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Daily Assistance Devices


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As we grow older some tasks become more difficult. These devices can help you maintain your independence and make life easier, check them out!

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Daily Assistance Devices

  1. 1. One Small Step at a Time
  2. 2. *These injuries and diseases make simple affairs very difficult. *People lose their dignity *Many need assistance which requires a personal assistant nearly 24/7
  3. 3. Technology has opened the door for people to regain their independence and dignity.
  4. 4. This sock assist device helps those with limited mobility in the waist & is gentle on the skin.
  5. 5. A spoon that counteracts tremors from Parkinson’s disease & the essential tremor disorder. counteract-hand-tremors
  6. 6. As we age sitting down and standing up become more challenging, but not with lift chair.
  7. 7. This will keep track of which pills you take and automatically dispense them at the appropriate time.
  8. 8. This cutting board holds fruits and vegetables in place with spikes & a vice so you can cut them with ease.
  9. 9. Don’t let getting in & out of the bathtub be dangerous. Picture: Helping-font-b-Handle-b-font-Bars-for-font-b.jpg
  10. 10. When you’re tired from walking and need a seat suddenly. Picture:
  11. 11. Regain your hearing and enjoy the sound of your loved one’s voices again. Picture:
  12. 12. *Aging, diseases and disorders no longer need to take away our dignity, independence and freedom. *From the sock assist device to hearing aids, technology and ingenuity are giving back people’s lives and letting them live happily.