B2B Ecommerce Considerations


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B2B Ecommerce Considerations

  1. 1. EFFECTIVE APPLICATION OFCOMMERCE IN B2B ENVIRONMENTSWEBINARMAY 8, 2012 Tim Toews Sean Cook Former CIO CEO Office Depot ShopVisible© 2012 ShopVisible LLC, All Rights Reserved. www.ShopVisible.com
  2. 2. Agenda• What is B2B Commerce• Breaking Down the Critical Components•Q & A
  3. 3. We all understand B2C Commerce… You Me HerIn store Him Them…Web The “Consumer”Mobile
  4. 4. The B2C-ification of B2B• Business buyer by day = Consumer buyer by night • User experience and familiarity with: • Search Technology • Cross-sell • Up-sell • Checkout • Real Time Inventory • Promotions/Gifts
  5. 5. Natural extension of the paradigmIn storeWebMobile The “B2B Consumer”
  6. 6. B2B Commerce – Critical Components• Sales force automation• Customer relationship management• Order management• Supply chain• Fulfillment• Accounts receivable• Business Intelligence
  7. 7. Supporting Sales• CRM considerations • Prospect load, review and assignment• Pipeline management• Pipeline forecasting• Account management• Quote management
  8. 8. Customer Setup: Defining the Hierarchy• Hierarchy • User Types • Bill to • Super user vs. User • Ship to • Desktop user • Cost Centers • Fixed tender user • Customer Contacts = =
  9. 9. Products and Catalogs• Catalog views • Product visibility by group/account• Granular permissions • Control what can and can not be purchased• Customer specific nomenclature Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 All Products Products A & B Products B, C, D All Payments PO Only PO CC
  10. 10. Pricing Structure Considerations• Price lists by group• Contract pricing• Pricing methods• Special pricing• Rebates• Hierarchies• Avoiding channel conflict
  11. 11. Ordering Process• Authenticated process: User is “known” • This knowledge drives: • Product level - what they have the ability to see • Payment type - how they can checkout • Attribution - which cost center they are associated with• Workflow and approval processes • Permissions - what they have the ability to spend
  12. 12. Credit and Invoicing• On accounts receivable• Purchase orders releases• Procurement cards• Support of special terms
  13. 13. Fulfillment• Core fulfillment capabilities • Proprietary customer documentation • Staged/future orders • Large orders • Desktop delivery • Multi ship to
  14. 14. Reporting and Business IntelligenceWhat does the business organization care about? Detailed Data Ability to Reconcile Accurately Process Efficiency
  15. 15. Reporting and Business IntelligenceWhat should you • Exportable CSV data as the business • Integrations and xml support be looking for • Detail by:from a platform? • Product • Purchaser • Purchaser’s cost center • Date of purchase • Transaction amount • Payment type
  16. 16. THANK YOUQ&A Tim Toews Sean Cook Former CIO CEO Office Depot ShopVisible www.linkedin.com/in/ttoews seanc@shopvisible.com www.shopvisible.com© 2012 ShopVisible LLC, All Rights Reserved. www.ShopVisible.com