12 Holiday Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Implement Today


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The holidays are the best times to run Facebook contests. In this infographic we provide 12 really easy contest ideas you can implement in minutes, right now! Not the holidays? Don't worry, these ideas can be adjusted to work all year long!

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12 Holiday Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Implement Today

  1. 1. DAY 1 For more Facebook contest tips and best practices, visit www.SociallyStacked.com 12 LAST-MINUTE FACEBOOK HOLIDAY CONTEST IDEAS The holiday countdown has begun! Need some last-minute Facebook holiday-contest inspiration? Here are 12 engaging ideas that you can get up and running on your brand’s Facebook page in minutes – whether you use apps or run simple Timeline promotions. Cheers! Time it takes to set up a photo contest: 10-20 minutes* Festıve Fact Facebook users love photos! In fact, a typical Facebook user posts an average of 217 photos each, every year. of Facebook users say they are likely to share a link to a holiday contest or giveaway. Holiday “Costume” Photo Contest THEME IDEAS: ugliest holiday sweater, best Santa Claus/Mrs. Claus or elf Christmas Tree/Fireplace Mantle Decorating Photo Contest THEME IDEAS: hand-crafted ornaments, nature, patriotic, animal, retro, etc. Family Photo Contest THEME IDEAS: most creative and/or awkward family holiday photos 63.4% Time it takes to set up an essay contest: 10-20 minutes* Festıve Fact An essay is really just a contest that involves text rather than video or photo. increase in contest submissions during the holidays. Recipe Contest Entrants upload their favorite holiday recipe (you can also choose to require a photo for entry). Storytelling Contest Fans share a short description of their favorite holiday tradition. Dear Santa Letter Contest Fans write letters to Santa about why they should win your prize. A Product-a-Day Giveaway Line up prizes for each day of your giveaway. A Promotion-a-Day Giveaway Reveal a unique promotion code for a discount or free shipping that expires at the end of each giveaway day. A Combination Giveaway Share products and digital prizes (e.g., coupons, discounts, promo codes) throughout the duration of your multi-day giveaway. 66% Tip: Decide ahead of time if the winner is chosen randomly or by your community. Tip: Let your Facebook community vote for their favorite entry. Tip: Choose winner randomly using a comment/Like importer tool. Brands that host contests see a Recipe Dear Santa Time it takes to set up: 30 seconds Festıve Fact Now that Facebook lifted the requirement that contests be hosted on apps, it’s easy to put up an engaging status update that works as a contest, too. more engagement than other kinds of status updates. “All I want for Christmas is ______________________.“ Finish this sentence and you’re entered to win [prize]. “The movie/song that best captures the holidays for me is ______________________.” Post the title of your favorite holiday movie/song title here and you’re entered to win [prize]. “I found out the truth about Santa Claus ______________________.” Let us know your story here and you’re entered to win [prize]. 182% Fill-in-the-blank status updates receive Time it takes to set up: 20-40 minutes* Festıve Fact Multi-day giveaways, in which you give out prizes every day for a certain period of the month (say, “12 Days of Christmas”) often get the best engagement on Facebook because fans come back again and again to enter. growth in app views during the holidays. 47% Businesses that host apps see a TIMELINE PROMOTIONS 50% OFF USE CODE 1234 * Time to set up if using a ShortStack template. STATISTICS FROM: • Crowdtap: https://bit.ly/1hwdfTw • Simply Measured: https://bit.ly/1cWWXx0 • Social Barrel: https://bit.ly/1hwdvSk • Shopify: https://bit.ly/1cWX8sn • Aggregated data from ShortStack of more than 50,000 active Facebook Pages and 300,000 custom Facebook Page apps that serve more than 1.4 billion Facebook fans. TIMELINE PROMOTIONSTIMELINE PROMOTIONS FREE SHIPPING Tip: Choose a prize that’s relevant to your brand so fans are motivated to stay in touch after the contest ends. presented by