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Shouji Mobile is one of the 1st class mobile application development company in China. The company was funded in early 2006, have successfully provided high quality and cost-effective production services to many multinational clients.
For more information, contact us at

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  • Shouji Mobile is one of the 1st class mobile application development company in China. The company was funded in early 2006, have successfully provided high quality and cost-effective production services to many multinational clients.
    For more information, contact us at
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Shouji Mobile Company Introduction - Public

  1. 1. Company Presentation! !"##$%#$
  2. 2. Strategy Overview!MCA (mobile content and application) Market &Opportunities! 3 Keys in IT Industry &()*(+$ ,-+(./0$ 167*(+$ 1234+5$ Outsourcing Opportunities =+*$ =+*$ 8+9:;+$ =+*$,1$ 167*(+$ 8+9:;+$ >(633?,1$ >6/4+/4$ <6(./0$ >6/9+(3:6/$ 8+9+@6-5+/4$
  3. 3. Strategy Overview!Shouji service portfolio development! !"#!$ B T/)U34(2$I6P:@+$ !"##$ O--$16@U.6/$ B =6/?05+$O--$8+9$6/$ <(69:)+($ !"#"$ 15(4-R6/+$S$EP@+43$ B >(633?,1$>6/9+(3:6/$ B :,1N$O/)(6:)N$MI$ !""F$ B KO8ON$125P:/N$+4;Q$ B G5+$8+9+@6-5+/4$ B H!IJ$ !""A$ B KLJM$ B 8+9:;+$<6(./0$ B C6;@:D.6/$ B E+3./0$
  4. 4. Strategy Overview!Key Focus! O/)(6:)$ M+PV36;:@$ =6/?G5+$ >(633?,1$ 8+9:;+$ 05+$ O--$8+9$ >6/9+(3:6/$ <6(./0$ ;@:+/43$
  5. 5. Operation!Management Team! H36/$>R/0$ >J,$3:/;+$!"#"$ •  Stanley Tam•  $ Ten years in MCA industry SVP of Global BD•  $ Rich experience in project management $ •  Dana Witt•  $ Built the team and tech structure VP of BD, US for the company since day one $•  Former COO and CFO of the $ •  Shuo Chen company $ Director of Production•  Former BREW Manager from $ Enorbus Technologies •  Zhe Zhang•  $ Bachelor of MIS from City Director of R&D $ University of Seattle•  $ Master of Applied Finance from •  Mark Parish $ Macquarie University Director of Creation $
  6. 6. Whatʼs in it for You?! !  Global end-to-end production for your applications.! !  Proven track record for delivering projects in time and within the budget.! !  Our Award winning mobile application development team offers quality and cost-effective solutions to create games and applications on iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, J2Me, BREW and Palm.! !  Operate out of secure business facilities, fulfilling the latest industry security protocols, to ensure that your intellectual property stays with you.!
  7. 7. Clients and testimonials !“Shouji Mobile has been constantlyreliable and active in providing thesupport we need to finish our projectson time and at high standards”! Andy Furlong, Post-Production Manager, THQ Wireless!!“Shoujiʼs involvement has lead tosubstantial jumps in revenue per titlefor both Telecom and contentproviders.”! ! Gary Tayler, ! Telecom New Zealand!!“Shouji consistent high performance –on time, on budget – is second to none. !I look forward to continuing to work withthem in the future.” ! ! Kristan Rivers, GM Asia ! Pacific, Player X!!“Shouji offers painless 3rd partydevelopment with quality.“! Kim Daniel Artur, Glu mobile

“Shouji has consistently providedprofessional on-time and on-budgetmobile phone porting services. “! ! Jacob Møller, CEO, Kiloo!
  8. 8. Experience developing Enterprise Applications !•  Elong - Expedia! !iPhoneapplication for online search/booking for hotel and flights information. Other interactions with customers and website.!!!•  Siemens! !iPhoneapplication for employees to be in touch with updated Siemens information in academia, training, products and company culture.!!!
  9. 9. Products! Non-Game App development! !"#$%&())()&"  iOS/Android platform"  Location based social network application."  Community, friends and locations."  User friendly UI and flow"  High performance application stability."  Secured user data.
  10. 10. Products! Non-Game App development! *"+,-./&011/,-.2(3&4&,.+5,6(3"&"  Used as demo during intl. medicine congress!"  0 bug tolerance!"  In accordance with ISO 9001 standard and!"  Medical color schemes !
  11. 11. Products! Non-Game App development! 78.9#/,3:&;!0<&-(33"-#(9&"  iOS/Android/BB/Java!"  Connector to China Telecom WLAN!
  12. 12. Products! Non-Game App development! =>?0&@.3+A((:&"  iOS/Android App!"  Gaming guide for DOTA!!
  13. 13. Experience!Device Porting & localization! JO$ E&%$ <@2+($,/+$ ^6/5:$ ,4R+(3$ B L@@2$14(3$ B MMJ$ B K33$Z:3R:/0$ B Z(600+($ B a66$16;;+($ B 8W($"X$ B I+05:/)$ I/:$ B Z(600+($<@U3$ B O@9:/$O/)$ER+$ B 8W($#"$ B L+)$Z;.6/$ B O5-+)$ B :Z:4/+33$ >R:-5U/W3$ B G5+$,Y$C:Y+$ B E(:P@$K3W+4P@@$ 1/6*P6():/0$ B <@2$IW+($ B I+0$KU:@)+($ B O/2.5+$<66@$ B >65-/2$6Y$ B EP@+$E+//:3$14($ B 1-;+$T/9)+($ B ^4b$^$K@;W$ B =Z1$#[$ &+(63$ B <8>$M6(@)$8(43$ B KU34?O?I69+$ CP+@$ B Z(U:4$Z@@$ >R5-:6/3R:-$ B T/3-+;46($G)0+4$ B 1:53$$ B KUPP@+$K6PP@+$ B &+@@6$^:_2$ B &U/./0$I/:$ B I6(+$K(:/$ B M6(53$!"#"$ B &U/./0$ B O5-+)$I6P:@+$ Jc+(;:3+3$ B I+)@$6Y$&6/6($ `/@:5:4+)$ J):.6/$ B 1U-+($dU5$dU5$ !"##$ B T/):/$H6/+3$ B J(/:+$J@3$G6@Y$ $ B >655/)$S$ >6/]U+($[$ B M@@?J$ B ZZ$<6*+($<@2$ B e6@4(6/$ >(:;W+4$ B EU5P@+$KU03$ B ZTZO$M6(@)$>U-$ B E+))2$Z;46(2$ !"#"$ B ZCM$,U4)66(3$ B 1-;+$&U@W$ K33$Z:3R:/0$ B =KO$!"#"$ B Z664P@@$E2;66/$
  14. 14. Experience! Game development! C.//D&7#.9%E&FA/,%6"+&AD&G0&"  Exciting 3D/2D rally game!"  Diversified game play and breathtaking graphic!"  8/10 score received from PocketGamer! "#"9&7(/A"9B&C.//D&"  3D rally multiplayer game with extensive community features based on our own 3D engine!"  Developed for European gaming company for worldwide launch!
  15. 15. Experience! Game development! C.//D&=.:.9&HIIJE&FA/,%6"+&AD&G0&"  Official game of Rally Dakar!"  Fast paced 2D/3D racing game with state of the art graphic!"  Deployed in Europe, Asia, Latin America! C.//D&=.:.9&HIKIE&FA/,%6"+&AD&G0& "  3D rally game based on our own 3D engine ! "  State of the art graphics! "  Realistic environments! "  Proven quality!
  16. 16. Experience! Game development! L.%#MLF9,(F%E&FA/,%6"+&AD&N1/.D& "  2D racing game! "  Official game of Fast&Furious featuring same storyline and characters as the movie! 71D6F3#"9E&FA/,%6"+&AD&G0&"  Top-down scrolling action!"  Classic Mode includes arcade-original graphics, enemy characters, weapons and sound effects. !"  Enhanced Mode includes new graphics and game play elements to attract new customer base!"  7/10 score received from PocketGamer!
  17. 17. Experience! Game development! OFB&*F3-6&"  1 Adorable Frog"  7 Unique Kinds of Delicious Bugs"  Wicked Power Ups"  Awesome Combos"  Quirky Music"  High Score Leaderboard"  Obsessive Stats Tracking"  OpenFeint Enabled
  18. 18. Experience! Game development! OF%D&7.3#.&"  Simple, Bite-Sized Fun"  3 Difficulties; Easy, Normal, and Hard"  Cute Christmas Look"  Charming Sounds"  Delightful Christmas Music"  Children Friendly
  19. 19. Thank you!!Shouji Mobile Entertainment ! !!