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Film Presentation


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Film Presentation

  1. 1. “Where has she gone” By Daz Moz& Shoz
  2. 2. Our film can be described asTime travellers wife meets Backto the future with a love storythat runs through its core.
  3. 3. What the film is really about • Time travel • Love • Drama • Confusion • Heartbreak • Separation • Loss • Crime
  4. 4. Genre:Sci-fi meets romance Director: Robert schwentke
  5. 5. • It is set in America 2012- present& America 2062- future, in the city (Newyork.)• In the year 2062 people are able to time travel, it was invented in 2054 and the rule of time travelling is people are only allowed to time travel no further than the time it was invented.• If people break this rule they get caught and arrested.• A young women called Arrow time travells from 2062 back to 2012 to escape her abusive boyfriend to seek a better life.• Her boyfriend finds out what she has done and tells the police on her.• Two police officers set out through out all the years between 2062 and 2012 to find her.• She meets Finn who lives in 2012 and they fall in love. However he has no idea about her being able to time travel or being from the future.• They get married and have two children across the space of ten years• After ten years eventually the police catch up with her and arrest her.• Finn finds out the truth about Arrow .• Arrow gets taken back to the year 2062 and goes to prison for 30 years.• When she is released she is 54 and time travells back to the day she got caught in 2012. Arrow is old but finn is still young.• He sees her standing outside a window of their house looking in, he realises its her.• The films ends DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNN.
  6. 6. Audience• Aimed at women/ young females• Age: 15+• Because its not a typical love story it also may entice men as it has an action twist to it.
  7. 7. Characters/Actors• Joseph Gordon Levitt AS Finn Malcavitch Finn is a 24 year old artist living in a studio apartment in New york city in 2012.
  8. 8. Characters/ actors• Rooney Mara AS Arrow Erubata Arrow is a 22 year old unemployed women from the future(2062) searching for a way to escape her abusive boyfriend. She lived in Newyork city 2062 then lives there also when she time travels back to 2012.
  9. 9. Characters/actors• Uma Thurman AS the future police women. You don’t find out her name through out the film. She is one of the police officers from 2062 that goes on a hunt to arrest Arrow.
  10. 10. Characters/actors• Javier Bardem AS the future police man You also don’t find out his name through out the film but he joins the police women from 2062 on the hunt to find and arrest Arrow.
  11. 11. Cost of film& Directors• Our film will cost approximately £20-25 million due to the well know actors included in the film
  12. 12. Our film will be released inthe early summer (summerholidays.) as this will attractmore people as they will beon their break from school/work.