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4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground


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Businesses are making $6.50 for every $1.00 they spend when they team up with influential bloggers. This type of "influencer marketing" was rated as the fastest-growing online customer acquisition channel, beating out organic search, paid search and email marketing.

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4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground

  1. 1. 4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground 1 Businesses are making $6.50 for every $1.00 they spend when they team up with influential bloggers, according to a recent poll of marketing professionals by Tomoson. What’s more, this type of “influencer marketing” was rated as the fastest-growing online customer acquisition channel, beating out organic search, paid search and email marketing. While there are many ways brands can partner with bloggers — including event hosting, Twitter parties, and Instagram takeovers — partnered giveaways are one of the most popular and effective efforts a brand can invest their time and money into. Why? Everyone loves free stuff, especially when the free stuff is relevant to their likes, needs and/or interests. When you take this idea and promote it to a large, untapped, and yes, relevant audience — for example, a popular blogger’s audience — magic happens. Giveaways encourage engagement and can be designed with features to improve the likelihood of people wanting to share your Campaign with their networks (more on this later). The opportunity to win something amazing provides the perfect incentive for users to share their data. This means the blogger you partner with is able to collect valuable data on behalf of your brand. 1 2 3
  2. 2. 4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground 2 Now that your brand is set on partnering with a blogger on a giveaway, here are four steps to making the partnered effort happen: STEP 1: DECIDE WHICH OF YOU WILL DESIGN THE GIVEAWAY CAMPAIGN It’s not always the brand that takes on the responsibility of designing the Campaign. There are many bloggers who have design skills and tools they already subscribe to, so they may want to assume the responsibility of designing the giveaway Campaign. If this is the case, make sure your brand includes this task into your blogger’s compensation agreement. A bit of advice: If your brand is working with just one blogger on a giveaway, it’s okay to delegate the design work. However, if your brand is working with multiple bloggers to promote a giveaway, it’s best if your brand handles the responsibility. This way you can design the Campaign once, publish it to the web (more on this in step 4) and share one link for all your partner bloggers to use and promote. Tip: Make sure both parties are in agreement about how your logos and other relevant images will be used.
  3. 3. 4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground 3 STEP 2: WRITE THE OFFICIAL RULES OF YOUR PARTNERED GIVEAWAY Although you may have decided to let your blogger partner design your giveaway Campaign, it will always be your brand’s responsibility to write the official rules of your partnered giveaway. Here are 10 things to keep in mind as you draft your partnered giveaway’s rules: Adhere to local/state/national or international laws In the United States, sweepstakes promotions are regulated by federal and state laws, and overseen by federal agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If your partnered giveaway allows nationwide participation, your rules must comply with federal and state regulations. If you want to allow nationwide and international participation, you must be willing to comply with the laws of every jurisdiction (including those of foreign countries). That said, be sure to check with your region’s business agencies to ensure that your rules include all abiding local, state, and/or international laws for both parties’ — your and the blogger’s — regions. Include a “No purchase necessary” disclosure In order for your partnered giveaway to be considered a “giveaway” in the eyes of the law, you must include a “no purchase necessary” disclosure in your rules. If you do not do this, your effort will be considered a lottery/raffle and you will have to consider specific state laws; lotteries are illegal in some states. 1 2
  4. 4. 4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground 4 Clearly state the giveaway sponsor Your rules should make it clear that your business is the sponsor of your partnered giveaway. The rules should also explain that by participating in your partnered giveaway, entrants agree to abide by all of your giveaway’s rules and regulations. Specify the giveaway entry period Include a month, day and time for when the partnered giveaway will begin and end, and when the winner(s) will be selected and announced. If your promotion has several entry periods include the dates for each individual portion of the partnered giveaway. This description becomes especially important if you’re running a partnered giveaway in which people are entering a photo or video that will be judged and then voted on by the public. You want to include the dates for entry and voting. Include an eligibility section Be sure to specify age and residency restrictions in your rules. You will often see that giveaways are only open to people 18 years of age or older. This is because the laws relating to minors add a layer of complexity that many companies are not willing to manage. Be sure you’re aware of and obey these laws. Explain the entry process It seems simple enough: Fill out the information and you’re entered! But giving direct rules about how to enter a partnered giveaway — and letting fans know they must complete all required fields in order to successfully enter — ensures that an entrant understands exactly how and where to enter. 3 5 4 6
  5. 5. 4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground 5 Explain how a winner will be selected Make sure you are specific about how you will select a winner, including all judging criteria and details about rounds of judging (if there are multiple rounds). Include additional limitations Additional limitations can include disclaimers stating that you have the right to adjust or shut down the partnered giveaway at any time, and you have the right to investigate possible cheating or tampering, before you determine a winner. Discuss the prize(s) Provide a list of the prizes that the winner will receive and outline the process of how that prize will be distributed. For example, if the eventual winner will receive an email notification and must provide a valid mailing address to receive a prize, include these details in your rules. Sometimes shipping can be expensive and complicated, so whenever ShortStack hosts a giveaway, we include a section in our rules stating that any incidental expenses and all other costs and expenses not specifically listed as part of the prize are the “sole responsibility of the winner and not the sponsor.” We also recommend letting your entrants know that their prize is not exchangeable for cash (assuming that it’s not!). Let your entrants know if (and how) their personal information will be used If you’re collecting data about your entrants, such as an email address or birthday, include in your rules that by participating, each participant is granting the hosting party’s permission to use his/her/business name, entry, likeness or comments for publicity (or future marketing purposes). 7 9 8 10
  6. 6. 4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground 6 STEP 3: DESIGN YOUR PARTNERED GIVEAWAY ShortStack offers several templates that make it easy to create beautiful giveaway Campaigns you and your blogger partner can use to engage with your audiences and collect valuable data. And the best part? All our templates are optimized for mobile — no fancy code required. To get started designing your partnered giveaway with ShortStack, download our “Getting Started with ShortStack” guide here. This guide will walk you through, step-by-step, how to choose a template, add widgets, add a theme, test your Campaign before you launch it to the world, and most important, publish your Campaign to the web. To design your partnered giveaway to maximize the reach and number of entries you receive, consider using the following ShortStack Widgets and features: Encourage More Social Shares with the Share Widget The Share Widget gives visitors up to six different ways to share your giveaway Campaign: via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, or Manually. You can configure a Title, Description, and Image to go along with the shares. This is a great feature to use if your partnered giveaway has a special hashtag you want to promote. Simply customize your Share Widget’s description to include specific copy about your giveaway and your hashtag. This makes it so your message can be easily shared from your giveaway Campaign. Enable Voting and Sharing of Votes with the Voting Widget The Voting Widget displays entries submitted via our Promotion Widget and lets your giveaway Campaign’s visitors vote, share and comment on each entry. If your brand wants to show off all the amazing user- generated content you’re collecting from your entrants, this is your go-to feature.
  7. 7. 4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground 7 Collect More Data By Incentivizing Entrants with Points Per Field The Points Per Field feature incentivizes people to fill out extra fields of a promotion form by awarding them more chances to win. By assigning a point value to each field on your promotion, you’re able to reward your entrants based on how many fields they fill out. Points Per Field can also be thought of as extra entries, or extra chances to win. The Points Per Field feature is really valuable if one of your brand’s primarily goals for your partnered giveaway is to collect data.
  8. 8. 4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground 8 Social Media Posts When a brand partners with, and compensates a blogger, there needs to be full disclosure when promoting their partnered effort. According to recently updated FTC guidelines, all social media posts, including Instagram posts, tweets, pins, Facebook posts, etc., must be labeled with #Ad, “Ad,” #Sponsored, or “Sponsored.” Using the hashtag #spon or #spons does not comply with rules, as all disclosures must be in “Understandable Language,” per the FTC. STEP 4: PROMOTE YOUR PARTNERED GIVEAWAY There are two primary ways your brand and the blogger you team up with will promote your partnered giveaway: social media posts and blog posts. Here’s what you need to know about each promotional effort.
  9. 9. 4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground 9 Blog Posts Just like you can embed a YouTube video or a tweet into a blog post, you can do the same with any ShortStack-built Campaign you create. Why is this so powerful? More exposure to your partnered giveaway Campaign allows more opportunities to engage and collect valuable data. Beyond sharing the link to your Campaign (we call this your Campaign’s URL) in posts, pins and tweets, you can also use ShortStack’s External Embed feature to embed your Campaign on any web page that accepts an iframe. To give you an idea of what we mean, here are a handful of places you could consider embedding/publishing your partnered giveaway Campaign: • Within a blog post on your partner blogger’s site and/or Tumblr • Within a blog post on your brand’s blog and/or Tumblr • On a page on your brand’s website • On your brand’s Facebook page as a featured app • On your partner blogger’s Facebook page as a featured app Using ShortStack’s External Embed feature is as easy as copying and pasting a link in your browser. After you publish your Campaign, ShortStack is able to generate a piece of embed code that you can use to install your Campaign, including all of its functions, on any web URL such as a blog or company website. Click here to learn more. The more exposure you create for your partnered giveaway Campaign — whether it be through sharing your Campaign’s URL in several social media posts and/or embedding your Campaign on multiple pages across the web — the greater success your giveaway will have. It’s a numbers game, after all. Increase the number of eyeballs on your Campaign and you’ll inevitably get more entries, collect more data and see better conversion results overall.
  10. 10. 4 Steps to Getting Your Partnered Giveaway Idea Off the Ground 10 GOOD LUCK! Want to learn more? Here’s just a taste of the resources that will help you build ShortStack Campaigns to collect and convert more leads: Resources Page Tutorial Videos Help Docs Social Media Tips Promotions Guide ShortStack Support Get started building your giveaway Campaign with ShortStack START FREE TODAY It’s free. We won’t even ask for your credit card.