N-Tagil, Urals, Russia Mission School Intensive


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McNulty ministries presents Nizhny Tagil, Urals, Russia Mission School Intensive Training

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N-Tagil, Urals, Russia Mission School Intensive

  1. 1. Mission School and Tent Outreach, N-Tagil Urals
  2. 2. Welcome to Urals
  3. 3. N-Tagil is a city with open coal mines and first steam engine
  4. 4. N-Tagilmetallurgical mill
  5. 5. Miracle Life Conference
  6. 6. Mission School Training
  7. 7. Final word to the graduatesFinal photograph with certificates
  8. 8. Using new video and sound equipment
  9. 9. Everybody is adding their parts to the success of the event
  10. 10. Kevin preaches at mission school and at the tent festival
  11. 11. Practical Training.Evangelists Learn to take interviews
  12. 12. Learning to take pictures
  13. 13. Mission School Classes
  14. 14. Books are always a great gift!
  15. 15. Short-time missions trip to village Uralets
  16. 16. Ministering to people where they are
  17. 17. On the border of Europe-Asia
  18. 18. Round Table Discussions
  19. 19. Practical part of Mission School and Tent Outreach, Krasnouralsk, N-Tagil, Urals
  20. 20. Visit to Mayor of Krasnouralsk
  21. 21. Preparing flyers and posters
  22. 22. Tent Set-up
  23. 23. Different Evangelists Worked Together
  24. 24. Flags look very festive and themusic part of theprogram is very professional
  25. 25. International Festival of Music & Miracles in the tent begins
  26. 26. Last year I drank a lot ofalcohol and tried to commit a suicide. I did not see any reason to live and felt depressed. When I came to the tent festival it was as though thelight shine down on me and Ifelt relief. Now I want to live. I don’t want to drink alcohol any more and I want to live for God together with my husband.
  27. 27. I came from Latvia and God healed my back in Urals• I came here from Latvia. I had pain in my back for some time. Today at the tent meeting the pain left me. I am healed!
  28. 28. Local Imam with his wife came to our tent meetings And then we visited their place of worship
  29. 29. Drs. Kevin and Leslie with pastors, evangelists, group from Armenia and local police
  30. 30. Everybody says, “Thank you, Kevin and Leslie forbringing so much joy to our city. Please come back!” Kevin with evangelists teams
  31. 31. Children’s Festival is very popular among all the ages
  32. 32. Smile!
  33. 33. Everybody enjoys games
  34. 34. When we give a freebook in the tent, people usually bring all theirfriends to the meetings
  35. 35. Evangelists Teams Buriatia Team Novosibirk, Russia Team Belarusian Team Bulgarian Team Ulianovsk, Russia Team Armenian Team
  36. 36. Evangelists from 10 countries came together to Urals to participate in Summer Intensive Ukrainian Team Evgeny & Olga from Togliatti, Russia Team Yekaterinburg, UralsNizhny Tagil, Urals Team Latvian Team Yaroslavl, Russia Team
  37. 37. Team of students and Evangelist Oleg from Evangelists Sergei and teachers from USA Kazakhstan Olga from Germany Moscow Team - Organizers
  38. 38. Estonian Team came to Urals by bus all the way from Tallinn to Nizhny Tagil.It took them 7 days. Roads in Russia can be very challenging
  39. 39. Discussing Mission Schools with the representativesof different regions of Eurasia
  40. 40. Evangelist Evgeny from Urals is sharing his ideas about mission schoolsEvangelists Johannes and Milla from Estoniashare their ideas about adding survival course to mission schools Evangelists Sergei from Armenia is sharing about mission school he plans to start Evangelists took up offering for Evangelist Evgeny from Belarus shares his Buriatia mission building plans about their summer Mission School
  41. 41. Elona and Vitaly from Belarus team are getting married
  42. 42. Kevin and Leslie performed a wedding ceremony
  43. 43. Visit to Ural’s College to Present Humanitarian Aid
  44. 44. Leslie with College Director, Director ofStudies and teachers
  45. 45. Visit toChildren’s homein Krasnouralsk
  46. 46. No matter how old you are, everybody loves clowns! Some children wanted a photoLeslie gives Interview for local TV with Leslie
  47. 47. See You Later!