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Imkt110 #1 cummings_shondea


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A presentation of Social Media to North Western Technologies.

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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Imkt110 #1 cummings_shondea

  1. 1.  What is Social Media? When should we start? Why is social media good for the company? How are we going to start this process?
  2. 2.  Social Media- Is websites and other online means of communication that are used by large group of people to share information and to develop social and professional contact. Allows you to create new relationships and reconnect with friends and family. It increases communication, also brings people with common interest together. Examples Of Social Media Networking Sites. •Facebook •LinkedIn •Twitter •YouTube
  3. 3.  People who have a difficult time communicating in person would love to communicate via. Expanding from general interest to specific uses. Positive Impact.
  4. 4.  Hire us! Have the best Ideas Would love to work with you and we can strategize together.
  5. 5. Thank you for listening and letting me showyou what I have to offer the company. Ihope that you can accept my offer and I willlove to enjoy working by you andnetworking department side.