loyalty software for retail and restaurants


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Konnet’s point-based loyalty program enables merchants to define programs that automatically award a stored value on the card every time the merchant-designated point threshold is reached, www.2x12.in

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loyalty software for retail and restaurants

  1. 1. The Loyalty Card Program
  2. 2. 2 Agenda • Our Loyalty Program • Benefits and Features • Loyalty Card Maintenance • The Lifecycle of a Loyalty Card • Transaction Flow • Terminal Requirements • Card Options • Card Transactions • Administration Transactions • Reporting Advantage • Summary
  3. 3. 3 Our Loyalty Program Konnet’s point-based loyalty program enables merchants to define programs that automatically award a stored value on the card every time the merchant- designated point threshold is reached.
  4. 4. 4 Benefits & Features Our loyalty program merchants increase customer spending and repeat visits while accumulating valuable customer information that the merchant can use to market to their customers. • Replaces paper punch cards • More secure and less subject to fraud because payments are processed through your terminal • More versatile – define up to unlimited loyalty programs: Ex: one for everyday, another for special days/periods • More upscale – standard and custom card designs – “a billboard in your customer’s wallet & Mobile Phone” • Increases traffic - motivates customers to return frequently • Builds loyalty and preference for your business over your competitors • Card accounting, extensive reporting versus manual or no accounting for paper punch cards • Instant updates, real-time reporting
  5. 5. • Konnect is pioneer for loyalty management in the industry. • Konnect solutions that meets requirements of customers and enhances their Business . • More Reliability, More Flexibility and Ease of use • High quality deliverables • On-Time, On-Budget project delivery • 100% maintenance & Support guarantee Konnect
  6. 6. To start Konnect
  7. 7. Win Unlimited customers Konnect
  8. 8. Konnect Program Reward Rules Membershi p Handling Online Processing Konnect
  9. 9. Program Management Tier Management Points Management Tier Based Points Expiration Program Creation Program Partner Management Points Accumulation Points Redemption Card Up gradation Dynamic attributes
  10. 10. Reward rules management Robust rule modeling Version management Template & expert mode maintained Rule scheduled Partner sponsorship Campaign integration Reward Rules Management
  11. 11. Membership handling Membership types and registration Member tier management Member activities Member profile maintenance Point account management Basic membership card handling Membership handling
  12. 12. Processing engine Scalable engine component Online member activity processing Batch member activity processing Tier evaluating processing Point expiration processing Simulation of rule processing Processing Engine
  13. 13. Konnect Card Type Card Numbers customer Sale or Issue of loyalty cards Point Definition By product and Value Points Accumulati on Points Redemption Card Up gradation Membership handling
  14. 14. Loyalty Cycle Customer loyalty Cycle Step 1 customer acquisition the assurance phase Step 2 Customer Development the education and Bonding phase Step 3 Customer Commitment The Sales Phase Step 4 Customer Retention the continuation and activity phase
  15. 15. Alerts Points Accumulation Daily reports Inventory consumption Customer Birth Day Anniversary Promotions Sales Returns Smart Alerts
  16. 16. 16 Merchants manage their loyalty programs using Online Web portal or Local Computer: • Review, modify and manage individual loyalty accounts • Input cardholder information for targeted marketing • Award signup bonus with first use • Award point bonus if cardholder provides demographics • Product based points to promote special products. • Happy Hour points. • Referral Points Loyalty Card Maintenance
  17. 17. 17 Life Cycle of a Loyalty Card 1. The initial card status of a loyalty card is Inactive. 2. After the first Accumulate transaction, the card status is Active. Sign-up bonus points are added during this transaction, if defined in the program. 3. Points are added with each Accumulate transaction. 4. You can add or update cardholder information at any time using Reporting. cardholder information bonus points, if specified in your Program Definition, are added to the card after you enter and save the cardholder information. 5. Each time the reward threshold is reached (as defined in the program), the specified reward amount is added to the card's reward balance. The reward balance may be used to purchase or redeem goods/services. 6. If the cardholder doesn't want the card anymore (or if the merchant has a policy of collecting depleted cards), the card may be deactivated and reissued to a new cardholder. Once a deactivated card is reissued, the status changes to Active and a new history is started. 7. If a card is damaged, lost or stolen, the balance may be transferred to a different card and the old card can be cancelled. Once a card is cancelled, it may not be used again.
  18. 18. 18 Loyalty Card Transaction Flow POS Terminal The loyalty card transaction is sent from the terminal to Head Office or Local Server. Konnect Loyalty System The Stratus server sends the request to the loyalty card host. Loyalty Card Host The loyalty card host processes the transaction and sends a response back to the terminal.
  19. 19. 19 Loyalty Card Terminal Requirements The loyalty program is supported on: • Omni terminals with retail or restaurant software • Data Base Integration with POS Software to ensure Smooth transaction. Loyalty cards work only at your locations.
  20. 20. 20 Loyalty Card Options Standard Card Orders Predesigned cards that allow 2 lines of merchant information, such as store name, phone or address. Shipped in 2-3 weeks. Custom Card Orders Custom designed using the merchant’s logo, artwork, or photography. Turn around time is approximately 2-3 weeks after final proof approval for production and delivery. Digital Card Custom designed digital card using the merchant’s logo, artwork, or photography. Turn around time is approximately one minute after final proof approval for production and delivery.
  21. 21. 21 Loyalty Card Transactions Add Points to a Card Enter the points for purchase. Receipt shows the new point balance and reward balance. Void Points on a Card Correct an error or reduce points for a return. To Purchase Using the Loyalty Card Redeem reward balance for multiple purchases until balance is zero or more rewards are earned. Balance Inquiry Provide card balance information.
  22. 22. 22 Loyalty Card Administrative Transactions Transfer Card Balance Use to replace lost, stolen or damaged cards, or consolidate cards, without losing previous card balances. Upgrade Card Use to upgrade card with existing basic card to a premium card. Deactivate Card Use to clear and re-use cards, which can reduce card costs. Cancel Card Use to cancel a damaged or fraudulent card, or cancel the “old” card(s) after a Transfer Card Balance.
  23. 23. 23 Reporting Advantage Batch Reports - Loyalty card totals and detail assist daily balancing on the POS Comprehensive Reports: • Real-time loyalty data, available 24/7 • Customer/Merchant/Terminal Activity reporting for multiple locations • Card List Detail with point and reward balances • Card Balance History shows card history • Transaction Detail by type and date range • Monthly Statements – Includes separate totals and fees for loyalty cards For card balance and history, visit: www. Yourwebsite.com
  24. 24. 24 Loyalty Card Summary All the benefits of Konnect card programs • Secure, durable, attractive cards • Reduced risk of fraud • Cost effective permanent card • Upscale appearance promotes your business • Cardholder information • Analysis of cardholder trends for targeted offers • Great customer service • Comprehensive card accounting and Web-based reporting • Level, date range, detail and summary reports • Transaction detail for resolving inquiries
  25. 25. A glimpse of relation
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