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Dont Panic! Event Technology that adds value


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It's a fast moving world, and the event technology landscape is changing all the time. Don't panic! There are simple choices to be made, and simple ways to deploy event technology so it adds value and doesn't get in the way. This presentation outlines some of the event tech we've used in our own events, and seen used in others we've attended around the world.

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Dont Panic! Event Technology that adds value

  1. 1. ‘‘Don’t panic! EventDon’t panic! EventTechnology that addsTechnology that addsvalue”value”Josh Dry, Marketing Executive atJosh Dry, Marketing Executive or@showgimo or /@ShowGizmo /
  2. 2. @ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /josh@showgizmo.comRegistration TechnologyRegistration Technology
  3. 3. @ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /josh@showgizmo.comEvent AppsEvent Apps
  4. 4. @ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /josh@showgizmo.comLead GenerationLead Generation
  5. 5. @ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /josh@showgizmo.comCommunication and Document SharingCommunication and Document Sharing
  6. 6. @ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /josh@showgizmo.comQr Codes / AR / HUDQr Codes / AR / HUD
  7. 7. @ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /josh@showgizmo.comLive Polling / Attendee FeedbackLive Polling / Attendee Feedback
  8. 8. @ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /josh@showgizmo.comLive Streaming and AVLive Streaming and AV
  9. 9. Priorities and BenefitsPriorities and Benefitsfor Delegatesfor Delegates• Get all information to pre-planGet all information to pre-plan(registration details, event app access)(registration details, event app access)• Engaging with all parties (voting, placingEngaging with all parties (voting, placingfeedback, capturing information)feedback, capturing information)• Following up on interesting partiesFollowing up on interesting parties@ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /
  10. 10. • Getting their profile seen (andGetting their profile seen (andaccessible)accessible)• Polling audiencePolling audience• Sharing their presentation (slides,Sharing their presentation (slides,photos, video)photos, video)Priorities and BenefitsPriorities and Benefitsfor Speakersfor Speakers@ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /
  11. 11. Priorities and BenefitsPriorities and Benefitsfor Exhibitorsfor Exhibitors• To be seen (online profile; website,To be seen (online profile; website,event app)event app)• To capture leads (trackers? Qr Codes?)To capture leads (trackers? Qr Codes?)• Follow up on leads efficiently (access toFollow up on leads efficiently (access toreports)reports)@ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /
  12. 12. Priorities and BenefitsPriorities and Benefitsfor Sponsorsfor Sponsors• Getting in front of event attendees (pre-Getting in front of event attendees (pre-event, remote attendees)event, remote attendees)• Associating their brand/company with aAssociating their brand/company with agreat experiencegreat experience• Access to all partiesAccess to all parties@ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /
  13. 13. Priorities and BenefitsPriorities and Benefitsfor Event Organisersfor Event Organisers• Reduced costsReduced costs• Streamlined processes (reduced time)Streamlined processes (reduced time)• Reports available (measure usage andReports available (measure usage andROI)ROI)• Status / kudos involved in use of TechStatus / kudos involved in use of Tech• Keeping it Digital (fast and sustainable)Keeping it Digital (fast and sustainable)@ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /
  14. 14. @ShowGizmo /@ShowGizmo /josh@showgizmo.comTHANK YOUTHANK YOULive Poll ResultsLive Poll Results