A look at the women conferences


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A look at the Women Conferences with Dr Leslie McNulty

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A look at the women conferences

  1. 1. A Look at the Women Conferences with Dr Leslie McNulty
  2. 2. Drs. Kevin and Leslie McNulty Leslie was catapulted into the ministry in 1988, changing her career from bank manager and commercial loan officer in Florida to a Global Ambassador for Christ. Her 10 years of experience living in Russia, planting churches and Bible schools, and training missionaries, combined with experience in over 50 nations, provides a unique perspective for todays global environment. She holds a degree in finance from Stetson University, a Bachelors Degree in Church Administration, a Masters Degree in Theology and a conferred Doctorate from Life Christian University. Currently, Drs. Kevin and Leslie are partnering with Global Evangelist, Dr. T.L. Osborn in reaching the world through conferences and outreaches. Dr. McNulty has served in various ministry capacities as Pastor, Associate, Evangelist, Bible School Teacher, Mission Director, and most recently as Missionary Evangelist. She has authored several books and she is a popular speaker in Churches, Conferences and Outreaches in the US and around the world.
  3. 3. Ukraine
  4. 4. Minsk, Belarus
  5. 5. Moscow, Russia
  6. 6. WomenConference,Costa Rica
  7. 7. Blanka Rosa MejiaRamirez, Costa Rica  At this conference I confronted my fears of insecurity.  I learned I can do all I propose to do.  No matter what the world says, I am valuable.
  8. 8. Monica Guzman, Costa Rica This conference is tremendous. Before coming here I was very depressed and insecure. I have better self esteem now. I got rid of my fears and I am going forward.
  9. 9. Costa Rica
  10. 10. Coffee fields,Banana trees
  11. 11. Costa Rica is famous for its multiple volcanoes
  12. 12. Karaganda,Kazakhstan
  13. 13. WomenConference,Ufa, Russia
  14. 14. Ufa,Bashkortostan
  15. 15. Books Distribution
  16. 16. WOMENCONFERENCE, Benin, West Africa
  17. 17. Benin
  19. 19. France
  20. 20. Yvette – Paris, France Jesus saves and Jesus heals. Today’s testimonies clearly demonstrated how God’s power is so much greater than the power of Satan. The devil is a liar, and when the Holy Spirit is inside of us, we do not have to be afraid. I want to take these testimonies that opened up my eyes, and use them to inspire others as I was. I want to allow God to speak through me as He does through Leslie.
  21. 21. Claudine, Paris, France• Leslie speaks in truth, not in theory. She laid our responsibilities as Christians right in front of us. This was clear and convinced me of exactly what I needed to hear. We should be daring as Christians, even when we feel like we don’t have the means. When we are unashamed and act in faith, we can create a snow ball effect for God’s will in us.
  23. 23. Togo
  24. 24. WomenConference, Tallinn, Estonia
  25. 25. Estonia Leslie on the RadioLeslie with Estonian Pastors & Leaders
  27. 27. I was a kind of a hidden Christian, in the backstage, butnow I want to be in the very front witnessing for the Lord I was a very typical Japanese woman - very timid and reserved. But now, after listening to Dr Leslie’s teaching and receiving revelation from the scripture, I know I could have the same confidence as all those people in the history had and I think in a way I have become more positive and more aggressive in a Christian sense. I have my own business and my own carrier and I am working among many people. Because Christianity is such a minority in Japan, if I stand up and say that I am a Christian, sometimes I receive businesslike persecution. Through Dr Leslie’s teaching I have now become more bold, and courageous in Jesus Christ. I can see the truth that is right here in the Bible. It helped me understand that I have to become a witness for the Lord. I was a kind of a hidden Christian, in the backstage, but now through this seminar, through this teaching I want to be in the very front witnessing for the Lord. Tokyo, Japan, Women’s Conference
  28. 28. Now I know that men and women are equal to serve God Dr. Leslie’s teaching at the conference showed me that men and women are equal because our sin was paid for by the blood of Jesus. And women have to work hard in the Kingdom of God along side of men. Today I was really blessed when Dr. Leslie talked about women of the Bible, giving us examples of how God was using women. Then she talked about redemption using scriptures from Genesis and that made me very encouraged. Tokyo, Japan, Women’s Conference
  29. 29. Women Conference, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
  30. 30. Gulzhan Umasheva, Dzhambul,Kazakhstan “A woman should take an active part in revival”.“Through Dr. Leslie’s teachings Irealized that a woman should nottake passive position. A womanshould take active part in revival.I will work with women and prayfor my husband so he will bestrengthened in ministry, andtogether we can do what God hascalled us to do.” Karaganda, Women Conference
  31. 31. Shaiza Hasenova, Dzhazgazgan,Kazakhstan “Kazakh People Need Jesus!” «At the seminar I made a decision to carry the Good News to Kazakh people, because they really need Jesus. Only Jesus can save! Through Him we have salvation! I will continue to share the Gospel with all the people in my country!» Karaganda, Women Conference
  32. 32. Women Conference, Libreville, Gabon
  33. 33. Greetings!
  34. 34. Moutsinga Marie-Augustine, Gabon, Mouila Dr. Leslie taught us the messages of four women, and how God revealed Himself to them. Jesus loves women just like He loves men, and He has acted with the women in the Bible. Sometimes men discourage us, but this is a new start. The message encouraged us, women, to go further. Gabon, Women’s Conference
  35. 35. Mintsa Isabelle, Gabon, Estuaire  I learned from Dr. Leslie that women can have ministries.  Our parents taught us that women have to shut up and listen. Today I learned that it is not right to do so, we have to stand up.  I know my country will change because rain does not fall without watering the soil. Gabon, Women’s Conference
  36. 36. Ngadi Flore, Gabon, Ogoué Maritime  I know that I can do a lot of things with Jesus. Today, I am at a point where I exhort people, God is alive and He acts. I am young and I will accomplished what God wants for me.  Women of Gabon are encouraged here to stand up and start doing what they would not do before.Gabon, Women’s Conference
  37. 37. Kengue Jeannette, Gabon, Ngounié  I know now that having ideas is a blessing from The Lord.  Even if I don’t have the money to do what I have in mind I know that God will provide if I stay on His side. I need to be courageous and bold to get to do what God wants me to do.  Gabonese women will definitely stand up and fight for what they should have. Gabon, Women’s Conference
  38. 38. Veronique Yasse, Central Africa, Kouango  God gave us, women, the same value as men.  We can preach also and have ministries. We can all serve God as we can.  We need to accept ourselves as we are, and not spiritualize everything.  This Crusade was like a joyful song for me. Gabon, Women’s Conference
  39. 39. Gaelle Kouete, Cameroun, West Africa I really enjoyed the Women’s Conference with Dr. Leslie McNulty and I learned many things. When God works with women, women can do anything. The Lord does not look at our gender but He looks at the availability of the hearts. I am proud of being a woman, and I am glad to know that God counts on me for His work. Nothing is impossible to the women as long as they understand that they are valuable in Jesus. Gabon, Women’s Conference
  40. 40. Josette Marie Ambourouet, Gabon, Estuaire  This message is crucial for the women of Gabon.  Many women have accepted God but they don’t know what to do, they are always waiting for men to give them directives. Women are the choice of God and they are to work with Him.  God did not save women to be behind the curtains. Women have The Holy Spirit too, and they are to the eyes of God just like men.  In the Bible there are a lot of heroines.  This conference stimulates the faith of every woman. Gabon, Women’s Conference
  41. 41. Fashion ShowAt The Women’s Conference
  42. 42. Women’s Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina, Buenos Aires, Women Conference
  43. 43. Alicia, Buenos Aires I was impacted by the simplicity and clarity of the message that Dr. Leslie taught. Her passion and commitment are inspiring. I am inspired to go out and preach the gospel. I want to give everything to God so He can use me to fulfill His purpose in the earth. Argentina, Buenos Aires, Women Conference
  44. 44. Andrea, Tigre, Buenos Aires  This conference has been great. It gave me new boldness to start a ministry. I have a renewed confidence in who I am in Christ and the authority He has given me here on earth.  It’s time for me to spread the gospel to everyone I see and speak to.  I believe that if each one of us will start sharing the gospel throughout the city, it will bring a revival to Buenos Aires. Argentina, Buenos Aires, Women Conference
  45. 45. Adelfa Bernardi, Buenos Aires  I was impacted by the simplicity and clarity of the message that Dr. Leslie taught. It is obvious that she truly lives what she preaches.  I am inspired to go out and preach the gospel like a true disciple and follower of Christ.  I will go out and share what I learned here with the people that I know. Argentina, Buenos Aires, Women Conference
  46. 46. Arizona, USA
  47. 47. Alyssa Hitt, Arizona “I now knowthat God will give me what I need.”  I received so much needed encouragement at this conference.  I now know that God will give me what I need.  He will show me direction and I don’t have to worry about the future.
  48. 48. Karen Brooks, Arizona “God confirmed through Leslie my vision!”  “God confirmed through Leslie my vision of writing musical dramas that would be spiritual blessings to others.  After this conference, I know now that I am important.  I was reassured about my call in life beyond my role as a mother!  I will pursue my dreams now.”
  49. 49. India,Madurai
  50. 50. Leslie’s Arrival to the Women’s Meeting Madurai, Ind
  51. 51. Enjoying the message
  52. 52. Mariyal, Madurai  My name is Mariyal. I am 24 years old. I had a tumor in my breast due to which there was a severe pain. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it.  I came here to receive prayer by faith. As Leslie was praying the pain left my body and I realized that the tumor has disappeared as well.  Praise God! Madurai, Ind
  53. 53. Lunch at Women’s Meeting Madurai, Ind
  54. 54. India, Guntur
  55. 55. Some women walk to the Meeting
  56. 56. Others come by bus
  57. 57. Jesus Loves You, Ladies!
  58. 58. Manju Vani, Guntur Through Leslie’s preaching today I learned that Jesus appeared to women first (after resurrection). So preaching the gospel is our privilege. I stay in a hostel where there are many girls who don’t know about Christ. Today I have decided and dedicated my life to share the good news. It’s my prayer that God will use me like He uses Leslie. Guntur, India W
  59. 59. Sanjay Rani, Guntur, India  I thank God for this seminar. It’s an eye opener for me that age, gender or our background is not a barrier to preach the gospel, God can use anyone who is willing. If God can use a Samaritan woman as Leslie said then God can use me too. Pray for me that God may use me too. Guntur, India W
  60. 60. See you at the next Conference!