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Brief discussion about medical treatments


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Brief discussion about medical treatments

  1. 1. Brief Discussion About Medical Treatments We are relentlessly inundated with marketing advice. However this consel does not emanate from governing aurthorities the likes of the General Medical and Dental Councils.If a patient feels that she was “done” in a flurry, in front of the judge, she will wax lyrical on how she was done in a hurry and felt shortchanged. In medical Facial Injectables London included injectable based treatments by aesthetic virtue. Another misconception lies in the perception of the associated downtime. It is often accepted as true that quick and simple equates to negligible pain thereafter or compromise on daily activities. A prime example is the lip augmentation procedure, which rarely takes up more than twenty minutes of our precious time. However, returning to work straight after would beg an interrogation and concern of recent assault. And no, the boss would not approve of the swollen and bruised pout in the next meeting, especially if orally incontinent and lisping post nerve block! I am still to see a micro needling victim jumping into a cab heading straight back to the City after I’m done with her! Herein lies the worth of the consultation, which very often, especially if it is the initial doctor patient chat can effectively last longer than lunch time!So, it is certainly not a ‘ooh, just spotted this on the high street, perhaps I’ll just nip in for a quick fix jab, fill and tox, and lo behold, my summer freeze!’ It might be somewhat acceptable that a patient is in and out of the clinic in 30 minutes should the procedure in question takes little time, the patient is not a novice to the treatment and the doctor is content that he is comfortable carrying out the intervention given the patient’s condition and knowledge on the subject matter. Whereas straightforward brief procedures, such as a repeat toxin treatment or steroid injections for London botox treatments might be well suited and indeed comfortably squeezed into the tea break, the blatant unashamed marketing of more complex and lengthy procedures such as minimally invasive breast augmentation or minimal access liposuction as lunch time contender, is a hoodwink. Truthfully, the interventions are far less invasive and painful than their classical surgical counterparts. However, there is no way a patient should or could return to the office following such surgery. So, in essence the beauty brigade shouldn’t take this marketing moniker too far by applying it universally to the wide array of procedures offered. Misleading a patient often means disappointing a patient, and an unhappy patient tells twenty people. Happy patients on the other hand will only sing our praises to five souls. Breeding a progeny of discontented and disgruntled patients is injurious to the doctor’s reputation, and that of the profession in its entirety. For more information click here: