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Client Connect 2013 - Abandon Cart Best Practices


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Client Connect 2013 - Abandon Cart Best Practices

  1. 1. INSPIRED MARKETINGiGoDigital, an ExactTarget Company
  2. 2. Who We Work WithiGoDigital works with 8 of the top 10 online retail sites
  3. 3. The Engine…To Drive a Personalized Cross-Channel ExperienceExplicitFeedbackSingle View of Customer: iGo + Point of Interaction: ET
  4. 4. The Platform
  5. 5. hourglass New Yorkdark color paletteheelsclothingSaradesignershoesblack saleflatscocktail partyfemalesilkabandonedThe Customer Profile
  6. 6. Recs + Email
  7. 7. Case Study: Online
  8. 8. Personalization + Email
  9. 9. Average Results – Abandoned CartSent Emails31,000 / yearlyOpened Emails15,000 / yearlyClicked Emails3,600 / yearlyConverted Emails400RevenueWith iGo: + $48,500iGoDigital MetricsCapture Rate 30%Open Rate 52%Click Through Rate 25%Conversion Rate 12%
  10. 10. Abandon Cart Email• Abandon Cart Rate about 70-75%• Only about 20% of IR1000 sendingabandon cart in 2012• Why?
  11. 11. Abandon Cart Email• Seems easy – A person puts something inthe cart and doesn’t buy, send an email• Challenges:• Web traffic work with your ESP?• Should you send an offer?• When to send the email?• How many emails to send?
  12. 12. Abandons can be quite different• Male vs. Females• Males – typically compare prices thenabandon less• Females – Tend use the cart almost as awish list, and are more sensitive to S&Hcosts
  13. 13. Offers and incentives can be very competitive• Forrester found about 85% of peopleabandon because of either S&H costswere to high, or they were not ready tobuy.• 36% of consumers said they would notbuy unless they had free S&H.• 47% would not buy without a promotion
  14. 14. Cadence• About 60% of purchases are in the first 3hours average for IR1000• First email within 24hrs (40% Revenue)• Second email within 48hrs (9% Revenue)• Third email on day 4 (34% Revenue)• Fourth at day 7 (17% Revenue)• Different for different retailers
  15. 15. Subject Line• Customized subject line increases theopen rate• Use the name of the product in thesubject line• If you are making an offer leverage that inthe subject line• Vary the subject line between sends
  16. 16. Offers• About 41% of the IR 500 offer somediscount in message 1 and 56% inmessage 2.• Typical:• Free Shipping• 5% off• 10% off• Discount Ladder• Expire discounts in timeframe
  17. 17. Personalize the content• Personalize the content by using theperson’s name• Use the image of the product abandonedin the email• Link back to their cart• Include related items or otherrecommendations with prices• Include rating and review information inthe email
  18. 18. A couple of thins about Check Out• Ask for email first in the process• Don’t surprise people with hidden feesduring the checkout process• Keep the number of pages small in thecheckout process
  19. 19. Test Everything• Your setup will need to be different• Starting point can be based on commonbest practices• Adopting testing as part of the process
  20. 20. Start!• Most important thing is to get started assoon as possible• Even basic campaigns can recover lostopportunities and increase revenue