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  1. 1. MINUTES OF MEETING<br />MOM BETWEEN PARAMOUNT CABLE AND KAPIL MOHAN & ASSOCIETES REGARDING CABLE FAILURE & <br /> LAYING FROM BASHANI TO MALORA IR LINE ON DATED 08, O9-09-2011<br /> PARAMOUNT CABLES PVT LTD KMA<br /> Dinesh Kumar Yadav Parveen Thakur<br />The following points observe after checking the site:-<br /><ul><li>Cable is not proper earthling & recommended proper earthling with all three cupper tape connected with8-10 meter grounded cupper rod and connect using lugs, thimble.
  2. 2. Cable lying found not properly.
  3. 3. Cable hanging is not properly recommended that hanged with pole with proper acerreries with messenger.
  4. 4. Soldering is providing / used in case of cable jointing for earthling purpose.
  5. 5. Do not leave any loose connection b/w conductor and cupper tape</li></ul>Dinesh kumar Yadav Parveen thakur <br />