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  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONLiberty in India’s No. 1 footwear brandand the 5The largest footwear manufacturer in the World. Libertyproduces footwear for the entire family, right from thetoddlers to the young at heart. Liberty Footwear isthe only Indian company that is among the top 5manufacturers of leather footwear of the world witha turnover in excess of U.S.$ 100 million.Producing more thant60, 00 pairs of footwear a day. Arange that is among the largest in the industry, coveringvirtuallyeverya g e g r o u p a n d i n c o m e c a t e g o r y . M a r k e t ed a c r o s s t h e g l o b e t h r o u g h 1 5 0 distributors, 350exclusive showrooms and over 6000 multi-brand outlets,and sold in thousands every day inmore than 25 countries including fashion -driven, quality-obsessed nations like France, Italy, andGermany HISTORYThe liberty group is a success story ofcourage, determination,
  2. 2. andd e d i c a t i o n . T h e g r o u p h a s b u i l t i t s em p i r e f r o m a s m a l l s c a l e b u s i n e s s enterprise to one of the largest shoe manufacturer in India. Karnalbasedguptaa n d b a n s a l f a m i l i e s ( t h e f o u n d e r o f l i b r y group) have also pioneered inf o t t w e a re x p o r t . T h e g r o u p h a s i t o wnm a n u f a c t u r i n g f a c i l i t y i n LIBERTYPURAM (near Karnal) and three other in Gharunda(near panipat),Karnal and in dehradun.Started shoe business at Karnal in 1944Started manufacturing in 1946 with 4 pairs a dayNamed as liberty footwear Co. in 1954Set up semi-mechanized manufacturing unit in 164Switched over to 100% exports in 1968Re-entered domestic market in 1983Liberty Shoes Limited, the public ltd.c o m p a n y o f t h e g r o u p s t a r t e d commercialproduction in 1993
  3. 3. MAJOR MILESTONESLiberty has a number of firsts to its creditslike:Liberty has developed new material TPE(Thermo Plastic Elastomer) for highquality formalfootwear. This material has better properties thanPVC or TPRconventionally used for formalfootwear.It introduced EVA (Ethyl Viny1 Acetate)direct injection molding forthef i r s t t i m e i n A s i a . T h e E V A t e c h n o lo g y u s e s v e r y l i g h t m a t e r i a l a n d t h e footwear is made with direct injection system.The footwear weights next tonothing and isvery flexible providing maximum comfort.
  4. 4. Liberty’s Gliders Urange is made with EVAtechnology.Liberty has state-the-art productionfacilities to produce 50,00 pairs of shoes perday. The group anticipates a production of 75, 000pairs per day bythe year 2005 PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTLiberty is a pioneer in the area of R & D for footwearand has a number of firsts to its credit.2 -way Channel partners of Liberty di g t h e i r f e e d b a c k d e e p a n d constantly, hammering the string of creative workmen atthe manufacturingcenters to produce not justfaceless shoes dancing down conveyer beltsbutshoes with character. So the centers havepoured 53 years of research andcontinous flowof emotions to redefine the R & D center at Liberty
  5. 5. the edge isae r t i c a l l y i n t e g r a t e d i n f r a s t r u c t u r e w i t h complete in-h o u s e m a n u f a c t u r i n g capabilities including *Desma machines for PU Direct Injection, 6linesfor c e m e n t l a s t e d c o n s t r u c t i o n , 1 5 m a c h i ne s f o r P V C D i r e c t I n j e c t i o n a n d 3 machines for EVA Injection. All the units areinterlinked by a SAP computer network facility,which ensures every order, is delivered intime.Liberty is a technology driven company.‘Humantech’- Liberty’spatentedt e c h n o l o g y i s a c o m b i n a t i o n o fhuman craftsmanship and technologica l excellence PRODUCT RANGELiberty has created a repertoire of 10 well developedbrands, each oneof which has been painstakinglynurtured to cater to its specified target group.Care
  6. 6. has been taken to create a specific indentity for eachbrand and toprovide has latest internationaldesigns.T o d a y , t h e n e w r a n g e f r o m L i b er t y i s a l l a b o u t s t y l e , d e s i g n , a n d comfort. The range imbides the spirit of fun and is trendyto the core. There isa product for every season andoccasion