IISN                                                                                                        O6MAT41       ...
O6MAT41                                              PART               -B     Fit the best possible curve ofthe form   y:...
USN                                                                                                    MATDIP4Ol          ...
r$..                                                                                           MATDIP4Ol                Fi...
+             USN                                                                                                         ...
06cs42                                                  PART           -   B54.        h     how many ways one can distrib...
USN                                                                                             06cs43                    ...
06cs436a.       Exptaia hashing and hashing   techniques.                                               (06   Mrrls)    b....
06cs36           USN                                                                             2011                     ...
USN                                                                                              06cs4s                   ...
USN                                                                                           06cs46                      ...
06cs46                                                PART   -B5a.    Draw the organization ofa 4K x 1 memory cell and exp...
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Computer Science and Information Science 3rd semester (2011-July) Question Papers


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Computer Science and Information Science 3rd semester (2011-July) Question Papers

  1. 1. IISN O6MAT41 CS Fourth Semester B,E. Degree Examination, Junelldy 20ll Engineering Mathematics - lV Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 ? Notet Ansaer FIYE full qaeslions, seleclihg a east TWO E questiorrs edch from Part - A and Pdrt - B. g?:e PART -AE: a. Using Taylors series method, find y at x = 0.1 and x = 0.2 coosidering upto 46 degree5d tems. Gven that 9 = *v -t and y(O): 1. (06 Marks) dx b. Solve !I = L ! with y(0) = l, find y at )<:0.2 using Rurge - Kutta method of4ft order dx vj +xr taking step - length h = 0.2 accurate uplo 46 decimal place. (07 Mark) c. Given rhat !l= x(1+y: andy(l):1;y(l.1)=1.233 ; y(l.2):1.54s : y(1.3)= 1.979,=.9 dxi-E firrri y at x: 1.4 using Adams - BasMorth predictor and corleclor formula. (07 Mark) 2a. FindAnalyicfirnctionwhoserealpafl isu=I-l - - x x+v . (06 Marks) b. Urder the traDsformation W = ez , prove that fanily of lines paxallel to y - axis inZ plane - ha.nsfoxms into family of concentric circles in W - plane. (07 Maiks);9 c. Find Bilinear transformation, that transforrns Z = -1, i 1,i,-1,inw-;6 plane respectively. Also fmd irvariant points. ,KY.- <7 (07 Marks) 3 a. Lvaluate I t" - dZ. uherc C isacircle CE}IARAL LreRAnv vl9 (06 Msrks)59 l (Z+ l)(Z + 2) b. Obtain the power senes whioh rcpresents the /,y,2 in the regionq= +52+6+uli 2< lzl<3. (07 Marks)oa c. Using Cauchys Residuc theorem .rutuut [=43=. dZ, where C is circle with | (z+r)(z 2l lz)=3. (07 Marlrs)z 4a. Using Frobenius series solution method, -solr. .Q * r., = 6 . (06 Marks)E dx b. Reduce rhc differentiat +*d). , (kt-rrl v-0 into Bcssels lbrm and "o*1ion "4 dxdx wite the complete solutions for n is not integral or zero. (07 Marks) c. Express the polynomialzx3 - x2 - 3x + 2 tr.terns of Legendres polynomial (07 Marks) 1of2
  2. 2. O6MAT41 PART -B Fit the best possible curve ofthe form y: a + bx, using method of Least square for the data: (06 Marks) X: I 3 4 6 8 9 ll 14 Yt I 2 4 4 5 1 I 9b. The lines of regressions are x * 2y = 5 and 2x + 3y:8. Find i) means of the variables x and y ii) conelation coefEcient between x and y. (07 Marks) Thrce t,?ists A, B, C g?ed 50%, 30o/" and 20% of pages of a book. The percentage of defectively gped pages by them is 3, 4, 5 respectively. Ifa page is selected from the book at mndom, what is the probability that it is defectively q?ed and it is twed by A? (07 Marks) The random variable X has the following probability mass function x: 0 1 2 3 4 5 P(X): K 3K sK 7K 9K 1lK i) find K ii) find P(X < 3) iii) find P(3 < X ! 5). (06 MErks)b, Alpha - particles are emitted by a mdio active source at an average of 5 emissioos in 20 minutes. What is the probability that therc will be i) exactly two emissions ii) at least two emissions in 20 minutes? (07 Ma*s) A sample of 100 dry battery cells tested to find the length of life produced by a company and following results arc recorded : mgan life = 12 hou$, standard deviation = 3 hours. Assuming data to be normally distributed, frnd the expected life of a dry cell : i) have more than 15 hours ii) between l0 and 14 hou$. (07 Marks) Exalain the following terms : i) Nult hypothesis ii) Standard error iii) Test of significance. (06 Marks)b. Find the range of number of heads out of 64 tosses of a coin which will enswe faimess of coin at 57o level of significance using binomial distribution. (07 Marks)c. A suvey conducted on 64 families with 3 children each and recorded as follows : No. of Male children : 0 I 2 3 No. of families 6 t9 29 10 Apply Chi - Square test io test whether male and female children are equiprobable at 5% level ofsignificance. (07 Mrrks)a. The Joinl probability dishibution oftwo Random variable X and Y are given as : x 2 I 3 9 1,/ 1/ 1/ /s /24 /12 4 t/ 1,/ 0 ./a /a 6 t/ t/ t/ /a /2a /t) i) find Marginal distribution ofx and Y iD find COV(X,Y). (06 Mark)b. Find the unique fixed probability vector of the regular stochastic matrix. , A_[o 0 ol (07 Mark) l0 rl ly v,,l A players luck follows a pattem. Ifhe wins a game the probability of winning next game is 0,6. However ifhe loses the game the probability oflosing the next game is 0.7, There is an even chance of winning the first gu-i. If i) what is the Fobability of winning 2d game ii) What is the Fobability of winning 3d "o game? (07 Marks)
  3. 3. USN MATDIP4Ol Fourth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Junc/July 201I Advanced Mathematics - ll Time: 3 hrc- A,fax. Marks:100 Noter Arrswer an), FIYE fu qaeslions. t a. Find dle angle between any two diagonals ofa cube. (06 Mrrks) E b. Show that the angle betweer the lines whose direction mtios arcZ1, 1and 4, "J,-I, oo.. - ,,I: - t is ro7 Marls) c. Find the value ofK such that the set offour points (0, -1, -l) C4,4 4)(k,5, 1)ard(3,9,4) axe co-planat. (07 Mark) 2 a. Derive the equation ofthe plane in the intercelt fomr 1+f,+!=t_ (06 Mrrk) b. Find rhe equation of the plane which passes thrcugh the point (3, -3. l) aod is perpendicular EY to the plarcs 7x + y + 2z= 6 aod3x+ 5y 6z= - B, (07 Mrrk) c. lhes. I13=E! -z-i ^-, xrl v+l z+l 2 3 =I -O + =?=, E! Show thal the are coplanar and herce fird the equation of the plane in which they lie. (07 Marks)=.9 3 a. Find a unit vector perpendicular to both tie vectors f ard B=i-j+2k. (06 Mark) b. If e,6,d are any three vectors, prove that : iO i) [n+6,6+d,e+6):27,b,cl :?5i3 ii) [6x d,i x e, e x 6] = [e,6,d], $ (07 Marks) c. Find Lhe value of). so rhat the vectors d=2i-3j and i=j+2,i are coplanar. (07 Mark),;6aE 4 a" A particle moves along acurvex =13 . 41,y=t2 + 4t,z= gt -3f where t is the timei9 vadable. Determine its velocity and acgeleration vecto$ and also tJE rnagnitudes of velocity and acceleration at t = 2. b. f +*=9,odx=;+f-r"*r","rtlj,Tilfi rina the angle betweJhe surfaces x2 + c. Find the directional deriative of 0 : *l * yz3 at e, -t,l) i" s" dir*d"" tlT.:I"), i+zj+2i. ({,7 Marks) 5 u. Find th" diu".gerrce and cul ofthe vector F=(3xry-zI+(xz, yn)-{zx.rr)i.z + (06 Marks) b. tf i=xi+yj+a[ show that i) V.i=3 ; ii) Vxi=0. (07 Marks)E c. Find the consta[ts a, b, c, such that the vector field i=1x+y+az)i+(bx +2y -)j+(x+cy +22)[ is irotationat. (07 Marks) I of2
  4. 4. r$.. MATDIP4Ol Find : a L (4 sinh5r - 5 cos4r) b. L (cos at cos br) (05 Mrrks) c. L (e cos1; (0s Marks) d. L (ret sint) (05 Merks) (05 Msrks) Find : ,-,[ I 3 sl " " L.*3*2";-lr-" (05 Marks) b r,l- ru-l I i(s - -3) 2)1s | (05 MarlG) c. rl . --!- | Ls. +6s+l3l (o5 M&rks) " "f,"-(-i)] (05 Ma*s) 8 a. Using Laplace transform method solve, dzy r+2y -- + 3dv =0 under the conditiom y(0) - l. y10) = 0. (10 Marks) b. Solve by ushg Laplace transforms dx dv +y=sint , -i+x=cost - qt dt - x:1, y=0att=0. (t0 MartG)I 2 of 2I
  5. 5. + USN 06cs42 Fourth Semester B.E, Degree Examination, Jun elJuly 21ll Graph Theory and Combinatorics Time: 3 hrs. Max Marks:100 Noter Answer FrvE full questions selectit g dl least TWO qaestionslfrom edch part 6 e PART -A E 1a. Deline complete bipartite graph. How many vertices and how maI1y edges are there Ka,7 and Kr,r r? (0s I b. lfa graph.,ith_n vertices and m edges is k-regular, show that m = Icd2. D"". th;;; Markr) ;;ir; cubic gaph with i 5 vefiices. 89 c. Verig."*ut ttr"t*o gr"iir, .fro*, f"f o* i" f ig.e I (c)(i) and Fig.elt"tti+_qeso*J[#"*);, Fig.Q1(c)(i) Fie.Ql(cXii) (05 Mrrks) d. If G is a simple graph with no cycles, prove Oat C ias- utteuj orr" p€ndant vertex. (05 Mark) 99 2a. Pmve that Pst€lseq gaph is ao!-plana!" b. I-y^"_jlit et** oiiit ** i d"o"*i^ its diagrams. ,, *rtices and m edges h". f1If, *: f;g:Tj..-l:.v srmple connected plaoar graph "*"dy (00 i4rrk) c, Jnow lhat every "f G with less than 12 vertices must have a vertex of degree < 4. d. f.or" ft ut simple planar graph G is 6 colourable. "i".y "o*"cted [::#::B 3a, Prove that a tree with n ve4ices has n I edges. - (07 Mrrks) ,ROI,D rS:ii b. code for 9^Tl"^:-1.-q message. the message heqce encode the cOOD,, using lebelled btr.;";;;;; (07ltrrk) o.e of a graph. Find alt rhe spanning trees of rhe fotlowing:P l"*!ij":ly-* in Fig.Q3(c). erd;t; (06 Mrrks)d 4 Fig.Q3(c)z 64"4 C Fig.QaG) 4a. Define :i) Cul set, ii) Edge connectivity, iii) Ve*ex connectivity. Give one example for each. b. Using Kruskals algorithm, find a minimal spaming tree Fig.Qa@). fo" th" *"ighJ"d --- -- "e-* gruph(:lIfrT] a* ,sz Markr) c. State and prove max-flow and min-cut theorem. (07 Mark) 1of2
  6. 6. 06cs42 PART - B54. h how many ways one can distribute teo identical utdte marbles among six distioct containers? (06 Msrks) b. Pmve the following identities : i) C(n +1. r)= C(n,r-l)+C(tr,r) ii) qm+n.2)-C(m.2) - C(n.2) = mn. (07 Msrks) Determine the coefficient of: i) xyl in rhe expa.nsion of12x - y - z){ ii) a2b3c2d5 in fte expansion of (a+2b-3c -2d+5)t6 (07 Marks)6a. There are 30 students in a hostel, In that 15 study history, 8 study economics, and 6 study geography. lt is known that 3 studetrts study all thes€ subjects Show thaf 7 or more students study nofle ofthese subjects. {M Mrrks) b. h how mauy ttys can one arrangp the lettels in CORRESPONDENTS so tbat: i) There is no pair ofconsecutive identical letters. ii) There are exactly two pai$ ofconsecutive identical letters. iii) There are atloast three pairs of consecutiv€ identical letters? (0t Marks) Define demngemetrt. In how many ways we can arange the Dumberu l, 2, 3, ...,10 so that 1 is aot in the It place, 2 is not in the 2nd place and so on, and t0 is not in the 106 place? (06 Marls)7 a. Deiermifie the gererating firnction for the numeric firnction ( -, .^ , : lz u rtseYe:1 (B{ Mlrks) !-l ifr is odd b. Find the coeficient of xtr in the following ploducts : (x+x3 +x5 +x7 +xe)(x3 +2xa +3x5 +.....)3 (07 Mrks) c. In how many ways can we dishibute 24 pencils to 4 childrcn so that each child gets at least 3 pencils but nol more tha! eight? (07 Marks)8a. Solve the rpcunence relation, F"., = F"-r +F,, given F0 = 0 and Fl = l andn>0, (06 Markr) b. Find the generating function for the relation a, +an-, -6a-, =0 for Il > 2, with a0 = and -l al = 8. (07 Mrrk) c. Find the general solution of s(k) + 3sft - 1) - 4s(k - 2) = 4k . (07 Marks) 2 of2
  7. 7. USN 06cs43 F eurtL Semester B.E, Degree Examination, June[uly 2011 Anatysis and Design of Algorithms Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:l00 Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, selectihg at leost TWO questions foru each part s PART-A I la. Explain aotion of algorithm. Wdte Euctids algorithm for computing gcd (m,n). (07 Marks) .g b. Wdte and explain the steps ofalgodthm Foblem solving using flowchart. (07 Mrrkr) c. Define weighted graph. Give example alld write its adjaceloy matrix. (06 Mrrks) Explail the orders ofgro*th and basic efiicieacies classes ofalgodthms. (06 Mark!) b. Wdte and flnd the worst - case, best - case and avemge case efficiency of sequenlial search algorithm, -EB,, (06 Marks) c. Explai[ the mathematical analysis ofFibonacci sequence rccursive algorithms. (0E Marks)t" 3a. Explain brutc -.force algorithm design, st ategy. Design atalyze bubble - sort aigodthm,td with exampie. (08 Mark) b. Explain the divide and conquer technique. Design aod amllze quick sort algorithm, with example. G2 Marks) 4 a.. DeflrE tlee trave$al operations and traverse the following binary treg3, :: i) in preordera& ii) in-ioorder iii,; in postorder. "#%q , !l -"gsni+ i*; (06 Mar!6) ir 1ts" lli .i; b. Explain the srressens matuix mutriplicati*:.t%(:)-r-0t". (06 Marks)g c. Write ard explaio DFS and BFS algorithm, with example. (08 Marks)z a. Explain the transform and conquer;1*fie8. Design and analyze heap sort algorithm, with example. (rz Marks) b ryllin the sorting by counting. Write algorithm comparison cowrting sort. Sort tlie list {62,31,84,96,19,17}. (osMark) I of2
  8. 8. 06cs436a. Exptaia hashing and hashing techniques. (06 Mrrls) b. Write and €xplah Floyds algorithm for the all _ pais shoffest * paths ploblem, with example. c, Apply the <lyna.r:rie programming following instance of the knapsa-ck p*tt., uoa ll#k) Item Weieht Valve I 2 $12 Capacity W = 5 2 I $ 10 3 3. $20 4 2 s l5 (05 Msrks)7 &. Write ard exptail prim,s algorithm and apply prim,s algorithm fc the fouowiag graph. rrt. Vrta, Fig. Q7(a) @7 Msrk!) l. " Write and explain Dijkstras algorithms and apply the algorithm for the following graph. ris. Q7O) (07 Msrl$) c. Define decision tree. Write decision trce for find.ing minimum of3 _ trumbem. (06 Marks)8a. Explail P aud_NP problems, with examples. b: - rum problem,.with exampie using bsakhackins merhod. [3I c. ::li3 if Expraln rhe ::!::1 travelmg salesmaD problem with exemple usiW branch-* ilflf] bound method. ,07 Mrrks) *l+*t 2.of2
  9. 9. 06cs36 USN 2011 Third Semester BE. Degree Examination JuleiJuly UNIX and Shell Programming Max. Marks:100 Time: 3 hrs. e qaestions Notei Answer uny FIW lull E ofUnix Operating System (06 Mark) 1 a. With neat diagram, explain the architectue p*"t-"niia rehtionship Explain the Unix file b. With the help of a diagram, "ilfa"-ii" (06 Mrk) 3 srstem.-s- c. Explain the following with examples : [U*fr" *a n"f u",i" putflnui" ii) Inkmal ad Extemal commands (08 Msrks):d i (07 Mark) - 0 commaud . 2 a. Give the significance of seven attributesioofthe ts basic hle perrni*on ** * i. ilrt t mi-p"t lt"i.*r g*pfuii-tto* change "*%f;;.*, ri editor works (06 Msrk) c. Explain the rlifferent modes in which a 65 Explaio the thee standad fi1es with respect to Unix operating tsq b. Exolain tbe mechanism of prccess creatlon as c. E*lta, *," fotto*iog commaods with an example : I 7,. bE Runnine iobs in Background g! and nohup) ir ii) Execute later @! and bgED. environment in Unix i: 4 a. What ar€ Envirorunent vadabl€s? Explain different (06 Mrrks) oDeratins svstem. "linl"i (05 Msrk) b. ari,ii. aiff.t"""es between Softlir* and Hardlink? Gve examples (08 Merk) c. Write short notes on Find and Sort coumands 1g Mark) 5a. Explain "grep" command with all options (08 b. ;dffi f*g tild. n"sil* e*p;"ssion) character subset used for constructing regular be lo5 tvlsrk!) 6d exoressions. of^ffffi,*") c. f,ii" irt""ri",* "r " sed clrrunand line aud briefly explain each comnoo*t -t shell (06 Marks) 6a. ExDlain the use of test and [ ] to evatua& an exFession in "w,ffii: a sn"u proga,, to arcate a metru which displavs the list b. fu ;;;ffi;giwrite system (08 Mark) f,r"t, p.oce-ss status and current users of the oa "i ",-"tiaai*, i*s c. i.pf.fi ifr" tf,af f"i svntax oflvhile" and fo1 with (06 Mrrks) 1a. What is AWK? Explain any tb,ree buitt in fimctions in AWK emPloyee vhere DA is 50% (07 Mrrk) I b. W.i" an eWf t"i*..e to find IIRA, Da and Netpay of-an *d ou"" ofbasic, HRA is 1i% ofbasio and the netpay is the sum ofHRA, DA PA;"r.*) e c. Explain the list and anays in PERL, (06 Msrks) Exolain strine handlirc flEction in PERL and also write a prognm to firrd the oumber of 8a. sentence (o8 lvrark) ;;;;;;;;;" *ilas m print the reverse of a given "t b. rirt ri io ,ir" crt X I Split i ) fllnctions do? Explain (06 Marks) c_ "ta s.pl"it ni" h*dilg i" pERL. , (06 Mark!)
  10. 10. USN 06cs4s Fourth Semester B.E. Degree Examitration, Jun elJn y ZOll Microprocesaors Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:1OO Nolet Answet qry FIYE lull questlons seleciing s eosl two frorn each pdrl. PART-A I a. Briefly disruss the tlT,es ofmicroprocessors. (06 Marks) q b. Explain with neat diagram the itrtemal architectwe of g0g6 microprocessor. Clearly state the flnctions of the follov/ing : r) E,U. ii) B. I. U iii) Segment registels. (10 Marls) c. Explain immediate and direct addressing modes with suitable examples. (04 Mark) E a, Wite ard_ explain template for 8086 MOV instruction. 4160 generate the opcode for the242 following instluctions. . L M9.V.AI. Bx ii)MovAxlBxl. {0s Mrrks)..,"] b. Explair briefly Ediror. Assembler and debugger. c. Plln:_try-!{tctioll of following assembler directives with example. (06 Marks) i) SEGMENT AND ENDS ii) DT ii) GLOBAT iv) INCLUDE v) pTR. 1or uarrsy a. Discuss the differetrt types of 8086 unconditional jump inshuctions with an example for tYPe. eaPh (oE Marks) h Yrit:.m ALP to sod a giveo ser of N numbers in ascending ord€I using futUt. ,ort algaithm. (116 srk) c. Writ-1 adelay procedue for pn:ducing a delay of I msec. for gCg6 microprocessor working r* M& r h!) 4a. Write a Fracedue to coavert & packed BCD eumber 10 its bimry eqidlralent. Use method of!b passing paEmeters in registers. (0s Marks) ,i b. Ptrf:r.""1{:}"yTlmacros and procedures. ._. -a_-.,..;.rr i;;;;i.A c. Explain REPE CMPSB instructior with ar exaEple. r11 :l: lr:.rir. (06 Marks) PART -B:a Explain the following iNtruction.s with aB €xarnpie for 1) AAM LOOP iii) ii) CWD iv) IRnt v) (10 Msrks){.9 b. Wrile an ALP ro generate fust .N Fibonacci numbers- {06 Mr*s)f,r Write the corect format (syntax) for th€ following instructions i) ouT AL, 86H ii) pusH DL iiD Mov AL, F3H iv) ROL AL, 04H. (0{ Msrks) 6a. Explain minimum mode conligulatioo of8086 with a neat dia$am. (08 Mark) b. Explain with a neat diagram the bus activities during a memo{td read machine cycle, c. B miaroprccessors. [::UilB ng oul the differcrces berween 8086 and 8088 7a. With any,two exarnples explain hardware in&rrupt applications, (r0 Mark) b. Explair the workirg of 8259 with its htenal bloik &a$&m ard all the ICWs. (r0z Marks)a 8a. Erplaiu the di$ercll opemtional modes of8255 along with its ifltcmal block diagram.a (10 tarks)E b. Exptain the different tlT,es of 8255 conLrcl word formats. Wrire the control words to inirialbe 8255 as follows : Port B as mode I input, port A as mode , 0 oulput, port C upper as inpur and irod C bit 3 as output. {10 Marks)
  11. 11. USN 06cs46 Fourth Semester B,E. Degree Examination, Jun etJ y 2$ll Gomputer Organization Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Notei Answet an! FIYE full questions selectirrg e alleast TWO questions fiom each p.trt. PART_A 1a. Write th€ basic performaace equation. Explain the roie oflhe parameteis ofl the perfonnancef9 o[lhe compuler. (0s Msrb) b. Mentiorr four rypes of operations required to be pedormed by instruction in a computer.Ed Wlat are the basic types ofinstuction formats? Give an example for each. (06 Marks) c. Wlat is shaight line sequencing? Explain with an example. (04 Marks) d. What arc condition code flags? Explain the four commonly used flags. (0s Mlrkr) 2 a. Deline an addressing mode. Explain the following addressing modes with example : indfuect indexed, relative, and auto incrcment. (05 Mrrk) b. Registers R1 and R2 of a computer codain the decimal values 1400 a-qd 5000. What is theSE effective address of the meznory operand in each of the fo instiuctions? Assumg thal the computer has 32 bir word lengr!. i) Load 20@i), R5 ii) Move # 3000, R5€E iii) Store 30(R1, R2), R5 iv) Add (R2)+, Rs v) Subtract-(Rl),R5. (0s Marks) c. Explain the operation ofstack, with an example. between stacksd. g. and queues. (10Marks) 3a. Define memory mapped inpuroutput and inpuroutput mapped input/output, give one advantages ofeach. (rr5 Msrk) b. In a situalion where a number ofdevices capable of initiating interupts are connected 10 the processor. i) How can the processor recognize the device requesting on inten-upt?4! ii) How should r"wo or more simullaneous intemrpt requests be handled,l (r0 Mark):: c. Explain a qllchronous bus. Also give the timing diagram of an input transfer on a synchronous bus. (0s Marks)z 4a. Explain with a sketch the read operatio[ performed on a peripheral component interconnect bus. Show the role ofIRDY #, and TRDY#. (r0 Mark)a b. USB? W1lat are the design objectives of the (03 Markr)E c. Explain the following with respect to USB. i) USB ad&essing ii) USB protocols. (07 Marks) I of 2
  12. 12. 06cs46 PART -B5a. Draw the organization ofa 4K x 1 memory cell and explain. (08 Marks) b. Explain direct mapping and associative mapping betwe€n caahe memory and main memory. (10 Marks) c. Diffarentiate between SRAM and DRAM. (02 Mark)6a. Explain in detail, the working principle of a magnetic hard disk. (10 Mtrks) b. Draw a block diagram and explain how a virtual addrcss form the poc€ssor is tanslated into memory. physical address io the main (01 Marks) c. Dmw a figule to illustrate a l6_bit carry look ahead adder using 4-bi1 addq blocks and explain its workingginciple. (06 Msrk) Explain Booths algodthm, multiply-13 and + l1 using Booths multiplication. (t0 Marks) b. Explaiti the iEEE standard for floating point flrmberrepreseatatiot. (10 M.rk)8 a. Explain the Focess offetching a word ftom memory with the help ofa timing diagram. (10 Marl$) b, List the actions needed to ex€cute the instruction Add R1, (R3). Write the sequence of control steps to perform the actions for a single bus stucture. Explain tlrc steps. (10 Marks) 2 of 2