in the work and share in the rewards of this solid investment in Israel and Jewish life. With our annual budget surpassing $15 million, about half of which is covered by the Israeli government, the Kemach Foundation is fostering collaboration with more government agencies, NGO’s and philanthropic agencies so that together we can continue to resolve the economic and social challenges in the Haredi sector. I am happy to share a glimpse of Kemach’s impact in 2017 in the following pages. Sincerely, Motti Feldstein, CEO
  3. 3. Founded in 2007 by a group of activists with the support of Mr. Leo Noe, the goal of The Kemach Foundation was to help Haredi men acquire skills and qualifications to enter the Israeli workforce and become self-sustainable, responsible citizens of the country. Ten years later, Kemach has turned into the leading symbol of the economic revolution taking place in the Haredi sector. The foundation expedites a host of initiatives that target various facets of economic prosperity: employment, entrepreneurship, academic education, civil service and women’s empowerment. The Kemach Foundation A Trailblazer of Positive Change in the Haredi Community Directly Impacted 18,972 33,310 Boosted by Counseling 235,269 Family Members - Directly Impacted = Individuals who received scholarships for academic or vocational training, secured gainful employment through our training and placement programs, or enhanced their earnings through entrepreneurial empowerment. - Boosted by Counseling = Individuals who received professional guidance and counseling albeit without going through a formal long-term program. - Family Members Impacted = Spouses and children affected by their family member’s professional empowerment. Kemach’s Scope of Impact: 287,551 Individuals Impacted
  4. 4. Professional Training Kemach Scholarships Kemach’s Scholarships Program enables Haredi men and women to pursue academic studies or vocational training, by providing scholarships towards tuition Kivun Center The Kivun Center, the go-to address for Haredi individuals seeking gainful employment, provides guidance and counseling, workshops and skills training, vocational assessment and job placement. Bizmax Established in February 2017 as a joint project of the Kemach Foundation, Achim Foundation, and The Jerusalem Development Authority, Bixmax provides Haredi entrepreneurs and freelancers with a professional workspace coupled with a supportive environment that includes: workshops, networking, mentoring and a professional business community Mashpiim The Mashpiim Program, executed in conjunction with the Ministry of Labor and Social Services, the Civil Service Commission, and the Ministry of Interior, creates an outstanding Haredi reserve that will be assigned to important entry-level municipal and civil service positions following an intensive six-month training period. Movilot Designed to harness the leadership of motivated and capable Haredi women in the occupational realm, Movilot combines a year-long leadership program promoting excellence and professionalism in the workplace, one-on-one coaching and a structured networking mechanism aimed at connecting the participants to leading business leaders and changemakers in Israel. TheKemachFoundation's Initiatives Women’s Empowerment Entrepreneurship Employment KemachThe Kemach Foundation Civil Service
  5. 5. Synopsis: It was a most meaningful moment to see a photo of 5 Haredi male nurses dressed in their brand new scrubs at Ichilov Hospital. These 5 men are newly employed at Ichilov Hospital after completing nursing studies which was subsidized by Kemach scholarships. It was heartwarming to see all five of them with yarmulkas on their heads, some even with tzitzis visible, noticeably happy to finally be doing what they’ve dreamed of while still maintaining their Haredi appearance and lifestyle. The photo (which can be seen on page 11) encapsulates the essence of what Kemach’s Scholarship Program accomplishes: Enabling Haredi men to pursue their career aspirations and earn a living with dignity while retaining the values and nuances of their Orthodox lifestyle. Scholarships $10,702,000 were disbursed in scholarship funds $2,000 the average scholarship amount In 2017, a career path was paved for more than 6,000 Haredi men and women who received scholarships from Kemach to pursue academic or vocational training.
  6. 6. From our 2017 Records: Academic Scholarships Demographics of our Scholarship Recipients Affilia�on Sephardic 39% Litvish, 42% Hassidic, 18% Women 36% Gender Men 64% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 33% 20% 21% 16% 8% 3% 1% Under 23 24-27 28-31 32-37 38-43 44-48 49+ Student Age //Chosen Field LawBusiness Management Education and Counseling 1% 3% 3%3% 4% 13% 13% 5% 10% 6% 6% 1% 1% 8% Engineering 2% Health Design and Advertising 1% Architecture and Interior Design 17% Education 4% Finance Social Science Science Computer Science Social Work Psychology Accounting Medicine and Paramedical Programming & Software Testing Other Men 64%
  7. 7. Voca�onal Scholarships Affilia�on Women 5% Gender Men 64% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 16% 30% 23% 18% 8% 3% 2% Under 23 24-27 28-31 32-37 38-43 44-48 49+ Student Age //Chosen Field Hassidic, 41% Litvish, 25% Sephardic 31% Na�onal Religious 3% Men 95% Computer and Network Maintenance Education and Counseling 2% 15% 3% 3% 2% 4% 11% 11% 19% 1% Engineering 6% Counseling Design and Advertising 19% Culinary Arts 9% Architecture and Interior Design 4% Education 6% FinanceTechnician Transportation Accounting Medicine and Paramedical Programming & Software Testing Other
  8. 8. Recruitment and Absorption Training and Education Job Placement This year, we focused on three new programs aimed at helping Kivun members advance in the workplace: The ”Kidum” Program provides individuals with one on one coaching and mentoring to help them advance professionally and financially Hi-Tech Community brings together Haredi employees in the hi-tech sector creating a networking forum and a growth-conducive ecosystem. Sales Club similarly unites people who work in sales, providing a platform of knowledge and skills sharing which helps them advance in the field. 01 02 03 In its fourth year the Kivun Center underwent some structural changes intended to enhance the Center’s capacity to achieve its goals .The Center was divided into three main departments: From our 2017 Records: Category Men Women Total Participants in Kivun programs 2309 1230 811 163 3539 2667 818 1856 65 408 215 171 579 Job placements Individuals who completed core education Participants in professional training New employers
  9. 9. Synopsis: Synopsis: It is hard to believe that Bizmax just barely celebrated its first birthday! Starting from its festive inauguration at the start of 2017 all the way to the Chanukah lighting ceremony in December with the British Ambassador, the countless dignitaries who got acquainted with Bizmax were all effusive in their praise of this outstanding initiative. Indeed everyone recognized the vast potential lying in the beautifully designed Bizmax Work Hub. But the numbers say it best. The incredible success stats of our first year are testimony that the potential is blossoming! 83steady members Haredi men enhanced their skills men participated in large exposure events 400 600 350 hours of consultation provided From our 2017 Records: Finance Real Estate Design Other E-commerce Hi-tech 9% 47% 16% 13% 9% 6% Bizmax composition:
  10. 10. Synopsis: This new program is gaining momentum as 20 carefully selected individuals begin the program at the start of 2018. Throughout the summer and fall of 2017, we held several exposure events, in which we introduced the Mashpiim Program to Haredi men and gave them the opportunity to submit applications. We are enjoying groundbreaking collaboration from the government, particularly the Ministry of Labor and Welfare and the Civil Services Commission, and anticipate the program graduates to be consummate change agents for the benefit of the Haredi community and for the Israeli population at large. The program is slated to be introduced to women in March 2018. Avraham Yustman, Vice President of the Kemach Foundation predicts: “The graduates of this program will take all the knowledge that they have acquired here, along with their value systems, into the government and local municipal offices in which they will be employed, providing a tremendous contribution to the diversity of opinions and voices and allowing a far better and wider public policy for the benefit of the entire Israeli population.” 200 128 20 applicants candidates selected chosen in final screening From our 2017 Records:
  11. 11. Synopsis: In 2017, the third cohort of Movilot participants completed the preliminary program and joined the Movilot Network, enhancing both the group’s size and the quality of leadership dialogue. Meanwhile, the fourth cohort concluded the Zoom-In Stage (preparatory training for occupational excellence – 3.5 months) with a two-day Leadership Seminar in the Negev and moved on to the Zoom-Out Stage which includes mentoring sessions with senior leaders in various occupational fields. Program content focused on the evolving changes in the “New Workforce”, while also emphasizing their sphere of influence as leaders in the occupational realm. Additional notable achievements include: The formation of a steering committee comprised of program graduates. The steering committee established the Movilot Network’s goals and formulated a detailed work plan, which includes monthly meetings. 15 program graduates were trained as “Diversity Leaders” in collaboration with Tevet. These Diversity Leaders will serve as emissaries among employers and expose them to the notion of integrating Haredim in their workforce. A series of pilot meetings were held between graduates of the Movilot Program and Haredi women in academia in order to expose the latter to the positive impact of Movilot. A thorough assessment was performed on the mentoring aspect of the program. Feedback was analyzed, lessons were learned and resolutions were formed to enhance the program’s impact. A Cisco Spark program was incorporated to provide a communication platform between mentors and mentees. 01 02 03 04 From our 2017 Records: participants this year program members including graduates and current 105 235 Over 100 mentors 100105 100 200 85% 75% of graduates advanced professionally of graduates reported a salary increase of 20% or higher Some of the places where Movilot graduates are now employed: Klalit Health Services, Unilever Israel, Rashi Foundation, Drory-Salem Law Firm, Deloitte, Ministry of Education, Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank, Aerial Industry, Menorah Insurance, Maaynei Hayeshua Psychiatric Hospital
  12. 12. 2017 Operational Budget – USD Mashpiim 7,554 835 811 1,785 2,305 844 185 57 552 754 Academic Scholarships Vocational Training Scholarships Living Subsidies Cyber and Technology Training 34 Basic Studies Movilot Administration and Development Kivun Center Bizmax Career Assesment TOTAL EXPENSES *Budget in $1,000 15,700,000$
  13. 13. The Kemach Foundation is honored and grateful to partner with: Wolfson Founda�on Horn Founda�on
  14. 14. Workforce Innovation Conference Around 200 men participated in a conference that focused on technological innovation and its impact on the modern workforce. Bizmax Inaugural Event Bizmax celebrated a grand inauguration ceremony with the attendance of several dignitaries among them Chief Rabbi Rabbi David Lau; President Reuven Rivlin; Yosef Deutch, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and founder of The Kemach Foundation and many others. A Priceless Payback to Kemach’s Patron In a poignant payback to Kemach’s chief patron Mr. Leo Noé, thousands of students and graduates who benefited from Kemach scholarships united in a campaign to complete the entire Shas in memory of Mr. Noé’s parents z”l, in time for their yartzeit. Aerial Industry Conference More than 350 men were introduced to a variety of professions open to them at a leading company in the Aerial Industry. More than 160 participants proceeded to apply for the positions. Mashpiim Fellows at the Knesset Paving their way to civil service and public affairs, Mashpiim fellows visit the Knesset. KemachThe Kemach Foundation Our Nachas These five newly employed nurses at Ichilov Hospital, who studied nursing through Kemach scholarships, encapsulate the Kemach Foundation’s mission: Enabling Haredi men to pursue their career aspirations and earn a living with dignity while retaining the values and nuances of their Orthodox lifestyle. KemachThe Kemach Foundation Memorable Moments in 2017
  15. 15. Chanukah Ceremony at British Ambassador’s Home A festive candle-lighting ceremony was held for members of the Bizmax family at the home of UK’s Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey. Rabbi Shlomo Amar Commends Mashpiim Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar shlita visited the Kemach Foundation and met with the Mashpiim members in honor of the start of the program. He conveyed his warm blessings to the aspiring civil activists and advised them on how to serve as faithful agents for the public’s benefit. Mentors at the Municipality Movilot members participated in a day of workshops and dialogue with leaders of the Bnei Brak Municipality. Mashpiim Fellows Visit Yerucham Mayor Michael Biton, the Mayor of Yerucham, hosted the Mashpiim fellows and shared words of wisdom to the aspiring civil activists Hi-Tech Community Meet-up Haredim in the hi-tech world unite to help each other advance. Expert Day Close to 200 Haredi entrepreneurs and freelancers in the hi-tech field participated in a full day event of speed-dating mentor sessions, lectures and networking.
  16. 16. Address: 216 Jaffa St. Jerusalem Phone: 02-537-8889 Fax: 02-537-5946 Email: Web: NONSTOP