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deoplete: The dark powered auto completion plugin for neovim


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Unfortunately neovim does not support neocomplete but I need an auto completion plugin. So, I have developed deoplete. Deoplete is an auto completion framework for neovim. I will describe the features and its future works.

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deoplete: The dark powered auto completion plugin for neovim

  1. 1. deoplete ~ The dark powered auto completion plugin for neovim ~ Presented by Shougo
  2. 2. Introduction ● This slide is English for the foreign people ● But the talk is Japanese for the Japanese people ● The slide may contain spiritual topic or Chuunibyou( 厨二病 ) ● These are feature
  3. 3. Self-introduction ● Shougo ● I am called as “ 暗黒美夢王” . ● Pronounces it “Uncock Vim Awe”. ● Some people call me as “the sith lord of Vim plugins”. ● Text editor is all of my life ● My previous works: neocomplete, neobundle, neosnippet, unite, vimfiler, vimshell, etc...
  4. 4. Today's topic ● Deoplete plugin ● It is the first asynchronous completion plugin for neovim ● You don't have to be annoying the completion blocks! ● If you don't know about neovim, please read my previous presentation. neovim
  5. 5. Why deoplete is created? ● My most concern is to block Vim in the completion ● if_lua is faster than VimL. But it also blocks ● Tarruda(neovim founder) said Wow!! Note: It is free translation
  6. 6. But ● The hell has been started from here...
  7. 7. Needed works (1/4) ● Python3 support – No if_lua support in neovim yet – I don't want to create new Python2 plugin in 2015 – I have added if_python3 feature based on if_python2 in neovim – Thanks the neovim reviewers!
  8. 8. Needed works (2/4) ● complete() bug fix – It is needed for deoplete, but it is not tested well – Thanks the vim-jp and neovim reviewers!
  9. 9. Needed works (3/4) ● v:completed_item and completeopt patches – It is needed for auto completion plugins – Thanks the vim-jp and neovim reviewers!
  10. 10. Needed works (4/4) ● Understand remote plugin features – Less documentation – Less examples – Hard to debug
  11. 11. Deoplete original features (1/3) ● Asynchronous call omnifunc – But the omnifunc which move cursors(side effect) is not supported – For example: htmlcomplete – Synchronous call omnifunc is also available like neocomplete
  12. 12. Deoplete original features (2/3) ● Python3 sources instead of VimL – You don't have to write VimL – You can wrap VimL functions in the source
  13. 13. Deoplete original features (3/3) ● Better buffer source – You don't have to know the line is cached if it is not large files – The lines are analyzed like built-in buffer completion – You must wait to complete in editing large files, but it is non blocking!
  14. 14. Sources ● Built-in – buffer, tag, file, omni, member, dictionary ● External – Neco-ghc, neosnippet, neco- look, neco-vim, neco-syntax, vim-racer, vimshell
  15. 15. Installation 1.Clone Deoplete source $ git clone 2.Install neovim $ git clone 3.Install neovim-python3 $ (sudo) pip3 install neovim
  16. 16. Demo ● Edit eval.c (22000 lines) with deoplete + neovim ● Edit eval.c (22000 lines) with neocomplete + Vim ● “Behold Vimmers, this is THE real asynchronous!”
  17. 17. FAQ (1) ● Is Deoplete is faster than neocomplete? ● I think neocomplete is faster because of if_lua power ● The asynchronous is to skip the completion if your input is too fast ● So, you should use deoplete in newer machine
  18. 18. FAQ (2) ● Deoplete does support any of languages? ● Deoplete can call omnifunc automatically ● Or you can create the source for it ● Why don't you create the source? ● :help deoplete-create-source
  19. 19. In the future ● Deoplete version 1.0 will be released after the presentation! ● After version 1.0: – More customization – Improve file source behavior – Implement more features in neocomplete ● Rewrite unite.vim for neovim(VimConf2016 presentation)
  20. 20. Fin ● If you think “Deoplete is nice!”, please support neovim project by money or code. m ● Deoplete depends on the neovim's features!