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Politics and Environment


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Politics and Environment

  1. 1. Politics, Environment, and Sustainability G. Tyler Miller’s Living in the Environment 14 th Edition Chapter 27 Shohail Choudhury
  2. 2. Key Concepts Democracies and environmental problems Making environmental policy Environmental and anti-environmental groups Global environmental policies
  3. 3. Politics and Environmental Policy Constitutional democracy Branches of government with check and balances elections Special interest groups Profit-making organizations Nonprofit, nongovernment organizations
  4. 4. Factors Hindering Democracies in Dealing with Environmental Problems Reactive to problems instead of proactive Short time between elections shift focus to short-term issues Major affected groups do not vote; no obligation on the part of politicians Elected officials spend much time raising money to be reelected
  5. 5. Developing and Influencing Environmental Policy: Principles Humility Principle: our knowledge is limited. Reversibility Principle: irreversible on a human life scale Precautionary Principle: better safe than sorry Prevention Principle Integrative Principle: environment and other problems. The Polluter Pays Principle: full-cost pricing Environmental Justice Principle: No group are deprived of
  6. 6. Case Study: Environmental Policy in the United States Purchase recyclable, recycled, and environmentally safe products Recycle cans, bottles, paper, and plastic Plant a garden Individual Donate clothes and used goods to charities Use water, energy, and other resources efficiently Use mass transit, walk, ride a bike, or carpool Laws and regulations Membership support Lawyers Lawyers Courts Boycotts Environmental organizations Legal action Legal action Laws and regulations Corporations and small business Special interest groups Lobbyists Lobbyists Lawmaking body Public advisory Public hearing Regulating enforcement body
  7. 7. Environmental Law Statutory law Civil suit Common law Class action suit Nuisance Statute of Limitations Negligence Mediation SLAPPs Administrative law Injunction
  8. 8. Environmental Groups and Claims Mainstream groups Grassroots groups Specific issue focus Raise understanding or awareness of issues Many groups but not much cohesiveness
  9. 9. Anti-Environmental Groups and Claims Threatened by environmental regulations Threats to private rights or property Spend much time attempting to discredit legitimate groups Often use “environmentally-friendly” sounding names (People for the west) Raise questions and doubt in the minds of citizens
  10. 10. Global Environmental Policy Military security, economic security Environmental security International Meetings Effects of GATT and the WTO