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AGGRIVATE Investment Fin Limited

I am going to give you a 100% successful Investment Plan, which confirms your profits before actually entering into investment every time to totally avoid risks and losses in Trading. For First time in the history of Indian Market, we are giving Solid (100%) Money Back Performance Guarantee on our Investment Plan with AGGRIVATE Investment Fin Limited.

Below is the amazing and unbelievable plan.

If you invest Rupees 10,000, you will earn :-

1) 1% per day for 100 working days (Total 100*100=10000) the amount will be credited in your bank account by ESC every month.

2) After 100 days get 10% Every month for next 12 months (Total 1000*12=12000)

3) Share of AGGRIVATE Investment Fin Limited of worth Rupees 10000 (each share 20RS)that you can sell in open market in 2011.

Above plan will not depend on any market position . Company is giving this profit without any conditions.

Registration charge 500 and TDS is applicable.

For more details please visit

and call me back if you want to invest your money with 100% security and

Money back guarantee.

Thanks & Regards !

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Promoter at Aggrivate InvestFin Limited for less than a year .

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