Aloisuz the thin executioner


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  • Darren Shan's real name is Darren O’Shaughnessy, known to some of us as the master of horror.Although he is Irish, he was born on July 2, 1972, in St. Thomas’ Hospital, London — directly across the river from the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, which may explain his fascination with evil bloodsuckers! Although Shan always wanted to be a writer, it was only in his teenage years that he began writing in his spare time for fun (before that, he only wrote stories if they were for homework). He bought his first typewriter when he was 14, and never looked back, knocking out loads of short stories and comic scripts, and making false starts on several books, which he never completed.Shan was 17 when he finished his first novel. Although it was never published, he relished the writing experience, and found himself focusing more on novels in the coming years, leaving behind the short-story format. For the next several years, sandwiched between university and work, he wrote an average of one book a year, experimenting with different ideas, genres, lengths and styles. When he started writing full-time, his output shot up to 5 to 6 books per year!
  • This book is written in third person account, where the character's name is Jabel Rum.He had two older brother and nothing was mentioned about his mother.This book is perfect and non-put-down-able for horror fans like me but not for the weak hearted as there is a slight hint of gore in the book. I read it and slept well, but not my sister, she had nightmares for almost a weak!The author started writing this book in 2002 but finished just end of last year.
  • Jabel Rum, son of an executioner by the name of Rahsed Rum, is a very thin boy with almost no muscles at all, but his dream was to take over his father, and be the next executioner.Being the executioner is like being the Prime Minister of Singapore, just that his job will be chopping people’s head off, instead of making laws.For every crime made, wheather big or small, if it is theft or murder, all of the convicts will be executed with no mercy.One evening, after the last execution, Rashed Rum steped forward and told the crowd that he would be retireing, and left the job for two of his son, J’an and J’al Rum. Because the two brothers were very strong, they decided to hold a competition, the Makhras.
  • Jabel was overlooked by his father in his speech, and was humiliated in pubilc. Although his family loved him, but he could not live with this stain in his life. That is when an idea hit him, there was a legend that thouse who traveled to the god of fire in a far away mountain who gave power to thouse whom made it there and sacrificed a human in exchange of close to god powers.He then decided to quest in the High Maid’s name, telling her “If I succeed and die, you will be honoured. But if I fail and survive, I promise I will never come back.”
  • If I continue here, I would be telling you the entire story, so this shall be the end of my presentation, thank you for your time.
  • Aloisuz the thin executioner

    1. 1. THE THIN EXECUTIONER By Darren Shan Chan Jun Jie, Aloisuz
    2. 2. ABOUT THE AUTHOR• Darren Shan’s real name is Darren O’Shaughnessy.• He is also known as the Master of Horror!• He has been writing since the age of 14 and finished his first book when he was 17.
    3. 3. THE THIN EXECUTIONER About the book• Written from a third-person perspective.• Main character : Jabel Rum who has two brothers and a father.• Recommended for horror fans but not for the faint of heart.• Author started writing this book in 2002. Completed last year.
    4. 4. PLOT• Jabel Rum is a very thin boy who is the son of an executioner, Rash Rum.• He dreamed to be an executioner• for the fame and the glory it brought.• When his father wanted to retire, he left his two sons to compete in the “Makhras” for the position.
    5. 5. PLOT• Jabel was overlooked and humiliated in public.• So he decided to went on a quest to petition the God of Fire who lived in a far away mountain.• Struck a deal with the “High Maid”, telling her “If I succeed and die, you will be honoured. But if I fail and survive, I promise I will never come back.”
    6. 6. THE END.Information and images taken from