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Familles pathologiques


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Familles pathologiques

  1. 1. The Joint and the Surgeon A multifactorial analysis of a complex relationship Pascal Gleyze Cred. Photo Ebru Sidar
  2. 2. Platon Articulation is an intellectual processus coming from the Gods because the spirit was there before all things. Movement is intelligence and a production of the soul.. The brain and the concept of articulation
  3. 3. Platon Human reflexion is like a circular mouvement round a fixed point with increasement of speed and field of reflexion with the distance from the central fixed point. If this point can move, the intellect will be able to care the world The brain and the concept of articulation
  4. 4. Aristote Flexion from a fixed point is the essence of all things in actions The brain and the concept of articulation
  5. 5. Think as a joint ! Taking care of joints oblige us to recognise understand and follow the values of each joint !
  6. 6. The joint and his symbolic values ? The axe of life Vertebral column : A. De Souzenelle
  7. 7. The joint and his symbolic values ? The mother of all joints Hip : A. De Souzenelle
  8. 8. The joint and his symbolic values ? The power, the submission and the direction Knee : A. De Souzenelle Veselay Cathedral
  9. 9. The joint and his symbolic values ? The place of all powers Foot : A. De Souzenelle
  10. 10. The joint and his symbolic values ? The door of the Gods Shoulder : ESSKA – EUROPEAN SHOULDER SECTION
  11. 11. The surgeon and the joint : a couple for life ? Be in adequation with the joints you love !
  12. 12. L’épaule, c’est très simple ! 3 familles pathologiques et thérapeutiques
  13. 13. ELLE FAIT MAL ! ELLE SE DEBOITE ! ELLE EST FAIBLE ! Conflit sous acromial Arthrose Rupture(s) de coiffe Epaule instable : - subluxation - luxation 3 TABLEAUX CLINIQUES
  14. 14. ELLE FAIT MAL ! ArthroseConflit sous acromial
  15. 15. ELLE EST FAIBLE ! Rupture(s) de coiffe
  16. 16. L’arche acromiale Agressivité acromiale Les années 20 ans 30 ans 40 ans 50 ans 60 ans 70 ans 80 ans Le niveau d’activité Le vieillissement tendineux La coiffe HISTOIRE NATURELLE
  17. 17. ELLE SE DEBOITE ! Epaule instable : - subluxation - luxation
  18. 18. « The sharing of knowledge creates culture and bring individuals to community » Kant Le programme de la semaine ?
  19. 19. All together !