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Awesome way to make your events and fests successful in your Campus


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How can we manage the campus fests and events effortlessly using shout?
The major problem for any event or fest is the challenge in dissipating information to the participants and the audience. Shout is clean platform to channelize the crowd and give a good experience to all.

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Awesome way to make your events and fests successful in your Campus

  1. 1. #Shout in your campus
  2. 2. Objective: Maximize reach of Campus Fests 1. A typical fest 2. What is Shout? 3. How Shout works? 4. How can Shout Help a fest? 5. Contact Us
  3. 3. Typical College Fests • Spread over 3 days • A list of 30 different competitions • More than 12 venues within campus • Participants 200+ • Visitors 500+ on the event day The challenge : 1.How to manage the crowd? 2.How to dissipate information effortlessly?
  4. 4. College Fests only objective • To give the best experience to all and ensure smooth proceedings of the events through efficient crowd management by giving out right information and directions to the participants and visitors at the right time.
  5. 5. What is Shout? • An Android application that lets your shout be available to all around you in real time • Shout feeds based on location and Shout range • 160 Character limit shouts • Shout can accommodate an image • Allows users to echo , shut-up and comment
  6. 6. SHOUT • When a shout is posted it is visible for a default distance • Any user in that radius will be able to view the shout Hello world! The shout visible to : The shout not visible to :
  7. 7. ECHO • If she/he echoes the shout, its reach is increased by default distance of the echoer • The user can fetch the shouts from a range within 10kms from her/his point Hello world! The shout visible to : The shout not visible to : echo
  8. 8. How can Fests Plan? • Distribution of venue maps • Directions to important points in fest [events location,registration,water,canteen,urinals] • Adhoc Public announcements • Lost n found broadcasts • Announcement of winners on spot • Coming next • Last calls for registration • Reach out to a participant if not reachable via phone by a bystander
  9. 9. Strategy Official Shout-Id Event Coordinat ors Fests Official Google group Volunteer s Safety Squad Smooth Information dissemination to visitors and participants More engagement and involvement Silent PA system Ease of co- ordination Or can be to a whatsapp group 1.Identify the POC and roles 2. Educate and make people aware that Fests info is available in shout [FB, Announcements etc]
  10. 10. Wishing college fests the very best! Team Shout Studio Write to us : Website : Beta download: FB Page : Thank you