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Amercan school hand book

  1. 1. AISJ - CENTRAL OFFICE HANDBOOK Welcome to Jeddah and to AISJ! This Central Office Handbook provides useful information to augment the initial orientation for new staff at the beginning of their service with AISJ. Besides a general overview of life in Jeddah it also includes topics such as residence permits, travel, vacation, medical insurance, professional development allowance, life insurance assistance allowance, Office Organizational structure and other helpful information for newcomers to become familiar with. A Policy & Procedures Manual (two volumes) that has been approved by the Board of Trustees is also available and accessible to all staff at the HR office. A CD of this manual is given to each employee upon joining AISJ. A brief summary of established practices and precedents within the policy framework has also been included in this Handbook to enable each employee to become familiar with daily routine issues. The AISJ Administration appreciates and welcomes any and all suggestions and recommendations from all faculty and staff members to improve the contents of this handbook. Once again we welcome you to AISJ and to the American community here in Jeddah! ***** 1
  2. 2. Faculty and Staff Dress Code Policy As faculty and staff members of AISJ it is our responsibility to present a professional appearance at all times. Students, parents, and other community members look to us to set the standards for appearance, behavior, and decorum. Professional appearance and professional behavior are an inherent part of a quality education experience and reflect not only who we are but also what our School represents. Accordingly, it is expected that all faculty and staff present a professional appearance and to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. The AISJ Dress Code for staff and faculty members will be as follows: For Men: • Collared shirts with tie (long or short sleeved). • Dress pants (no cargo pants or jeans) with a belt. • Dress shoes (no sandals) (athletic shoes may be worn if required). For Women: • Dress slacks or pants (no cargo pants, jeans, or jean type pants). • Blouses or tops that are professional (no logos, sleeveless, or overly revealing cuts). • Knee-length skirts and dresses. • Dress sandals or shoes (no flip flops, or Crocs) (athletic shoes may be worn if required). Good judgment and common sense should guide you as to what to wear. These guidelines should clear up any ambiguity. However, if you have any questions about what is appropriate or not appropriate for wear, please ask any member of the Admin Team. Sd/Dr. Mark A. English Superintendent – AISJ. 2
  3. 3. THE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF JEDDAH MISSSION STATEMENT Our Vision The vision of the American International School of Jeddah is to be an educational institution that is highly regarded for its focus on academic excellence, innovative practice, community service and global citizenship. Our Mission The American International School of Jeddah is an accredited college preparatory school that promotes academic excellence with an international experience based on the American curriculum. We are a culturally based partnership of students, parents, staff and community that strive to inspire students to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers in an ever-changing society. ABOUT A.I.S.J. Since 2004 the school has changed from Saudi Arabian Airlines ownership to that of a non-profit institution governed by an elected board of Trustees and assisted by the U.S. Department of State, and has a diversified educational program from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. AISJ has a current enrollment of over 950 students, located in one campus. Our elementary School consists of grades Pre-K to grade 5. The Middle School is Grade 6-8, and the High School consists of Grade 9-12. AISJ is modern and air-conditioned, with fully equipped classrooms, Science and Computer labs, gymnasium, recreational facilities, Art and Music areas, cafeteria, as well as extensive library and media centers. ACCREDITATION Fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, USA, AISJ is licensed by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education to operate as a school for expatriate children. Saudi students are admitted with special permission by the Ministry of Education. 3
  4. 4. STUDENT BODY The AISJ student body of over 950 represents 38 different nationalities. The constant interaction of students from such diverse cultural backgrounds represent a vital aspect of life at AISJ. SCHOOL BOARD The School Board consists of 5 voting members (American citizen) elected by parents who are members of the American community in Jeddah under supervision of the Saudi Ministry of Education (MOE). The functions of the School Board are delineated through documents which are available in the School WEB site as follow: • • • • Saudi MOE Foreign School Regulations (Available in the English and Arabic). AISJ Articles of Association. AISJ by Laws. AISJ Policies and Procedures. Please refer to these documents if you have any query about the school board activities. The School Board meetings’ schedule and minutes of meetings are also available at the school WEB Site. Three teachers’ representatives attend the open sessions of all board meeting. If you have any concern or suggestion to the Board, please coordinate with your representative who will brief the board about it and get the response back to you. For the sake of transparency, you will find on the school WEB site all the school board activities and any other related issue such as board election procedures, Auditor’s reports and the yearly board reports. 4
  5. 5. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY The administration of the school is the responsibility of the School Superintendent who reports directly to the Board of Trustees. AISJ has a highly qualified staff of educators. The majority of its recruits come from the US and Canada. Faculty members continually keep abreast of current pedagogical trends by participating in the Near East/South Asia Council of overseas schools (NESA), conferences, seminars, and continuing education courses. CURRICULUM A well-developed basic American curriculum is offered in history, science, mathematics, and English. A variety of elective programs are offered in Arabic Culture, Islamic Studies, Languages, Arts, Computers, Music, and Physical Education. Specialized areas of English-Language-Learning and Learning Support have trained teachers to work with students needing special assistance. Kindergarten is a readiness program designed to provide an introduction to the basic academic skills of first grade. Grades one through five have instructional programs including reading, language arts, spelling, handwriting, mathematics, social studies and science. Specialists teach physical education, art, music, computer, Arabic and Islamic studies and library skills. A resource program and English-as-a-Second-Language program are provided for those who need special help. Grades six through twelve receive instruction in the academic areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. Learning Support – similar to content mastery and English- Language-Learning are also offered. Specialists continue the students’ progress in art, music, computer, speech and drama, science, Arabic and Islamic studies, library and physical education. A diverse program is offered to prepare students to further their studies in higher educational institutions of learning. SCHOOL CALENDAR The beginning of each school calendar year is dependent upon the Ramadan calendar. For SY 2010-2011 the school calendar will begin on 13 September for all teachers, faculty, and staff. In addition, for the SY 2010-2011, Thursdays have been designated as work days in order to complete the required number of work days as per employment contract, 5
  6. 6. otherwise Thursdays and Fridays are usually the weekend with School in session Saturdays through Wednesdays. The Muslim and traditional American holidays are observed along with winter and spring breaks. SCHOOL WEBSITE The School website ( is designed developed and maintained by the IT department to give the school an exposure to the outside world particularly the school communities. The welcome page has the necessary links for admission, calendars, career opportunities and other general information while the links for ES, MS and High School provide information of the respective school activities, handbooks, teachers, students performance, student council and newsletters etc. The school governing board, policies and procedures and the history of AISJ, Mission & Vision statement and AFG (Accreditation for Growth) report are linked under “About Us”. Some of the event highlights are available under the respective school links in addition to the common school activities album under the link “School Album”. The back bone of the school is PTSA and the activities of which is given in a separate link. Any important announcements are communicated through this website using the flashing message and the announcement link under welcome page in addition to SMS messages to the parent’s cell phone. 6
  7. 7. Sitemap of     Home‐ Intro                                                                    Welcome                                                                    Message from the  Superintendent  AISJ Vision  Admissions  Calendar SY 09‐10  Calendar SY 10‐11  Graduate Profile  Career Opportunities  Alumni  Announcements  School Facilities                       Internship Program  About Saudi Arabia  Staff Mail  Student Mail  Web links  Downloads  7                            Library  Computer lab  Science lab  Band Room  Gymnasium  Power house  Clinic  Cafeteria                   
  8. 8.             Elementary  School           Message from ES Principal  Student Parent Handbook  Grade Level Expectation  Counseling                                                                                   Middle School                                            Teachers  ES Student Council  Elementary School Report  ES News  After School Activities  Message from MS Principal  Student Parent Handbook  Course Catalog  Counseling  Teachers  Explore the Kingdom  Student Life        Student Recognition  Middle School Report  MS Newsletter  Performing Arts  8          Welcome  Counseling Program  Description  Parent Guide                                   Student Council  NJHS  AIC Program             
  9. 9.                                                                                  High School                                         About Us                                Activities  Message from HS Principal  Student Parent Handbook  Course Catalog  Counseling  Teachers  Student Council  Honor Roll  Graduate Awards  NHS  Partnership for Success  High School Report  HS Newsletters  Performing Arts  Activities  About Us  AISJ Vision  AISJ Mission & Beliefs  AISJ Profile  AISJ History  School Board  AFG  Articles of Association  By Laws  Policies and Procedures     9                                                                         Student Admissions  Student Expulsion 
  10. 10.                                                                                                          School Album           PTSA                                                  Curriculum  PTSA  School Facilities  Facilities  Campout  Make‐It Take‐It  International Day  Message from the President  History  Activities  PTSA ‐ Application Form  PTSA ‐ Articles of Association  PTSA ‐ Minutes of Meetings  Photo Gallery  Family Day   Download Forms  10 Tuition Refund  Learning Support Services  Academic Honesty  Extracurricular Activities  Technology Use  Lost Book Fees  Homework Policy  Dress Code                                                 
  11. 11. PARENT TEACHERS STUDENT ASSOCIATION (PTSA) What has set the American Educational system apart from others is parental involvement. The PTSA gives parents a great opportunity to get involved in their children’s school and help make it the best it can be, as well as providing the most sought after education in Jeddah. Parental involvement allows us to meet each other and share ideas that will make AISJ a better school and will ensure our children experience activities outside the classroom. It is extremely important that we continue to receive new members to help strengthen our organization. It is the parents and students that can best articulate what they want and need from this once in a lifetime opportunity. The Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) of the American International School invites you to join them in helping make a difference in our children’s education. We are incredibly fortunate to be in such a unique multicultural environment that will have a great impact on our children’s future. We need to take advantage of this opportunity and come together as an organization that works with our school to give our children the tools necessary to succeed in today’s world. PTSA organize two main fund raising activities every year, as follows: 1- The sports Carnival 2- Family Matters Carnival Also PTSA participate and sponsor all other fund raising activates organized by the school. The raised money is used in improving the school facilities and funding many other students or teachers academic programs. Please visit the school WEB page to review all PTSA activities. Photo Album is also available at the PTSA page for all previous activities. 11
  12. 12. AMERICA INTE AN ERNATI IONAL S SCHOOL OF JE L EDDAH CENT TRAL O OFFICE ORGAN NIZATIO CHAR ON RT Superintende ent Superintendent t  Office  Coordinator H.R.  Manager        H.R. . Specialist Re eceptionist Man nager ‐ Govt.  Relations &  R Pr rocurement Procurement t  Coordinator r Accou unting Man nager Coordin nator ‐ Facilities & Local  Purch hases Maintenance e  Supervisor I.T.  Manager Accountant  A Receivable I.T.  I.T.  t Specialist Coord dinator Audio / Visu ual  Technician n 12 Registrar
  13. 13. CENTRAL OFFICE Work Hours Effective 1st August 2010 Teachers and all other non-instructional staff 7:45 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. ***** All Departments in Central Office directly report to the Superintendent. Following are the Sections / Departments in Central Office: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Superintendent’s Office Coordinator. Government Relations & Procurement Business Office Registrar’s Office IT Department Human Resources Department. 1) SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE COORDINATOR: The Superintendent Office Coordinator deals with all matters related to Superintendent’s Office including taking minutes of the Board Meetings. Also, she maintains record of board resolutions and communicates such board decisions to the concerned department for information and / or compliance. Though the Superintendent has an open door policy he also has a very busy schedule and wants to insure that when he is scheduled to see someone he gives them his undivided attention. Therefore, he has advised his Office Coordinator to coordinate this effort with the following days and hours for appointments: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday : 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. However, there is no need to ask for an appointment if the nature of meeting with the Superintendent is of urgent and important nature and/or about issues that cannot be delayed. 13
  14. 14. 3) a) b) c) d) e) GOVERNMENT RELATIONS & PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT Government Relations; Procurement & Facilities Coordination Section; Maintenance Supervisor Driver’s services. Custodians, Janitorial services and School Security. The Manager Government Relations & Procurement is in-charge of the above sections. All requests related to Procurement, Maintenance, Cleaning, Security and / or Driver’s services are submitted to Manager – Government Relation & Procurement. However, maintenance requests of urgent nature can be referred direct to the Maintenance Supervisor (Ext.243 / 240). 3.1. Government Relations All Government Related matters are handled by the Manager - Government Relations & Procurement himself. Though functions of Government Relations Section are mostly concerned to overseas employees but it is also beneficial for the Local Hire Staff to know about these because sometimes they may have some queries on Government related matters. The functions and duties of the Government Relations Sections are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Responsible for taking all steps to maintain School License which is renewed after every three years by the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia without which no function of School can run. Makes sure that Saudi Labor Department, Passport Office and GOSI record for School sponsored staff match with each other without which our Work Visa request cannot be entertained by any of the Ministries. Applies Work Visas for Overseas Employees and makes all necessary efforts to have these visas obtained. Resolves all government related matters of the School and / or an individual employee of the School. Prepares letters to the Saudi Embassies out of Kingdom nominating names of all new hires for the approved block visa. Prepares Power of Attorney in favor of Recruiting Agents abroad and have all the relevant letters for visa processing signed by the School Admin., attested by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have these dispatched dispatch to our Visa Expeditors out of Kingdom. Arranges iqamas for new overseas staff and thereafter renew these iqamas before their expiry; arranges Exit/Re-Entry visa for all the overseas employees and their family members when requested. Assists in obtaining the family’s visa for the families of School sponsored employees, whenever it is requested by some of the School sponsored employees. 14
  15. 15. 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) Assists in having employees cars registered / transferred in their names and have their car registration renewed when due for renewal. Assists to get them the Saudi Driving License and to renew it when it expires. Assists in opening of Staff Bank Accounts with the School nominated bank(s). Arranges wire transfers for School sponsored employees and assists all bank related transactions of the School. Supervises security staff of the School and monitors Government provided Security. Responsible for all third party agreements. Assists new overseas employees in custom clearance of their personal effects shipped to the Kingdom. Of course, Human Resources Department is the key partner in all matters related to Government Relations and provides all assistance to Manger – Government Relations and Procurement to the maximum in performing his above duties and responsibilities. 3.2. Procurement & Facilities Coordination Section: a) Procurement Coordinator: 1) Responsible for purchases from Overseas. All Purchase inquiries, Purchase Orders / Purchase Requisitions concerning overseas purchases including School books, etc. are submitted to Procurement Coordinator through the respective Unit Heads; 2) Responsible for purchase of office supplies requisitioned by Central Office, Middle and High School. b) Coordinator – Facilities & Local Purchases: 3) In-charge of custodial and janitorial services in the School; 4) Supervises maintenance of School utilities and facilities through the assistance of Maintenance Supervisor; 5) Responsible for purchases of office supplies requisitioned by Elementary School; 6) Responsible for purchases of janitorial / maintenance materials and makes sure that there is no shortage of any janitorial / maintenance materials in the School. All P.Os or Purchase Requisitions and other requests concerning above services are submitted to the appropriate Coordinator in the Section. 3.3. Maintenance Supervisor: He makes sure that all the utilities and facilities in the School are well maintained. He also monitors summer projects of the School. 15
  16. 16. 3.4. Custodians, Janitorial Services: The Custodians are responsible for movement of School furniture and other heavy items of the school within the School premises while Janitors are responsible for cleaning the School. The Custodians and Janitors are supervised by a Supervisor who is further responsible to Coordinator – Facilities. 3.5. School Security Staff: We have two types of Security Staff: 1) School arranged Security staff; and 2) Saudi Military Security arranged by Saudi Government. School arranged Security personnel are in School Uniform while the Military staff is in their Government provided uniform. Therefore, both the Securities are identical. 3.6. Visitor Policy for AISJ Events Social and sport events are sponsored by the American International School of Jeddah to provide students with opportunities to expand their school experience beyond the academic realm. It is important that these events maintain a positive atmosphere and appropriate levels of security. For these reasons, the following guidelines will be applied to events where people from outside the AISJ studentbody are included: • • • • • All tickets will be sold before the event, there will be no tickets sold at the gate. Guest names must be submitted to the activities coordinator at least one week before the actual event. A ratio of one visitor per AISJ student will be maintained. AISJ Administration / Security have the right to deny admission to any student or visitor. Guests not on the event list will NOT be allowed admission even if they have a ticket. 3.7. School Driver: The School Driver reports to Manager-Government Relations and Procurement. Therefore, if you need his services during office hours or after school for any official business you may request to Manager – Government Relations & Procurement (GR&P) or Coordinator - Facilities & Local Purchases during his absence. To seek Driver services, please pass by the office of Manager- GR&P. You will find there a Chart for Driver’s duties. You may mention the time, date and nature of service you need. The Driver will take a note of it and will be available for such duties unless he has some prior commitment for some other duty at the similar time and date. In that case he may call you to inform you that he is busy 16
  17. 17. with some other previously committed assignment. You may please leave your Mobile No. on the duty chart so that the Driver may call you. 4. BUSINESS OFFICE This Department has two Staff Members – Manager Accounting and Accountant Receivable. This Department’s functions relate to all financial transactions of the School. All money payable to School, e.g. Test Fee, Registration Fee, Tuition Fee, etc. is received by Accountant Receivable through the window of the Business Office, while Manager – Accounting is responsible for all accounting transactions of the School. Besides that the Manager Accounting is also responsible to prepare Staff Payroll; deals with Auditors and does all home work to assist the auditors. The Manager Accounting maintains all financial record, prepares income statement, balance sheet of the School and prepares all necessary financial reports for School Admin and Board of Trustees. She makes all paper work necessary to wire transfer of overseas employee’s salaries and arrange salary transfers to employees account in the Bank at the end of every month. She also works out and makes year end payments to all staff at the end of each school year and makes final payment to the non-returning employees. She has full control over the School financial transactions. 5. REGISTRAR The duties and responsibilities of the School Registrar are of great importance and are of very sensitive nature. The Registrar of the School is always at the front line of the School. She enrolls students and has various meetings with the Parents and takes the new students parents on a round of the School. As per nature of her job, she contributes a lot towards the growth and development of the School. 6. IT DEPARTMENT 6.1. Objective The IT department will support the mission of the School by providing efficient, readily-available technology to the School system. IT endeavors to maintain flawless, constantly-available electronic resources and support mechanisms. To this end, IT constantly investigates new technologies and structures to facilitate realization of the School objectives and goals. 6.2. Equipment The IT Department maintaining a LAN (Local Area Network) of more than 250 computers consisting of five computer labs each with an average of 25 computers and the desktops of the teachers and staff. All computers are Pentium IV with very latest configuration with LCD screens. In addition, the Middle and High school classrooms are equipped with large multimedia screens connected with the teacher’s computer and the combo player for classroom presentations. A very high speed broadband Internet services is provided with unlimited access from two different ISPs via P2P connections through ISA servers. A web enabled 17
  18. 18. outlook Email services is also provided with the school domain name for staff and students to communicate within and outside the campus. All students and staff have their own folders maintained in the file server with proper privileges to store their school and class works in addition to the yearbook folders for the relevant students. A Web server is maintained in the IT department and link with our school website .The student management is run with Chancery SMS and Finance and other areas are managed with accounting software. The blackboard is also used for online assignments and instructions. The class rooms of the elementary school are well equipped with audio visual equipments and well maintained by the IT department. The PA system, video and still photographing are taken in every important event in the classrooms and in the common functions held in the school. The video editing and archiving is also done by the department. 6.3. IT Staff The department consists of IT Manager, IT Coordinator, IT Specialist, and AV Specialist who are dedicated and experienced to provide assistance to the teachers, students and other staff as and when the service is required. IT Coordinator is specialized with scheduling and the SMS software that handles the students grading, attendance and report cards in addition to NESA blackboard online learning and support while the IT specialist is responsible for all hardware and Network maintenance, emails, internet and student login accounts and other privileges. The AV specialist is responsible for maintenance and operation of all type of AV equipments, camera and PA system. The IT manager is to ensure the smooth functioning of the above services and deals with hardware software requirements in addition to the development and maintenance of school website, SMS services and SMAC software to manage accounting, cafeteria system and attendance. 6.4. Internet Facility at Saudia City AISJ provides Internet Facility to its overseas employees at their apartments / villas without any charge. The overseas staff in have full access to School Outlook emailing system from their houses in Sv City. 7. HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT This Department consists of two staff members: AISJ Receptionist. Human Resources Specialist. Human Resources Manager. 7.1. AISJ Receptionist The AISJ Receptionist is part of Human Resources Department. The Receptionist is much familiar with our School system. She greets and the 18
  19. 19. parents and School visitors and answers their queries. If required, she takes them on a round of School. She also attends the walk-in candidates looking for a School job and assists H.R. Department in all its functions, and she also assists the Registrar of the School whenever it is required and if she has a spare time. 7.2. Human Resources Manager / HR Specialist All correspondence related to hiring and visa processing is made through this Department. These two members of HR Department are working like good colleagues to provide all kind of assistance in your day to day school affairs which is the main responsibility of this department. This Department’s main role is to act as mediator between the employees and the School Management. Because of its functions it maintains good working relationship between employees, the school administration and the Board of Trustees. Human Resources Officials play a key role in the School operation. All visas and Government related matters are initiated by this department. Without the assistance of this department your daily routine matters cannot be tackled effectively. This Department monitors all policy issues and makes sure that Human Resources related matters are handled in accordance with the approved policies and procedures of the School. It is, therefore, necessary to highlight certain policy and procedural issues that may be necessary for every staff member to know, particularly the new staff. Such issues are: 7.2.1. Initial Mobilization Allowance As per their employment contract the Overseas employees are eligible to have initial mobilization allowance @ US$1,600 (SR.6,000) payable immediately upon their arrival at Jeddah. However, the Board has approved to pay up to US$2,500 (SR.9, 375.00) maximum if any of the new overseas employees has incurred inprocessing expenses beyond this limit. In such a case the employee has to submit his receipts confirming such expenses. This payment is made in Saudi Riyals currency. This allowance covers all expenses related to shipment of luggage and visa processing requirements, such as, but not limited to, preemployment medical exam, police report, notarization or verification of documents, and any other related miscellaneous expenses. 7.2.2. Residence Permits (Iqama) and Work Permits (for Overseas staff) Human Resources Department initiates all necessary steps and paper work to obtain the Residence Permits (Iqamas) and Work Permits for all Overseas New Hires and their eligible dependents immediately upon their arrival in the Kingdom. Following steps are requested to be taken to apply for residence permit and work permit. . • Please submit your Passport to HR Office and maximum copies of your photograph on the first day of your school (if not submitted before) or when the HR Office ask for it; 19
  20. 20. • • • • • HR Office will take copies of your Passports; fill in the Hospital Medical Form and will ask you for some specimen for the medical analysis because you have to undergo for another medical examination necessary to apply for your residence permit (iqama). Once the specimens are ready with you the HR Office Representative will take you to the nearest Hospital for medical tests. The Medical Reports for such medical tests shall be received after three days. The HR Office will fill in another government Arabic forms and shall submit all necessary paper work and your Passports to Manager – Government Relations or his representative for obtaining your residence permits and Work Permits. The Work Permit and the Residence Permits (Iqamas) shall be ready and delivered to you within 5 – 15 working days. After getting the iqama you will be able to make all kind of transactions in Saudi Arabia including opening of Bank Account. 7.2.3. Iqama (Resident Permit) is valuable Once you have your Iqama, please remember that it is valuable for you so long as you are living in Saudi Arabia. You will be able to travel within the Kingdom with your Iqama by road or by air without having the Passport with you. There is a fine of up to SR.1, 000 if the Iqama is damaged or lost. Some time, you may forget and it goes into the Washing Machine along with your clothes. So please take care of it because you will not only be fined up to SR.1,000 because of the damage or lost iqama, but we all will be facing a great difficulty and inconvenience to obtain a duplicate iqama in lieu of the lost or damaged one because it is a very time consuming process. 7.2.4. Opening of Bank Account: It is mandatory for each AISJ employee to open a bank account with National Commercial Bank (NCB) Jeddah. Business Office staff facilitates every new employee in having the bank account open so that his / her monthly salary is transferred to the Bank at the end of each Gregorian month because payment of salaries in cash is discouraged. After obtaining the Iqama, the new overseas staff shall be required to go the NCB with either Manager Government Relations or any one from HR Office to open the Bank Account. Local Hires Staff shall also be required to go to the Bank at their own to open the Bank Account or if required they can also go with Manager Government Relations or HR representative but the staff is required to take prior permission from their Supervisor for substitute coverage if they are going to the Bank during their working hours. After opening the Bank Account, the employees shall have to notify his / her Bank Account No. to the Business Office so that their salaries are transferred to their account every month as per normal procedure. 20
  21. 21. 7.2.5. Salary The contract of Instructional Staff (Faculty Staff) is for 185-186, 194-196 and / or 210 work days depending upon the positions. Non Instructional Staff (Office Staff) contract is of 225 work days. Staff members get paid for the number of days they work during the year but for easy calculation their annual salary is divided into 12 months and is paid at the end of each Gregorian month. Adjustments / Deductions, if any, during the year are made at the end of the School Year when they get the year-end payments. Administrative procedures may demand such deductions / adjustments on a monthly basis, such as advances / loans granted to employees or when the employee’s absence is considered as leave without pay. Here, we feel necessary to clarify that the overseas employees sign their contract sometime in January, February, March, April, May, June or July depending upon the hiring procedures while they are Out of Kingdom but their reporting day in School may be some time in August or September as published in the School Calendar. So the Staff is made clear that the recruitment is conditional pending upon approval of their visa and clearance of their medical examination. Their salary starts from the Teachers’ Report date as scheduled on the School Calendar, or later per individual circumstances that may delay arrival in the Kingdom. As explained in the above paragraphs, it is mandatory for each employee to open his / her Bank Account with National Commercial Bank (NCB) because at the end of each Gregorian month the salary of each staff is transferred to employee’s bank account. 7.2.6. Holidays, Leaves and Absences The Instructional Staff are paid for the number of their work days as stated in their contract. Therefore, the various School breaks declared in School Calendar are considered as days off / holidays without pay because salary is paid for only work days as per the Contract. Public holidays allowed as per Saudi Labor Law have already been included in these school breaks as can be seen in the School Calendar. In addition to the holidays declared in the School Calendar, Leaves / absences may be granted in accordance with the School Policy & Procedure Manual. If the employee absents himself / herself without excuse for more than 20 nonconsecutive days during the year or more than 10 consecutive days any time, the employee is subject to termination without benefits. 7.2.7. Festival / Public Holidays As per Saudi Labor Law: Eid Al Fitr Eid Al Adha K.S.A. National Day 21 : : : 3 days of Eid. 3 days of Eid. 1 day
  22. 22. December 25 (X’Mas Day) : January 1 (New Year) : 1 day 1 Day It is at the discretion of the Superintendent to grant Wednesday as day off if it falls before these holidays and Saturday as day off if it falls after any of the above holidays. However, It applies to Office Staff because Overseas staff days off are already declared in School Calendar. 7.2.8. Sick Leave 30 Days per year with full pay. Further 30 – 60 days with three-quarter pay during a school year. Further 60 – 90 days with half pay during a school year. Further 90 – 120 days without pay. If someone is unable to report to work on the day his / her sick leave without pay ends, he / shall be liable to terminated with effect from the date he / she started his/her sick leave without pay. The Medical Certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner is MUST for a sick leave of more than three days but it is not required for sick leave up to three days at one occasion. However, if the employee takes one – three days sick leave very frequently, and the Supervisor feels uncomfortable on such sick leaves for up to three days, the employee may be asked to produce Medical Certificate regardless the number of day(s) he / she is sick. It is the responsibility of each employee to call the Principal or his/her Secretary earliest in the morning if he/she is able to come to the School due to sickness so that we may have enough time to arrange a Substitute. Sick Leave is neither cumulative nor compensation for unused sick leave credit is permitted. 7.2.9. Emergency Leave / Bereavement Leave Emergency Leave / Bereavement Leave is granted up to a maximum of ten (10) calendar days during each school year in the event of death, or surgical operation or sickness with the possibility of impending death of an immediate family member provided that it is not availed together with any other type of leave except week-ends. The medical evidence conforming to the nature of emergency situation is submitted within ten days after return from an emergency leave, failing which the period of such emergency leave shall be considered as leave without pay. Immediate family members mean: spouse, employee’s child, parents, brother, sister and spouse’s child. 22
  23. 23. Emergency leave request is submitted immediately upon occurrence of emergency situation and not later than a week. The employer is not responsible to pay for the travel expenses or exit/re-entry fee. Emergency Leave is neither cumulative nor compensation for unused emergency is permitted and is not deducted from sick leave entitlement. 7.2.10. Maternity Leave Ten calendar weeks Maternity Leave is granted to the mother before or after delivery at the discretion of the mother but six weeks after delivery is mandatory. Employee with less than one year of service with AISJ will not receive any pay for the period of maternity leave. Employee with more than one year and less than three years will receive half pay. Employee with service of more than three years will receive full pay. Any sick leave immediately after maternity leave, if related to pregnancy, shall be leave without pay. Medical Certificate from the Doctor is submitted along-with the Maternity Leave Request as a documentary evidence just for administrative reasons... 7.2.11. Personal Leave with Pay Personal leave is granted only in those circumstances where necessary matters of personal nature cannot be attended at time other than the normal duty days, such as appearance in court / government Offices, renewal of passports, additions of passport pages, attestation of documents, clearance of goods from customs, etc. As per policy, the final authority to approve personal leave is Superintendent of the School. Submission of proper vacation request is must. For your information, personal leave with pay can be availed only in the InKingdom and not for out of Kingdom. 7.2.12. Paternity Leave An employee can have one day with full pay when his wife gives birth to a child but it should be availed within ten days of the birth of his child. 7.2.13. Leave Request Form The Leave Request Form is submitted for each day of absence regardless whether it is due to sickness, personal reasons or due to business trip or for any other reason, failing which your absence shall be recorded as unexcused absence. 23
  24. 24. The Business Office winds up their deductions / adjustments transactions on the 16th of every month and starts preparing the Monthly Group Payroll so that everyone gets his/her monthly salary in time . Therefore, the 15th of each Gregorian Month is a deadline to receive approved leave request in the Business Office for any absence(s) of the preceding month and the employee concerned is responsible to make sure that his/her approved leave request is in the Business Office on or before this deadline. No leave request for absence on any day in the running month shall be approved if it is submitted after the 15th of the following month. For Example, if someone is absent for any work-day in September, his / her approved leave request should be received by the Business Office through HR Department on or before the 15th October. If leave requests are not submitted during the same month or before the 15th of the following month such days of absence shall be treated as leave without pay and accordingly his/her salary shall be deducted in the following month as per normal procedure. The employee shall be responsible to follow up on his leave request to insure that his/her approved leave request form is received by the Business Office on or before the deadline (15th of the Gregorian month). The Leave Request Form is available on “O” Drive in Human Resources Folder. A blank form is also annexed in this handbook for reference sake. 7.2.14. Absence due to a force majeure If the overseas employees and/or their dependents are required to leave Saudi Arabia, due to permanent closure of the School, by order of the School Board of Trustees: 1. AISJ will pay the cost of transportation for the employee and his/her authorized dependents to point of origin. 2. In addition to salary earned, AISJ will pay the employee for 21 work days beyond the day of closure, up to but not exceeding the end of the academic year. In the event of school closure, the length of service award will be computed as per School Policy and in accordance with Saudi Labor Law. 3. Departure prior to official ordered departure, financial liability shall not lie on School. 4. In case of a temporary force majeure closing, refusal of an employee to return to work after the emergency is no longer in effect, shall be considered a breach of contract which will be dealt with in accordance with the School Policy. 24
  25. 25. 5. Conditions of force majeure: (1) The event shall be unpredictable (2) The event shall be unavoidable Examples: War, epidemics, earthquakes and / or terrorist attack / threats, etc. 6. Duration of absence: (1) shall be deducted from vacation balance. (2) Without Pay if there is no vacation balance. (3) Absence beyond closing of force majeure shall be dealt with as per policy. 7. If the Employee is on vacation or on business trip and the emergency event, as defined above, happens: 1) The employee is eligible for per diem until the end of approved business trip. 2) Absence beyond approved business trip period shall be with pay and the School shall pay for the actual expenses upon production of receipt. 3) The Superintendent shall treat each case individually keeping in view the availability of flights and other circumstances. 8. In case an employee is terminated but it is impossible for him to leave the Kingdom due to a force majeure AISJ shall provide to such employee and his dependents until departure from the Kingdom: i) Free accommodation and medical treatment. ii) SR.55 per day to the Employee and SR.35 per day to each member of the dependents until departure. 7.2.15. Travel AISJ overseas employees with maximum two children per family are provided economy class air transportation at the initial stage when they first resume their duty at Jeddah. Also, one way economy class return ticket is provided when they resign after probation period or when they are terminated for any reasons. The School also provides round trip economy class air ticket to the overseas employees and their eligible children (maximum two per family) to their home of record or travel allowance equaling to the cost of such air ticket at the end of the School Year. However, no travel allowance or round trip ticket to home of record is applicable if the employee is leaving on final exit. In such case, the employee is eligible only his/her one way as applicable to terminated / resigning employee. A single status overseas employee’s family is not eligible for any travel either at the joining time or on final exit. 25
  26. 26. Business Travels and related expenses are always budgeted ahead of time at the time of preparing School Annual Budget. Each Department is informed well in time to submit their estimated budget for any event of the coming year. It is, therefore, mandatory for all department head to make sure that all their events of the year are well estimated and submitted to the Business Office through their Principal. Non-budgeted travels are not approved unless that trip is unavoidable. Such trips that are not budgeted but are necessary for operational reasons shall require Board Approval. The procedure for budgeted business travel is to have first approval of the Principal concerned. The Principal of the said unit, after his approval, forwards the request to Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department shall work out the estimated cost of the said official trip and then submit the request to the Business Office for budget clearance and then to submit the Superintendent and / or Board of Trustees for prior approval before processing any travel advance or purchase of tickets. Once the prior approval is obtained, the HR Department initiates FIN-270 for advance of per diem to the employee as per policy and issue travel order to the Travel Agents for reservation and issue the ticket(s). Just for your information, The School has account with two Travel Agents – ACE TRAVEL and ELAF TRAVEL. The employees, if they like, may contact any of these Travel Agent for their personal bookings and tickets. Their contact details are: ACE TRAVEL (Caravan Travel): Telephone No. 6060018 EXT.357 (CONTACT NAME: MR. MOHD ABDULRAHEEM) Email Address: Mobile No: 0502796589 ELAF TRAVEL Telephone No. 6690603 Ext.228 (CONTACT NAME: MR. MALIK IBADAT HUSSAIN) Email Address: Mobile No: 0564420492 7.2.16. Exit & Re-Entry Each travel out of Kingdom requires contract employee and his / her dependents to have Exit / Re-Entry Visa. Each Exit & Re-Entry visa cost SR.200 per Passport which is always at employee’s cost except that once a year the exit / re-entry fee for employee and his / her children (maximum two) is paid by the School at the end of the school year. 26
  27. 27. In order to avoid any delay in getting your exit / re-entry visa, it is advisable to submit your request for exit / re-entry visa 12 days ahead of your travel time. The Passport Office is very careful to fix the validity date of the Exit & Re-Entry visa which is normally depending upon the validity of Iqama. If there is enough time in the expiry of iqama, the general rule is that the employee should travel within 3 months from the date of issue of Exit & Re-Entry visa and should return within the validity period of the Exit & Re-Entry Visa. If the Iqama is near to expire then the Exit & Re-entry visa is always for a short period that may expire ten days before the expiry of iqama. You are, therefore, requested to please always check with HR Department about your Exit & Re-Entry validity whenever you get your Passport from them. . Exit & Re-Entry should be utilized within the validity period or should be cancelled before its expiry, otherwise you may be fined of up to SR.1,000 if the Exit & Re-Entry expires before your travel or you cancel your travel. The law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia states that each expatriate employee should keep his/her IQAMA with him/her at all times. Maintaining this document on your person is important to insure that you do not encounter any difficulties while doing business in or moving about the Kingdom. Your IQAMA is the first piece of identification you will be asked for almost every official transaction or encounter with any local authority such as the police. To help facilitate our compliance with this law, our school policy stipulates that all sponsored employees should submit their passports to the HR Office for safe keeping on the following day of their entry to the Kingdom and obtain their original IQAMA as their identity document during their stay in the Kingdom. While this is a practical and indeed prudent measure, we realize that some employees are reluctant to turn in their passports in exchange for their IQAMA. Therefore, if employees wish to hold on to their passports and their IQAMAS at the same time they will be allowed to do so keeping in mind that any loss or damage to the passport would be their responsibility. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER, there is a fine of SR.1,000 if the IQAMA is lost or damaged and it has to be paid to the Government Passport Office while applying a duplicate IQAMA in lieu of the lost / damaged one. Therefore, AISJ HR Office shall not be able to give you the EXIT/RE-ENTRY VISA paper unless you surrender your IQAMA to them or deposit the fine (SR.1,000) with Business Office if your IQAMA is lost or damaged. 7.2.17. Visit Visas / Residence Visas for Dependents In coordination with our Government Relation Manager, the Human Resources Department shall help you to obtain a visit visa / iqama visa for your blood relations, such as children, wife and parents. For parents, only visit visa will be 27
  28. 28. possible. We have observed many changes in rules and regulations by the Government concerning visas and visa fees, etc. Therefore, we don’t guarantee any certainty in the Visas Fees and procedures for applying visas. However, the present rulings for the visas are: You can apply only for visas only for your children, spouse, parents and not friends or any other relatives. There may be a visa fee payable at Saudi Embassy of your country when visa application is submitted to the Embassy but no visa fee is paid in Jeddah at the time of applying a visit visa. Residence Visas can be applied for your children under 18 years and wife. There is a visa fee @ SR.2,000 for each Passport. There may also be another visa fee payable at the Saudi Embassy of your country but it may be very nominal. Similar procedure of medical physical examination is required as you went through to obtain a work visa for yourself. Single status overseas employee shall be responsible to pay for all such expenses if they want to bring any of their dependents or relatives as defined above. We can seek services of our Recruiting Agent (Ms Perla Shayeb) for such visas but the employee is responsible to pay her fee as well. The School will facilitate in having their such relatives here. It is must to have Bachelor’s Degree, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate(s) translated in Arabic prior to applying for such visas. At the moment, the translation charges are SR.70 – 75 per simple page. Such charges to be paid by the employee which may vary depending upon the nature of documents to be translated. 7.2.18. Length of Service Benefits On simple termination: either the contract is terminated by the employee or by the employer; the employee shall be eligible for end of service award as under: a) b) Less than five Years service Five years and above half month salary per year of service. One month salary per year of service. (If the employee resigns before the completion of the first term of two years contract, he / she is not eligible for any length of service benefits and shipping allowance). The last drawn salary will be the base of computation of such length of service benefits. Salary for computation purposes include: Basic Salary + Car Transportation Allowance + Housing Allowance. (As the Overseas employees are living in School provided furnished accommodation, the annual housing allowance is determined as per Saudi Labor Law which means two basic monthly salaries. Such annual housing allowance is divided in to 12 months to work out the monthly housing allowance). Only one member of the teaching couple with 28
  29. 29. the higher salary is eligible to be benefited with Housing Allowance while computing the end of service benefits and not both members. Termination Notice can be served by either party as per the employment contract, failing which the defaulter shall be required to pay the indemnity of the notice period to the aggrieved party. No benefits on termination if the employee is terminated due to disciplinary actions, such as unauthorized absence for more than 10 consecutive days or 20 non-consecutive days in a year or due to involvement in any criminal acts, or if terminated due to disciplinary action. 7.2.19. Professional Development Allowance In order to provide professional development opportunity to AISJ professional personnel, the School Board has approved the Professional Development Allowance payable during a school year to faculty staff that are certified from US, Canada and any Western Country. This allowance is payable to all professional faculty staff whether they are local hires or overseas hires provided they fulfill the above requirements. The Reimbursement of expenses incurred by an employee for Prof. Dev. Courses is possible if: a) Prior approval for a course is obtained as per established policy and procedure and is submitted to Human Resources Department. Prior Approval Form is annexed at the end of this Handbook. b) The subject course is relevant to the teaching profession. c) Proof of attending the said course or a completion certificate from the Institution is submitted along with all relevant receipts of expenses is submitted to Human Resources Department. No advance is approved for an employee to pay the above expenses. The employee has to pay first and then submit his/her request for reimbursement in line with the above principles. This allowance may be utilized for NESA Conference or any other course that relate to enhance the professionalism of a faculty staff. Professional Development Allowance is introduced to enhance the professional skills of our Teachers as well as to benefit our Students because when a Teacher attends a Course and gets some additional knowledge in his profession he definitely benefits his students. Therefore, the timings of these courses should be such that our students are also benefited. Therefore, reimbursement for summer courses for non-returning employees will not be approved. 29
  30. 30. This allowance can be banked to next school year of the contract but no balance or full allowance can be carried over to the third year, i.e. it should be used within two years contract. Local hires can also bank it for next year but it will not be carried forward to the third year. Some of the seminars, conferences require the Faculty Staff, Admin to go on business trip. The School pays all expenses for such business trips but it is at the discretion of the Superintendent / Board to adjust the Prof. D Allowance of the employee / Admin against these expenses or not. In such cases, the employee / Admin will be informed of such adjustment prior to going on such business trip. Such ruling also applies to the NESA Rep. 7.2.20. Incentive bonus on renewal of contract Overseas employee shall receive an incentive bonus @ US$1500 upon renewal of their two years contract. The bonus is divided in to two yearly installments of SR.2,812.50 (US$750) each and paid to the employee at the beginning of each following school year. No bonus shall be payable upon extension of contract for less than two years. One year installment of incentive bonus already paid to the employee at the beginning of the school year upon renewal of two years contract shall be deducted from employee’s final settlement if the employee resigns in the mid of two years renewed period because no incentive bonus is payable if the employee does not complete his / her two years contract. 7.2.21. Checkout Procedure We have two types of checkout procedures at the end of every school year. One is for the non-returning employee and one is for the returning staff. Nonreturning employees have to check out school items as well as Sv City household items but the returning staff has to complete checkout procedure as well and they are required to submit their travel & contact information during their breaks. These checkout forms are filed at the end of this Handbook just for your information. 7.2.22. Life Insurance & Long Term Disability Insurance The Overseas employees are eligible to have Life Insurance or Long Term Disability Insurance Allowance @ US$400 per employee per year upon submission of proof. If the annual premium paid by the employee is up to or more than US$400 then whole allowance shall be reimbursed, but if the annual premium paid by the employee is less than this approved allowance, then the actual amount paid by the employee shall be reimbursed to the employee. The payment of this allowance is payable in the following manner: a) First Year: After probationary period (90 calendar days). b) Second Year: At the beginning of the year upon submission of the documentary evidence. 30
  31. 31. 8. AISJ MEDICAL INSURANCE POLICY: We have two V.I.P. Medical Insurance Policies with AXA Insurance Company: Local Hire Medical Insurance Policy Overseas Employee Medical Insurance Policy 8.1.1. LOCAL HIRE MEDICAL INSURANCE POLICY (23 Nov to 22 Nov) Local hire employees have their own sponsors but have an employment contract with AISJ. As per Law of the Kingdom each sponsors in the Kingdom is responsible to provide medical coverage to its sponsored employees. However, AISJ assists facilitating medical insurance coverage to its local hire employees whose medical coverage through their sponsor may be below average or is not up to the required medical standard. AISJ, therefore, contributes its share @ SR.1,500 per employee in their annual premium of the medical insurance policy provided that they join AISJ health plan. So more than 20 local hires employees, at present, have their medical insurance with AXA Insurance Company through the AISJ. The rate of the annual premium per person per year for local hire medical insurance policy is determined by AXA Insurance Company ever year based on the medical claims of the local employees. The School pays SR.1,500 while the rest of the premium is deducted from the employee’s salary on monthly basis. Whatever the premium rate each year is the School share (SR.1,500) which remains unchanged. The Employee’s spouse and his/her school / university going children can join this insurance coverage on 100% payment by the employee. 8.1.2. SUMMARY OF COVER: POLICY NO 2/XN/510 (every year Policy No. is changed). POLICY PERIOD 23 November to 22 November CATEGORY HEALTH TYPE OF COVER OUTSIDE AREA OF COVER PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS CHRONIC CONDITIONS IN & OUT PATIENT CARE DAY CARE TREATMENT REPATRIATION AGE LIMIT ADULT 65 YEARS OLD CHILDREN – FROM DATE OF DISCHARGE FROM MATERNITY HOSPITAL TO 19 YEARS OLD OR 23 IF FULL TIME STUDENT IN SAUDI ARABIA. 31
  32. 32. LIMITS / BENEFITS DIRECT BILLING STAR NETWORK IN KSA AXA ASSISTANCE IN U.S.A. AND CANADA ON REIMBURSEMENT BASIS IN OTHER COUNTRIES. PRESENT ANNUAL LIMIT SR. PER PERSON PER YEAR ROOM / BOARD SR. 500 PER PERSON PER DAY (Semi Private) DR’S FEE LIMIT SR. 150 (OUTSIDE DIRECT BILLING NETWORK) REPATRIATION LIMIT SR.10,000 per person. PRE-EXISTING & CHRONIC CASES SR. 15,000 PER PERSON PER YEAR. VACCINATION SR. 1,000 PER CHILD PER YEAR MAX. 6 YRS. GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITS OF COVER : KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA EXTENDED WORLDWIDE BUT LIMITED TO EMERGENCY EXPENSES. CO-INSURANCE / DEDUCTIBLES OUTPATIENT SR.50 PER VISIT (EXCEPT FOR FOLLOW UP WITHIN ONE WEAK. IN-PATIENT NIL OUT OF KINGDOM 20% CO-INSURANCE FOR ANY TREATMENT RECEIVED OUTSIDE THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA. INSURER AXA INSURANCE CO. E.C. OVERSEAS CONTACT AXA ASSISTANCE TOLL FREE 1-800 621 02 95 FOR MORE DETAIL, YOU MAY REFER TO THE POLICY THAT IS AVAILABLE IN AISJ HR DEPARTMENT. 8.2.1. OVERSEAS EMPS MEDICAL INSURANCE POLICY (1st Aug–31st July) This medical insurance policy is for School sponsored employees hired out of kingdom. They are medically covered effective 1st August regardless when they arrive in the Kingdom after having their work visa. The AXA Insurance Company delivers to AISJ HR Department the Medical Insurance Cards for all overseas employees sometime in July every year. These cards are for new and old overseas employees. The HR Department scans the cards and forwards these to all overseas employees at their email addresses for any possible use out of 32
  33. 33. kingdom. The old overseas employees can use their old card until 31st July while their renewed cards scanned copies reaches them most probably before 1st August with the new Policy No. Eligibility: Teaching couple with maximum two children. Any additional child shall be on employee’s account. Single Status employee is not eligible for his / her spouse or any Child but upon request the School can assist in arranging medical insurance coverage for his/her spouse and children at his/her cost. 8.2.2. SUMMARY OF COVER: POLICY NO 2-XN-2051-0 (every year Policy No. is changed). POLICY PERIOD 1ST AUGUST TO 31ST JULY CATEGORY HEALTH TYPE OF COVER OUTSIDE AREA OF COVER PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS CHRONIC CONDITIONS IN & OUT PATIENT CARE DAY CARE TREATMENT REPATRIATION AGE LIMIT ADULT 65 YEARS OLD CHILDREN – FROM DATE OF DISCHARGE FROM MATERNITY HOSPITAL TO 19 YEARS OLD OR 23 IF FULL TIME STUDENT IN SAUDI ARABIA. The summary of the benefits are as follows: 1. Cover : In and Out patient medical expenses as per AXA Cooperative Insurance Co., wording. All medical expenses incurred as a result of any eligible disease, illness or injury. 2. Eligibility : Employees, Spouses & Children residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under 65 years of age. 3. Area of Cover : Worldwide. Treatment will be covered in any country / area up to the reasonable & customary costs in the country of treatment. 4. Annual Limit : SR. 937,500 equivalent to US$ 250,000/5. Room & Board : Private Room (max. SR. 750/- per day) 33
  34. 34. 6. Deductible : Out-Patient – 20% max. SR. 100/In-Patient – Nil 7. Doctor Fees outside Network : SR. 300/8. Pre-existing Conditions : covered up to SR. 250,000/9. Chronic Conditions : covered up to SR. 250,000/10. Repatriation : covered up to SR. 37,500/11. Maternity : Complications – SR. 250,000/Normal Delivery – SR. 18,750/12. Vaccination : covered as per M.O.H. for a child up to 6 years. 13. Mammography : covered up to SR. 750/14. Annual Checkups : covered up to SR. 469 per person per year. 15. Dental : unlimited with a maximum up to SR. 3,000/- expenses. 16. Optical: unlimited with a maximum up to SR. 1,000/- expenses. 17. Terrorism : Covered up to SR. 100,000 per person per year. Terrorism Jurisdiction will be Saudi Arabia only. 18. Network for Out-patient / Direct Billing : In Saudi Arabia : As per VIP Star Network In USA & Canada : Through AXA Assistance Other countries : On Re-imbursement basis up to the usual & customary costs in the country where the treatment takes place. FOR MORE DETAIL, PLEASE REFER THE POLICY AVAILABLE IN AISJ HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT. 8.3.1. HOW TO USE THE MEDICAL INSURANCE POLICY: Both the Policies (Local and Overseas Medical Insurance) are VIP and are alike in term of the procedural issues. All five star hospitals of the Kingdom are listed with direct billing system of the AXA network. Both the policies are worldwide. Therefore, the following points related to the medical insurance will be useful to both the local hires and the overseas employees: 8.3.2. IN-KINGDOM PROCEDURE TO AVAIL THE MEDICAL INSURANCE: 1) Medical Insurance Cards are issued by AXA Insurance and delivered to the employees through AISJ HR Department upon their arrival in Jeddah. Along with the Medical Cards, HEALTHCARE – YOUR SAHA MEMBERSHIP GUIDE” is given to each insured employee. This guide tells you much about how to use your Medical Insurance facility and 34
  35. 35. also provides you list of Hospitals in the Kingdom that are listed with direct billing system of AXA Insurance network. This is very useful guide. Please keep one copy at your home for ready reference. 2) Please keep the Medical Insurance Cards, already delivered to you, all time with you. Whenever you need any medical assistance you may go to any Hospital listed in the above mentioned guide. Show this Card at the Medical Reception. Each Hospital Staff is familiar with the Insurance program. After seeing the medical Insurance Card they will open your medical file and refer you to your required doctor for medical treatment. Each hospital opens a file for each patient and issue the hospital medical card mentioning therein the Patient File No. Please keep that card with you along with your medical insurance card. Whenever you go to the same Hospital you will have to give your medical insurance card and the hospital card. Each Hospital, wherever you go, issues the medical card mentioning therein the File No which you can refer whenever you need to make an appointment with any Doctor over the telephone. 3) If, at your choice, you are going to some other hospital which is not listed with direct billing network of AXA, such as International Medical Center (IMC) Jeddah, TALA Clinic Jeddah, then you must know that such expenses shall be reimbursed to you in accordance with AXA reimbursement policy provided the claim is submitted within 60 days. Some points related to reimbursement procedure are given below: a) Prior approval is necessary from AXA Insurance Co. if the expenses of any treatment or procedure exceed more than SR.1,000. This approval is required only for OPD patient. b) If Lab Test, X-Ray or Ultra sound, etc. done, the relevant reports should be obtained from the Hospital because these need to be attached along with your receipts / invoices with your Medical Claim Form otherwise the medical claim will not be entertained by AXA. c) The original invoices, receipts, prescriptions and photo copies of the reports to be attached with the Medical Claim Form. d) Please keep some copies of Medical Claim Forms with you so that whenever you are required to go to any non-direct billing hospital either in Jeddah or anywhere in the world, you should be able to fill in the front of it and have its reverse filled in and signed by the attending Doctor, failing which your claim will not be entertained. If you are out of Kingdom and have an access to the internet you may find the AXA Medical Claim Form on your School Website. You can print it from there. 35
  36. 36. e) Any reimbursement claims are settled after deducting the deductibles and it may take 2 – 4 weeks to settle. Deductibles: 20% with a maximum of SR.100 in Kingdom. US$40 (i.e. SR.150) outside Saudi Arabia. f) Some staff members may already be on some medications prescribed by the Doctors in their home countries. Such medicines cannot be obtained through Medical Insurance Cards. Such medicines can be purchased by you against cash, or you may go to any Doctor either it is a private clinic against reimbursement plan or it is a hospital listed with direct billing system of AXA network. Tell them your history and show them your subscription. They will rewrite the subscriptions or will give some alternative medicine and then you can get it either from direct billing hospital pharmacy or any other pharmacy by paying cash and then submit your medical claim. If the prescribed medicine is not available at the direct billing hospital pharmacy, you may buy your medicine from any of outside hospital. In such case please ask the Pharmacy to put a remark on their prescription so that you have a valid claim. g) Doctor may also advise you that some of the medicines mentioned in his prescription are not covered under the healthcare plan, such as some cosmetic creams, multivitamins, etc. So please don’t argue with them because the medical staff and Doctors are following their contract with the Insurance Company. However, if you need to clarify whether the Doctor or his medical staff is correct then please refer such matter to your Human Resources Department. They will get it confirmed by AXA. 8.3.3. OUT OF KINGDOM PROCEDURE TO AVAIL MEDICAL INSURANCE: This Section of Medical Insurance is very important for staff going for long breaks such as winter and summer breaks. It had been observed that in spite of detailed note on this issue to all staff every time one week prior to their departure on holidays, the Staff doesn’t follow the procedure to submit medical claims which results great inconvenience or finally a loss to them. Perhaps, they don’t take time to read such lengthy notes. This is therefore advised to all staff local or overseas to read this section of Medical Insurance policy very carefully. Just for your information, one of the Staff Members of Human Resources Department is always available in Office during any School break to assist you whenever you are in or out of kingdom. You may, therefore, send an email to both of them if you need any assistance or if you have any question. Any of them available in HR Office will answer you. 36
  37. 37. Their contact details are: Office Telephone No. 00966-2-6620051 Ext. 301 / 294 The following points are necessary to know: • MEDICAL INSURANCE CARD: Medical Insurance Policy and your Membership No. are printed on your Medical Insurance Card which can be referred to AXA Assistance whenever you need any medical help from them. • STAFF GOING TO USA & CANADA : In USA and Canada, you will have the obligation to contact AXA Assistance USA at a Toll Free Number, to provide them with your Company Name, your identity and your Dedicated Contract Number. Then you will have to follow all their instructions: Toll Free No Company AXA Medical Policy No. Membership No. : +1 800 646 6162 : American International School of Jeddah. : 2-XN-2051-0 (or please see your card) : (Please see your Insurance card) Insurer : AXA INSURANCE CO. E.C. Another AXA Contact in USA: MR. JAVIER MARTINEZ / MRS. RENATA TEL : NO. 001.312.935.3551 FAX NO. 001. 312.896.5569 EMAIL : AXA Agreement with AXA Assistance USA includes: a) Territory : Services shall be provided throughout the USA and Canada by AXA Assistance USA. b) 24 Hour Telephone Services AXA shall maintain telephone numbers which shall be in operation 24 hours per day, every day, for receipt of toll-free or collect calls from eligible persons, relevant service providers, or their representatives. In other word, even in case of Emergency, AXA Assistance USA will assist you as long as you are an Eligible Insured person and that the Medical procedure falls under the General Terms and Conditions of our Policy. 37
  38. 38. • Deductibles for Out-patients Inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 20% with a maximum of SR.100. Out of Kingdom: US$40 equaling to SR.150. There are no deductibles for In-patients. Expenses for any emergency visit (other than planned treatment) to any clinic, not listed with AXA direct billing Network, shall be reimbursed to you but please note no reimbursement claim is entertained by AXA Insurance Co. unless the Medical Claim Form is signed by the attending Doctor. You may go to any Doctor under the emergency situation but please inform your Human Resources Department or the AXA Assistance in USA as immediately as possible so that they may assist you for direct billing and keep you away from paying huge amount of expenses from your pocket. • Staff going to countries other than USA & Canada Out-Patient claims will be on Reimbursement basis... (Please provide medical report from the Attending Doctor/Physician and his signature on the back of the Claim form) • Contacts of AXA and our Insurance Brokers. If you need any help or guidance while you are out of Saudi Arabia, you may contact any of the following executives of AXA or our Insurance Brokers: AXA EXECUTIVE 1) Mr. Lloyd Nhamoinesu BSc(Econ); FIISA; FIRM(SA)   Development Manager - Western Province AXA Insurance Gulf (SA) BSC (c) P.O. Box 812 Jeddah 21421 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel : +966 2 263 5566 Ext 229 Fax: +966 2 263 2904 Mobile: +966 55 0500 963 Email: 3) Mr. Anoop Kumar   Account Executive AXA INSURANCE CO. OFFICE NO: 00966-2-2635566 EXT. 227  MOBILE NO.00-966-50-3604307 EMAIL ADDRESS: AXA DOCTOR'S (JEDDAH & RIYADH) 4) Dr. Tariq Mirza AXA INSURANCE CO. (JEDDAH) OFFICE NO: 00966-2-2635566 EXT. 221  MOBILE NO.00-966-50-116183 EMAIL ADDRESS: 5) DR. NADEEM AHMED AXA INSURACE CO., (RIYADH) OFFICE NO: 00 966 1 4780282 EXT. 1111 MOBILE NO: 00 966 56-8275799 EMAIL: 38
  39. 39. OUR INSURANCE BROKER EXECUTIVES:  1) MR. MIRZA S. BAIG – BRANCH MANAGER WILLIS SAUDI ARABIA CO. LTD. (OUR INSURANCE BROKER FOR AXA)  OFFICE TELEPHONE NO. 00966-2-6503072 / 6503074 MOBILE NO. 00-966-55-201579 Email Address   2) MR. JUPITER BASKARAN  ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE WILLIS SAUDI ARABIA CO. LTD. OFFICE TELEPHONE NO.00-966-2-6503072 / 6503074  MOBILE NO. 00-966-55 -3039783 Email Address :  9. HOUSING : Furnished accommodation is provided to Overseas Employees in Saudia City: a) Three bed rooms apartments for single status employees; and a) Three bed room’s villas for Teaching Couples. AISJ Housing Coordinator will arrange with Sv City Housing Department for check-in of your housing unit, but if required by Housing Department he may take you to Sv City Housing Department on the following day of your arrival in Jeddah for check-in of your assigned housing unit and get you the Sv City Residence Card(s) which is necessary for your movement in and out of Saudia City. Please make a note of it that this Card has to be kept with you every time and any request for duplicate of Sv City Residence Card in lieu of the lost one shall cost you SR.50. 9.1. Saudia City is a Residential Compound you live in Saudia City is a residential compound of multi nationals, owned by Saudi Arabian Airlines. This is a city equipped with all necessities of life. It has its own shopping center, mosque, telephone exchange and is located in Khalidia District. This City is divided into different areas, such as North-West (NW), North-Center (NC), North-East (NE), South-West (SW), South-East (SE), South-Center (SC) and each area has its own Recreation Center. The Recreation Centers have all facilities, like Gym, Tennis-courts, Basket- ball field and swimming pools, etc. Ladies and gents can go to these recreation centers without any hesitation. There is one recreation center in South Central-Area which is specifically assigned to women. Saudia City has its own Gym of high standard in NC area for Men and Women at a very nominal charge. Saudia City has three gates for its residents - West, East and North Gates. Visitors and guests can come in and go out through West Gate located at Malik Road. Sv City Maintenance and Saudia City Telephone Exchange are located at the side of Prince Sultan Street Gate also known as East Gate or Mosque Gate. This Gate is at walking distance from our single employee’s residential area (SE8) The third Gate is known as North Gate which is just in front of National 39
  40. 40. Commercial Bank (NCB). Residence of Saudia City can go and come through all these Gates. Saudia City Maintenance staff general shift known as “A” or General shift is from 7:00 to 3:00 p.m. The second shift known as “B” Shift works from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. while the third shift known as “C” or Night Shift works from 11:00 p.m. to 7 a.m. The “A” shift attends all kinds of corrective and routine maintenance at houses but 2nd shift starts at three attends only specific kind of maintenance or any kind of emergency, such as water leakage, change of bulbs or any electrical work, whereas the night shift attends only emergency maintenance that cannot be delayed until morning (General) Shift. Sv City Maintenance shifts works from Saturdays to Thursdays. However, the maintenance crew is available on Fridays to meet emergencies. As the Overseas Staff are on work (Saturdays – Wednesdays) from 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. they may face a little inconvenience to get the on-call corrective maintenance at their homes on time because the general shift of the maintenance ends at 3:00 p.m. and the second shift deals with only emergencies or maintenance issues that cannot be delayed until next morning. Therefore, we have made some arrangement with the maintenance department to treat our request on priority basis on Thursdays and sometime in the afternoon shift. We will continue working hard to see the possibility of arranging some further backup to insure that such maintenance problems are resolved even when you are at work. AISJ HR department will make all their efforts to provide you all kind of assistance in all maintenance problems but please first call the Maintenance yourself on their Telephone Nos.2336 and 2338 or call their direct line: 6830531 whenever you need any maintenance job at your home. If you don’t get proper and on time response from the Maintenance Reception, then you may refer your request to HR Department who may like to talk to the Maintenance Brass to expedite the maintenance job at your home. 9.2. Saudia City Security It is necessary to explain the Saudia City Security procedure to enable you understand and cooperate with Saudia City Security by following their set procedure, rules and regulations going on for years. We should all know that their strictness on such rules and regulations is in the best interest and safety of all Saudia City residents. Therefore, 1) please be polite with the Security Staff on duty at the Sv City Gates and show your Sv City Residence Card whenever they inquire about it even if you are in a car that has Sv City Car Sticker on it because it has some reason. 2) Also, let your guests show their identity sitting with you in your Car or coming with you by walk inside Saudia City because guests are allowed by surrendering their iqamas at the Security Gate. 3) The Guests can come with you through any Gate by surrendering their Iqamas but if they are alone and are coming to visit you they have to come in and go out of Saudia City through West Gate only. 40
  41. 41. 4) Teenage guests are not allowed to get inside Saudia City unless the Saudia City Security calls the resident to confirm whether the tenant is available at home or not. This is done just to avoid thefts and some other risks happened in the past. 5) If you have any teenage student who visits you for a tuition, etc on daily basis or for certain period you may let him / her have Sv City Gate Pass from Sv City Housing Department. AISJ HR Department can help you in this regard. 6) If you want your guest to stay a night at your house you are required to go the Sv City Security Office to have overnight permission. If you want your guest to continue staying with you for a week or two weeks, etc. you will be required to go to Housing Department or ask your HR Department to arrange a pass for your guest. Your guest can also be given a Sv City Card if he / she is going to stay with you for a month or so but please remember that the Sv City Residence Card issued for a Visitor will cost you SR.500 if it is lost and not returned back to Housing after the departure of your guest. . 9.3. Alterations, additions, deletions or change of paint in the Housing unit Please note that NO alterations / modifications, additions, deletion or change of paint is allowed in the housing units unless approved by the Saudi Airlines Operation & Maintenance Department. This department may approve such requests on the following conditions: a) The requested alterations / modifications are according to their required standard for which the alterations / modifications drawing is approved by them prior to making any change in the house. b) The resident undertakes that at the time of his/her departure he/she will return the unit back to its normal unless the Alterations / Modifications, deletions, additions or change of paint made by the tenant is accepted by Saudia Housing Department. If the Saudia Housing wants they may ask for the cost of bringing back the Unit to its normal condition. Here, we would like to mention that last year one of the non returning staff members painted inside her housing unit a dark brown which caused great embarrassment to the AISJ Staff who faced Saudia Housing Department and the Maintenance crew took enough time to change it back to normal paint because this house was to be assigned to a new comer. In addition, one of the vacated houses was found to be left in a deplorable condition. It was not only unhygienic but it was found with different paint stickers at various places of the walls in each room. These stickers of different colors were made of paints which were again embarrassing situation for our Staff. 9.4. Your Housing Unit’s Inventory Your house is furnished and you are required to sign a list of furniture and appliances available at your house. Please check the items available at your 41
  42. 42. Unit with the list provided to you on the very first day of your arrival and sign it in confirmation of your having received these items in your house. Please take care of the furniture and appliances assigned to you because you will be required to undergo the checkout procedure at the time of your final departure from the Kingdom. So please take care of these items while they are in your use. Any normal wear and tear is not your responsibility but you may be responsible for any of the missing item or if it is broken due to your negligence. If you want to get rid of any item that you don’t want to keep it in your house please submit your request to the Superintendent – AISJ for removal of such item(s) from your apartment / villa at least one week ahead of time before you bring your new furniture because we have to take the following steps prior to moving furniture or any heavy or light item from your Unit: 1) 2) 3) 4) Update your housing inventory; To see whether we have a space in our Store or not; Arrange a transport and manpower to move stuff from your Unit; If there is no storage space in Saudia City we have to move it out of Saudia City for which Saudia City Gate Pass is to be obtained from Saudia Housing and Security Department. 5) One should realize that if we are told to move furniture items on Wednesday night or during the week end it is next to impossible because we cannot get the Sv City Gate due to the week-end. The nature of the above steps does not permit the Administration to approve the request of move of furniture straight-away. It may take one week, two weeks or request may not be approved because of no space with us to move such furniture. In this situation, you have to cooperate and understand our limitations. Last year, we received a call from one of our staff on Wednesday at about 9:30 p.m. that he had new furniture at his house and he wanted to get rid of the Sofa immediately. The Housing Coordinator informed him that it was not possible at that time, particularly when we had no store in Saudia City and it was Wednesday night. Anyway, we arranged to move the furniture from his house next morning bringing the pickup and manpower from the School. Also, when we very busy at the year-end closing, we were requested just one day before the last working day to move the sofa from his house because they wanted to get rid of the sofa and put the new sofa before they go for break. These two examples have been quoted just to make one realize that when we deal with human beings we should always study the law of nature and feasibility of an individual. 9.5. Maintenance / Cleaning of In-house Unit It is the responsibility of each of us to maintain and keep the house well arranged, neat and clean because if a house is not well cleaned and unhygienic germs and cockroaches may increase which may not only cause unhealthy situation with the tenant but may also affect the neighbor for no fault of him or 42
  43. 43. her. So please keep your house clean and very hygienic. We are writing this because we have observed one of the vacant apartments in a very unacceptable standard. The Superintendent was shocked and dismayed when he saw the condition of the apartment. He could not believe that a member of his staff could live in such a way and he will be addressing this issue specifically with that individual. One should always keep a house in a way that one could get out of the house very quickly if there is any fire in a house or if there is any other emergency situation. 9.5. Safety of School provided furniture We are sorry to repeatedly mention that in one of the vacant Housing Units AISJ furniture was lying in the balcony under the sun unattended. Perhaps, the tenant living in this Unit did not need these items and had kept it in the Balcony and never bothered to move it inside the living room or request the Housing Coordinator to take it away with the result that this furniture was badly affected due to dust and sun heat which is no more usable. It is AISJ’s loss due to such negligence. Please remember, you are the custodian of your house and everything kept in it. No one throws things like this if it personally belongs to someone. Please use every item kept in your house in a way as if it is your own property. You may return it back to AISJ if you don’t need it so that it can be used by someone else who may be in need of it. 9.6. SV City Telephone Service: Each housing unit has its own Telephone Extension. Line rent for each extension is charged by Saudia @ SR.30 every month for Sv City toll free line but if someone wants to have Jeddah, In-Kingdom and/or International access he / she has to pay according to the frequency of one’s telephone calls. Up till the end of SY2009-10 the School has been paying this line rent (SR.30) to the Overseas Staff with their monthly salary and each Overseas employee was supposed to go to Saudia City Telephone Exchange to settle his/her telephone bill but this practice could not work because staff had no time to settle their bills, with the result their telephone line remained disconnected and they had been using their mobile telephones, even they had been calling HR people through their mobile telephones for all their maintenance problem instead of calling the Maintenance Reception directly. Therefore, in order to make sure that each house has Sv City toll free line to call the Maintenance Reception and to call within Sv City , it has been decided that effective the beginning of SY2010-11 the School shall stop paying the telephone line rent (SR.30) to the employees. The Housing Coordinator shall go to Sv City Telephone Exchange and settle all such telephone bills on monthly basis. However, if any one of you need to have Jeddah, In-Kingdom and/or International access you may request HR Department. The HR Department shall proceed to let you have these accesses. In such cases, you will be required to pay for your telephone charges as and when HR Office will let you know the amount of your telephone charges every 43
  44. 44. month or you shall have to advise the Business Office to deduct such charges from your monthly salary. 9.7. Saudia City Checkout Procedure Saudia City has its own checkout procedure. A checkout form is filed at the end of this handbook just for your reference. A few Saudia Departments listed on this checkout form are required to give their clearance on the checkout form. AISJ HR Department shall take all necessary steps to have the clearance from these departments. If you have a Car, then you will be required to have Car Sticker so that your car should not be stopped at the gate but it is very important that your Sv City Car Sticker shall have to be removed from your car and returned to Saudia City Security before selling your car to other party. Either go to the Sv City Security Department within Saudia City or give the sticker to HR Office who will arrange its clearance from Saudia City Security. Sv City Security clearance is one of the checkout steps and is mentioned in the checkout form. Please check with HR Department whenever you need any clarification on such issues. It is very important to know that if the Sv City Car Sticker is lost or is not removed from the Car and goes with the car to the new owner of the Car you will be subject to pay a fine of SR.500 or more whatever fine is imposed by Sv City Security at the time of checkout. For your information, it happened last year. The Car was sold out and transferred in the name of new owner but when the HR Department inquired at the time of checkout it was known that the Sticker went with the Car. It was good that the new Owner was reasonable and traceable and we got the sticker from him. 9.8. Check-out of AISJ provided housing items Based on our previous experience as explained in Paragraphs 7.6.4 and 7.6.5, we feel necessary to also make necessary check out of each house going to be vacated by non-returning employees. Therefore, we would like to inform all our staff that the non-returning employees shall be subject to check-out of their houses by AISJ Housing Coordinator – 1) First formal check-out two weeks before final departure; 2) Second and final check-out on the last day of their departure. Please allow the Housing Coordinator to schedule his appointments with you at appropriate time. While leaving Saudi City you will be required to: 1) Prepare a list of your household items that you need to take back home and give it to Housing Coordinator with probable date of move of stuff from Sv City so that he can let you have a Sv Gate Pass, failing which the 44
  45. 45. Security Staff at Sv City Gate will not allow you to move your stuff out of Saudi City. Also, whenever you want to transfer some of the big items or any furniture item that you wish to sell it out to some third party living outside Saudi City you will be required to have the Gate Pass for that as well. Please seek guidance from your HR Office whenever you need such help. 2) It is a last action of Sv City checkout to surrender your Saudia City Residence Card(s) to HR Office. We hope you will be well guided from the above explained functions, policies and practices going on in AISJ. However, if you need any further clarification please don’t hesitate to contact our HR Department. ***** 45