Codes & Conventions of Slasher Films


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Codes & Conventions of Slasher Films

  1. 1. Codes & Conventions of ‘Slasher’ films By Shivani Surti
  2. 2. ‘Slasher’ is a sub-genre of the genre Horror, there are a variety of key concepts andconventions that belong to a ‘Slasher’ film such as:-A psychotic killer who is masked.-Main Characters being young adults/teenagers.-Characters usually high school friends.-A character usually helps destroy the killer, usually a girl. ‘The final girl’-‘Slasher’ Films usually have sequels, the killer usually makes a return.I will go into more detail on the main conventions during this presentation. Slasher Films
  3. 3. ‘Slasher’ films form a very structured narrative pattern, the narrative is set so thatSequels can be made.During ‘Slasher’ films there tends to be two parts of the narrative, one being thePast and one being the present. Past o Person feels out of place or gets bullied by certain characters o This person wants to seek revenge, at a later stage. o Turns into a killer and kills the people made him feel unwanted. Present o Something happens from the past o Killers impulses are reactivated o Killer stalks community, and starts to kill o Heroin sees murders o Heroin survives murderer Narratives
  4. 4. The killers identity remains unknown this is due tothe fact that the killer wearsa mask. Also the killer seems to be a normal personwho has suffered some kind of traumatic experienceand they result in killing as an act of revenge. TheKillers are usually linked with the victims past.It is always a male that plays the character of thepsycho and enforces a great deal of masculinitywithin the role Killer
  5. 5. The ‘final girl’ is the The girls arentgirl that confronts the attractive, or sexuallykiller/psycho near the appealing they areend of the film. Clover enforces her ideas from feminine usually plain and perspective “Clover points out that in most bland. The girl is horror films, especially the ‘slasher’ film, the meant to represent an audience, male and female, is forced to innocent young relate with the young female (the Final Girl) woman.The ‘Final girl’ is who survives the serial attacker and usuallyusually brunette ends the threat (until the sequel anyway)”and is most likely Scream, challengesthe least popular conventions as ‘Sydneyout of the group of Prescott’ is not as innocentfriends. as ‘Final girl’ are meant to Majority of ‘Slasher’ be. films have a girl that The ‘Final’ girl survives.
  6. 6. There are two types of environments ‘Slasher’ films tend to use, either a settingthat the characters are familiar with or a setting that the characters are unfamiliarwith.Settings that are used frequently, tend to be secluded, isolated and deserted.These kind of environments add more effect to the film and create more curiosityfor the audience as these are the kind of environments the characters areunfamiliar with.A commonly used setting in more recent ‘Slasher’ films is a high school. This isan environment that the characters are familiar with, the fact that they are familiarwith it makes it more interesting as they aren’t expecting anything unusual tohappen, as they may in a location which is unfamiliar to them. For example ‘Promnight’ Setting/Location
  7. 7. In ‘Slasher’ films, conventional weapons are usually … Knives Axe’s Saw’s These types of weapons are what gave ‘Slasher’ films their name. Weapons
  8. 8. The colours, red, black and white are very conventional within ‘Slasher’ filmsRED – The connotations of red are blood, death and evilBLACK – The connotations of black are, evil, darkness and danger. The colour black makes the atmosphere much more scarier and helps the film become more realistic.WHITE – The connotations of white are, pure and innocence. Although these are the immediate connotations of white, the scream mask is white and ghosts are know to be white which steers away from the typical stereotypes of the colour. Colours
  9. 9. There is a range of lighting used in ‘Slasher’ films ranging from high keylighting to low key lighting. The variation creates tension and a morescarier vibe to the atmosphere. MID-LOW KEY HIGH-KEY Lighting LOW-KEY LOW-KEY
  10. 10. Here are a few conventionalcamera shots used in‘Slasher’ films ; Closeups, Point of view shots andWide shots Camera Shots