Questionnaire Results


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AS media questionnaire results.

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Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. i a nre n o n ti t s nio t a e e u sQ re By Shivie :) p
  2. 2. Q110 • From Q1, most of the participants that took my 25 survey are male (25/35). I have gone against the majority of the survey results and have decided to do a music magazine aimed at the younger demographic.
  3. 3. Q2 How old are you?252015 How old are you?1050 10 to 14 15 to 18 19 + •Most of the people who completed my questionnaire are from the age of 15 – 18. •My magazine will be aimed at the younger demographic (early teens 13-16).
  4. 4. Q3 What type of music are you into? • Other; 3 5 Bhangra RnB 3 Hip Hop Jazz (2) 3 11 Classical Arabic 1 Rock Pop Classical 14 Heavy Metal Grime 18 7 6 Garage Dubstep OtherFrom Q3, it shows that most of the people that completed my questionnaire listento Pop (18) and the least listened to type of music is Heavy Metal (1).From this information, my magazine will be include Pop along with RnB which wasthe second most popular genre of music.
  5. 5. Q4 • Other; – Rarely (4) – Once every 3 months – Almost never
  6. 6. Q5 • Other; – Lion (3) – Ferret – Jaguar (2) – Hedgehog – Monkey – Eagle
  7. 7. Q6 7 12 3 4 6 3From this information from the questionnaire I will be pricing my magazine under £10 so my demographic of young teenagers are able to afford this as they will be not have jobs. Young teen magazines are normally priced between £2 and £6.
  8. 8. Who do you aspire to? Q7- Alan Sugar- Sachin Tendulkar- Emma Stone Most people said they wouldn’t- Bobby Panesar aspire to be anyone which shows- No one (6) that my audience are comfortable- Alexander Suvorov enough to not want to change to be- Successful version of me! someone else. This shows that the- Cristiano Ronaldo media is encouraging the younger- Blank (6) generation to become more- My dad (4) independent. However, the younger- My sister (2) generation still follow celebrity- My music conductor culture. From this information, I will- Jeremy Clarkson include the famous and aspiring- Myself (2) people that the younger generation- My mum (3) are interested in, in my magazine.- Samantha Ratnabal- God- A professional football player
  9. 9. Q8What would you like to be when you’re older?- Accountant (6)- Chartered accountant- Journalist- Engineer with a big house and family- Master of business and engineering Most of my audience are in line- Emperor with Maslows Hierarchy of Needs.- Pharmacist This shows that most people- Footballer would like to be near the top of- Blank (4)- Engineer (3) the triangle. I will put famous, rich- Lawyer (3) and high earning people in my- Psychologist magazine which my younger- A speech and language therapist (2) audience are interested in.- Musician- An entrepreneur- Rich- Something that earns big money- Biologist/ something to do with biology- Not sure (3)- Alexander the Great
  10. 10. Who is your favourite artist? Q9- Justin Bieber(3)- Bruno Mars- Adele (3) I will be including most of these artists in my- Olly Murs magazine and use them as themes. This would- Selena Gomez attract my demographic as it includes pop- One Direction music stars like Justin Bieber and Selena- Michael Jackson (3) Gomez.- Chris Brown- Drake- JLS- Rihanna (5)- Ed Sheeran- Stravinky- Little Mix- Eminem- Any rapper- Hanz Zimmer
  11. 11. Audience ProfileMy questionnaire results have shown that my magazine will be girlie, cute and cheap. It will be aimed at the younger teenage market. The price of my magazine will be £3.00.