B2B Commerce On The Move


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Check out our recent presentation on the latest trends in B2B commerce.

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  • Why now? The ground is fertile for B2B Commerce -- why is this true now? Well, there are multiple factures including success seen in the B2C ecommerce space, consumers’ expectations that have been set by their B2C shopping experiences and the preferences of new buyers. The opportunity for B2B commerce is tremendous.
  • Ecommerce systems have proven their value in the B2C world, providing the platform for growth for retailers and brands. These platforms have a relatively low cost but a high return of investment in the number of processes that they support and the ways that they meet customers’ needs. Businesses to Consumer insights gained over the last decade are now informing new Business-to-Business activities. B2B companies and divisions have been the laggards for commerce but now see great opportunity in emulating the best practices learned in B2C.
  • Up and coming B2B buyers are reported to have spent more time purchasing online than through any other avenue.
  • B2B commerce is a natural extension of B2C as the business buyer by day is a consumer shopper at night. The challenge in B2B commerce is to optimize the business buyer’s experience to be on par with their B2C expectations – they expect to search, get deals, get updates quickly, receive promos, etc. However, launching B2B commerce requires special consideration for the business buyer’s environment and how it differs from the typical B2C set-up.
  • The opportunity is huge – Forrester estimates that B2B commerce will reach $559 billion by the end of 2013. While B2C commerce is slated to reach a $252 billion.
  • B2B Commerce is beginning and will continue to change how businesses buy and sell to one another. Let’s take a look at just four of the major whys that this shift is going to effect things --
  • The B2B sale is a complex, involving multiple parties. Digital tools provided through B2B Commerce can help streamline the sales process and also aid in bolstering your sales team’s knowledge of extensive catalogs. These tools can also enable the team of maximize their time with clients, quickly take orders or process promotions and just lessen the time spent on administrative tasks. Online tools and guides can help customers serve themselves. This is going to be the preference of some of your B2B customers (and will be increasingly so). Additionally, these tools help you scale and reduce customer support costs.
  • Technologies in B2B commerce are enabling customized pricing according to customer and user. Personalized pricing and even price comparison are abilities that all business buyers will have in the not so distant future. B2C commerce is also going to provide the customer with the personalization that he or she already experiences when shopping for consumer goods. These sites will show the buyer’s recent purchases as well as target specific offers and bundles to that individual based on their purchase history.
  • B2B commerce increases operational efficiencies by creating efficiencies, automation and making simple tasks such as repeat purchases easy for the customer to carry our his or herself.
  • We’ve learned a lot from our experiences in the B2C commerce world over the last decade. Consumers today have elevated expectations about what their purchasing experiences should be. Now, the challenge is to take this information and apply it to B2B. While the B2B opportunity is huge, the challenge is to integrate into the complex world of B2B while keeping the best in class user experiences of B2C. Technologies will have to mirror processes and make the purchasing experience more streamlined across the board.
  • As you’re thinking about B2B commerce, please feel free to contact us here at ShopVisible if you would like to discuss or if you have questions following this webinar.
  • B2B Commerce On The Move

    1. 1. B2B Commerce on the Move How B2B commerce is changing how businesses buy and sell.
    2. 2. Welcome! B2B Commerce on the Move Sean Cook, CEO of ShopVisible 2
    3. 3. Today’s Webinar 127% Emergence of B2B Commerce 1 in 7 90% Key Ways It’s Changing How Businesses Buy & Sell +50% 13% Trajectory for B2B Commerce COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 3
    4. 4. Our Company ShopVisible is an end-to-end SaaS commerce platform that powers the shopping experiences of today. Whether your customer is an individual consumer or a business, we power the commerce sites that enable them to buy from you , whether shopping online, on their mobile device or on their favorite social network. We also power your back-end management. The ShopVisible platform provides access to manage orders, inventory, channels, content and more. COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 4
    6. 6. The ground is fertile for B2B Commerce
    7. 7. We all understand B2C Commerce.
    8. 8. Future B2B Buyers Are Shopping Less in Person and More Online 127% 1 in 7 Neilson Finds That Millennial Buyers are shopping the least in person (in-store) of any previous generation. 90% +50% 13% COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 8
    9. 9. B2B Commerce is a Natural Extension of B2C 127% Business buyer by day = Consumer buyer by night. Experience and Familiarity with: 90% +50% 13% • • • • • • Search Technology Cross-sell Up-sell Checkout Real Time Inventory Promotions/Gifts COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 9
    10. 10. B2B Commerce slated to reach $559 billion in US sales by the end of 2013. 127% $600,000,000,000 1 in 7 $500,000,000,000 $400,000,000,000 90% $300,000,000,000 2009 2013 $200,000,000,000 +50% $100,000,000,000 13% $0 Source: Forrester Research, Inc. B2B COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 B2C 10
    11. 11. Ways B2B Commerce Is Changing How Businesses Buy & Sell
    12. 12. 1. Enriches the Purchasing Experience 127% 1 in 7 • B2B commerce lightens the admin load for sales and streamlines the process. 90% +50% 13% • B2B commerce tools make purchasing easier for shoppers – it’ll be akin to the B2C buying experience. COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 12
    13. 13. 2. Makes Custom Pricing and Personalization the Norm 127% 1 in 7 • Customized pricing in the B2B world is a must. 90% +50% • B2B Commerce personalizes the buying experience for B2B purchasers and improves overall user experiences. 13% COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 13
    14. 14. 3. Enables Greater Efficiency 127% 1 in 7 • Technologies integrate into legacy systems, eliminating redundancies and streamlining processes. 90% +50% • New tools are equipping shoppers to help themselves, particularly with simple re-ordering, etc. COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 14
    15. 15. 4. Reduces Operational Costs 127% 1 in 7 • Cost savings are being achieved through automation of admin tasks. 90% +50% 13% • Customer decision tools, easy ordering, and self help reduces load on staff and reduces support costs. COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 15
    16. 16. The Trajectory for B2B Commerce
    17. 17. Convergence of Touch Points 127% 1 in 7 • Customers want to shop when and wherever they choose. 90% +50% • B2B commerce providers and practitioners are setting about reconciling this convergence in a way that works. 13% COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 17
    18. 18. B2B Commerce Moving Forward 127% 1 in 7 90% +50% • Customer expectations will remain high. • Adoption is going to be fast as we have learnings from B2C. • The challenge is to implement B2B technologies mirroring operational processes. COPYRIGHT SHOPVISIBLE LLC | WWW.SHOPVISIBLE.COM | 866 493 7037 18
    19. 19. Sean Cook, CEO Inquiries@shopvisible.com www.shopvisible.com @ShopVisible