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Improve your seo with google


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Improve your seo with google

  1. 1. Today, SEO is becoming more difficult after many updates. Google+ is still new in searchengine optimization. So, it is a very good opportunity to use it and to maintain a profile onsocial network by putting some efforts for getting the ranking of a site because Google Plushas a strong presence in search results.Here are some tips for making the Google+ profile strong and to improve the SEO: -The first thing, you need to consider is to fill out the complete information on your profile toget started and to attract more people.Google sets higher priority on page optimization and certain areas of your profile. Youshould have an answer of each question. Create your profile attractive and informative tomake a good first impression. The first 55 characters will make the difference in Google+search results and improve the SEO Ireland to boost the rank of your website in searchresults.You should increase the number of followers in Google plus profile so that many followerscan come to see your posts or links and follow, if they like it. It shows the good or badfeedback for your profile, site or your content. You can also add a link to your Google+profile on your blog or website to get more followers or friends. Another way to add morefollowers on your profile is to draw them from your other social media sites. It will showyour regular presence and help getting tons of traffic.Claim authorship for your online articles.You should connect your website directly to Google+ by putting a simple scrap of code or byattaching a badge to your site. It will help showing your recent activity and also improveranking of your website on the search engine result page.You should add +1 button to all pages of a website and blog posts. It will make easy forpeople to share the links of your site on their Google plus profiles.Plus one button is more powerful than the "Like" button of Facebook. So, encourage more+1s, because the +1s will be displayed in search results on Google. Its like a vote ofapproval- so, people like to click on a site if has been+1ed.Share your blogs or articles on +1 profile so that people can come to read and follow the postif, they would like it.