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Li ming hao robinson crusoe


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Li ming hao robinson crusoe

  1. 1. What I want the world to read Robinson Crusoe Presented by: Li Ming Hao
  2. 2. Brief Introduction of this amazing story ROBINSON CRUSOE was written by famous English writer---Defoe. It’s about Robinson who met a frightful wind while he was sailing on the sea. He was the only survivor who drifted to a uninhabited island. Robinson bravely struggled to survive and fought with barbarians on the island. He survived alone on the island for 28 years and experienced many difficulties and dangers.
  3. 3. Born in York,1632, he has a father who does well in business. Robinson is also a person with a desire for wealth and power. However, he is not interested in being a merchant. Robinson’s character
  4. 4. What kind of traits does Robinson possess in your mind? ambitious enterprising adventurous fortitudinous
  5. 5. Like Robinson. If we believe in ourselves, never give up and do our best, we will be successful!
  6. 6. Thank you for your time and support! 