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Social media data leakage and data accountability risks

In today's SMAC world, the risks from Social Media are manifold - ranging from Data Leakage to Data Accountability. This ppt was made to a conference of Institute of Internal Auditors in Mumbai, India.

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Social media data leakage and data accountability risks

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA: WHY SHOULD IT BE ON YOUR AUDIT PLAN? Shivangi Nadkarni, CISA, CIPT, DCPP Co-Founder & CEO – Arrka Consulting
  2. 2. The Social Media Ecosystem 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 2 This is a placeholder text. It can be replaced by your own one. Communication Apps: Gmail, Skype, Whatsapp... Organizational sites, apps, games, pages Games, Interactive Media Popular Apps: Facebook, Linked In, Twitter...
  3. 3. The Risks: Category #1 15-Feb-17 3 Arrka Consulting - Confidential
  4. 4. How things can go wrong… 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 4 Twitter:  Who: Their own CFO – Anthony Noto  What: Accidently tweeted instead of sending a private message  What was it about: An M&A plan  "I still think we should buy them. He is on your schedule for Dec 15 or 16 -- we will need to sell him. i have a plan.“
  5. 5. How things can go wrong… 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 5 Across Social Media:  Who: UK Armed Forces  What: Disclosed details of Britain’s submarines, posted videos of people & equipment in Afghanistan & Libya, details of sensitive visits, etc
  6. 6. How things can go wrong 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 6  …Am sure each of you has a story to tell from your own organization…
  7. 7. Data Leakage on Social Media – How? 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 7 Leakage The DELIBERATE The VICTIM The ‘OOPS’! Data leaked by mistake • Very Common • Eg: putting great details in Linked In profiles, uploading sensitive documents on public cloud, posting internal plans on Facebook, etc The Malicious Insider Victimised by Cybercrime • 40 percent of social media users have fallen victim to cybercrime • One in six users believe their accounts have been compromised* * Norton Study
  8. 8. At the Organizational Level 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 8  Impersonation/ spoofing of organization’s properties  Fake pages, handles etc  Fake domains  Fake apps
  9. 9. The Risks: Category #2 15-Feb-17 9 Arrka Consulting - Confidential
  10. 10. When you are Online – what happens in the background? 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 10 Types of data collected: - Device id, location data, browser history, your OS, - Anything else you may have given ‘permission’ to access – eg, contact info, etc Your Profile & Identity is built
  11. 11. What happens to this data? 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 11 ANALYTICS is done on this SOLD to data networks/ ad networks/ other agencies -Who use it to sell products & services to you Used to SYNC UP with other channels to do omni-channel reach Fed into ALGORITHMS and used to make automated decisions about you
  12. 12. In Short, When You Are Online….
  13. 13. What happens when you use a mobile app? 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 13 You give ‘Permissions’
  14. 14. What happens when you use… 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 14 APP or Website Gets access to your account
  15. 15. So How and Why is all this relevant to an organization? 15-Feb-17 15 Arrka Consulting - Confidential
  16. 16. 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 16  Your organization is engaging in all these digital interactions  Online  Mobile apps  Applications like FB/ Instagram/ Linked in/ etc
  17. 17. Data: Today’s Reality 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 17 Explosion of Data • Tracking • Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) • Ad / Data Networks Individuals as Data Generators Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, IOT… Personal Data is the New Currency
  18. 18. Types of Personal Data 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 18 PERSONAL DATA Knowingly provided by a user Unknowingly provided by a user Observed Data Derived or Inferred Data Harvested From 3P sources Eg: Filling in account details Eg: Device identifiers, Location Data, etc Eg: Data generated from analysis and/or deploying algorithms. Like online behaviour profiles
  19. 19. What does the law say? 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 19  Data Protection & Privacy laws in most countries:  Define personal data to include all device data, meta data, location data, etc  Anything from a device that can be used to identify an individual  The laws have some strict curbs on how this data should be treated and used  With some stiff penalties and liabilities  Eg:  EU GDPR: upto 2% to 4% of global turnover  Most countries have criminal liabilities
  20. 20. So Who Owns What Data? 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 20 Dedicated 3rd Parties 3P’s using their own platforms/ products Personal Data Personal Data 3P’s own usage 4th Parties Where Does Accountability lie? Who takes on the liabilities? Who carries the reputation risk?
  21. 21. What can go wrong?: InMobi 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 21  One of the world’s largest Mobile Ad Network  Tracked a customer’s location using surrounding wi-fi networks  EVEN when the customer had turned off location services on her mobile  Hauled up and fined by the US FTC  InMobi: Basically from India!
  22. 22. What can go wrong: Silverpush 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 22  A technology that tracks ‘audio beacons’ from Televisions  Captured on a mobile device  Sent to a central server  Profiles what exactly you have watched on tv  Feeds to ad networks to deliver ads  Not even a standalone app  Embedded in other mobile apps  Hauled up by US FTC
  23. 23. Think of this scenario 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 23  Your organization ties up with a third party to co-brand a mobile app  Hosts it on the third party’s platform  Third party uses the data from the customer to do analytics and sell to an ad network  Meanwhile, your orgn has promised the customer that you wont sell her personal data to anyone  What happens in this scenario? Who is accountable?
  24. 24. To Summarise 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 24 Data Leakage related risks Data Accountability related risks Risks from the Social Media Ecosystem
  25. 25. What can you do to address this? 15-Feb-17 25 Arrka Consulting - Confidential
  26. 26. What can you do to address this 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 26  Create Awareness  That these risks exist  They are real  They are an integral part of business – not a ‘tech-only’ problem  They have to be urgently addressed  Assess  What is your organization’s risk exposure vis-à-vis the social media ecosystem  Assess the gaps
  27. 27. What can you do to address this 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 27  Review existing programs/ initiatives that address these risks  Likely that existing risk management initiatives may be addressing some parts of these risks  Initiate new programs/ initiatives to take care of unaddressed gaps  Do this on a continual basis  Pace of change is explosive  Risk profiles keep changing  Global developments affect local ecosystems- although you may not be dealing with outside markets
  28. 28. 15-Feb-17Arrka Consulting - Confidential 28  It is an exciting world out there….full of opportunities….just make sure you have your risks covered as you make the most of the opportunities
  29. 29. Shivangi Nadkarni, CISA, DCPP, CIPT Co-Founder & CEO – Arrka Consulting @shivanginadkarn Questions? 15-Feb-17 29 Arrka Consulting - Confidential