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Simon kyaw eng the alchemist


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Simon kyaw eng the alchemist

  1. 1. What I’d liked The World To Read. Book Title: The Alchemist Author: Paulo Coelho
  2. 2. About Paulo Coelho  Born in Rio, August 1947.  Son of Pedro Queima Coehlo de Souza and Lygia. An engineer and a housewife.  Went to a mental institution twice.  Worked as a musician at the age of 26.  Other books: The Pilgrimage, Brida, The Fifth Mountain.
  3. 3.  A shepherd named Santiago. A recurring dream to be a prophet. Treasures that await for him at the pyramids of Egypt. Love, danger, opportunity, disaster and life lessons. “When you want something, the universe will conspire in your favour to achieve it.”
  4. 4.  “If you follow your heart, you will find what you seek.” The Lone Alchemist, “People only want to find the treasure of their personal legends but not the personal legend itself.”