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Shoaib Sultan


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Shoaib Sultan

  1. 1. CCAARREEEERR OOBBJJEECCTTIIVVEE To contribute towards the growth and development of a dynamic organization having opportunities for both personal and professional growth. PPRROOFFEESSSSIIOONNAALL QQUUAALLIIFFIICCAATTIIOONNSS  ACMA  Stage 4 in progress (Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan) AACCAADDEEMMIICC QQUUAALLIIFFIICCAATTIIOONNSS  M.COM (The University of Lahore.)  B.SC (Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan)  Intermediate (Science Group) (Board of intermediate and Secondary Education, Multan)  Matriculation (Science Group) (Board of intermediate and Secondary Education, Multan) PPRROOFFEESSSSIIOONNAALL EEXXPPEERRII EENNCCEE CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS One of the well renowned firms of Chartered Accountants. It is a multi-discipline firm which provides professional services in the field of auditing, accountancy, secretarial and corporate affairs, taxation and management consultancy. Assistant Audit Manager Currently Working as Assistant Audit Manager in S.P Amjad & Co. 3.5 years articles from S.P.AMJAD AND COMPANY(Chartered Accountants), under the bye-laws of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).(August, 2011 to Jan 2015) During the tenure attained extensive practical experience in the fields of audit, corporate and management consultancy to various types of organizations including quoted, un-quoted and private limited companies. Scope of work, inter alia, included ensuring compliance with management policies, reviewing existing systems to identify control weaknesses and examining financial statements to ensure compliance with national and international reporting frameworks. Audit, accounts and consultancy  Preparation of financial statements in conformity with the Companies Ordinance, 1984 and International accounting standards.  Evaluate that disclosures given in the financial statements are in conformity with applicable law and standards.  Initial planning of the assignment and identifying issues to be focused during the audit.  Preparation of systemnotes and flow charts.  Evaluation of internal control procedures and their compliance.  Preparation work programs.  Assessment of control risk and designating the test of control SS HH OO AA II BB SS UU LL TT AA NN SS hh oo aa ii bb ss uu ll tt aa nn 22 22 @@ yy aa hh oo oo .. cc oo mm House #9 Street # 6 Mohallah , Dugach Town, Lahore Cantt. Lahore. Cell # +92 3024787244
  2. 2. for specific areas in consultation with the engagement partner.  Performing the test of control and substantive procedures highlighting the issues/matters/controlweaknesses.  Discussion with clients regarding the various accounting or other issues/matters identified during the assignment.  Prepare notes for the engagement partner for the issuance of unqualified or qualified reports and matter need thorough professional assessment by the partners. Doing special and ordinary audit of different societies and also doing complete work on book keeping of different societies.  Involved in drafting of rules of provident funds,gratuity fund and post employment benefits funds of various clients and pointing out the discrepancy in the rules and measure required to rectify those. Corporate Laws compliance  Incorporation and related formalities of companies.  Preparation and Filing of annual Returns and different forms with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.  Incorporation of Company (Privat Limited, Single Member & Public limted) Partnership and obtaining the licensing from Lahore chamber of Commerce.  Matters relating to change in name, increased capital, change in MOA and AOA, Change in directors, election of directors, registration of mortgage and charges etc.  Preparation of Agendas, Notices, Resolution and minutes of meeting Special Certification  Certification of statutory report  Certification of projected financial statements  Certification of Equity for obtaining loans from financial statements Internal Audit Responsible for looking after the internal audit department of the firm where the firm is performing pre audits and post audits on continuous and monthly basis . I was involved in the monthly evaluation of the clients performance by providing and analyzing the monthly financial statements and effective utilization of factors of production i.e. raw materials, labor and other overheads
  3. 3. Industries of Experience Business Assurance Services  Interwood Mobel (PVT) Limited  Interwood Sale (Pvt) Limited  Plum Qingqi Limited  Addvantum(Pvt.) Limited  Synchro Pharmaceutical  Lacas (Pvt.) Limited (Education)  Dysin Automobiles Limited  Dynamic Packages (Private) Limited.  Punjnad Hydropower (Pvt.) Limited  Mehran LPG (Pvt.) Limited  Honda Point (Pvt.) Limited  Spleen Manufacturing (Pvt.) Limited.  Elemetec (Pvt.) Limited  ILF Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited  Codec Solutions (SMC- Pvt.) Limited.  Olympus International (Pvt.) Limited  IBL Modaraba Management (Pvt.) Limited  Global Express (Pvt.) Limited  Prime Elastomeric Yarn (Private) Limited  Business & Professional women Organization (NGO)  Lahore Association Pakistan (NGO)  Mani Brother  Mani Trader  Haveli Co-operative Agricultural Marketing & Supply Society Limited  Government Transport Headquarters Co-operative Housing Society Limited  The UBL Co-operative Housing Society Limited  PCSIR Co-operative Housing Society Limited Internal Audits  Interwood Sale (Pvt.) Limited  Banker Co-operative Housing Society Limited Workers’ Profit Participation Fund Audits  Plum Qingqi Limited  Elemetec (Pvt.) Limited  Spleen Manufacturing (Pvt.) Limited  Interwood Mobel (Pvt.) Limited Provident Fund Audits  Lacas (Pvt.) Limited  Cresent Leasing Corporation Limited  Zaman Leasing Limited  Samin Textile Mills Limited Income Tax & Sales Tax e.filling  Income tax challan and monthly return Summit in FBR  Sales tax Return monthly and Annually Summit in FBR and Pra .  Coordinate with sales tax and Income tax Departments PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Attended various in house seminars and courses of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan relating to audit approach, review of internal controls, audit techniques and accounting and auditing standards. CCOOMMPPUUTTEERR SSKKIILLLLSS Well equipped with internet communication tools M.S. Office (word, excel, power point, and visio) and Operating systems like Windows XP, well command over computerized accounting software and related analytical tools, In addition to above have also well command
  4. 4. over computerized auditing software i.e. Audit Care-5.0 and Audit Explorer. Team Work & Presentation Skills Excellent at developing friendly working relationships with the fellow team members and colleagues, providing assistance and expertise wherever possible. Excellent presentation & report writing skills. Personal Details Father Name Date of Birth Mureed Sultan December 11,1985 Marital Status Nationality Single Pakistani RREEFFRREENNCCEE Masood Sultan Account Officer Steel Complex Pvt Ltd (Elahi Group) 03014031330