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Social 30 and Chemistry 30 links


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These are review and help links. They help with studying for diplomas or if you don't understand a topic. I have written that the link is for in brackets beside each link. Hope this helps

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Social 30 and Chemistry 30 links

  1. 1. Social 30 links (look at the links on the right hand side under 30-1) (Mr. Meunier’s website, has notes for every unit and videos) issue-twe-is-resistance-to-liberalism-justified/chapter-5 boss-of-me/v/crash-course-world-history-33 (crash course- capitalism and socialism) (Williams social) (crash course) Chemistry 30 links (organic chem) (organic) guides.html#Chemistry (acids and bases) (redox) df (acids and bases) 0Commons/E-Resources/Study%20guides/chemistry30%20acids_bases_overview.pdf (acids and bases),%20Oxidation%20an d%20Electrochemistry%20Notes%20(answers).pdf (redox) (electrochemistry)