Bounzd instant calling widgets


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Bounzd instant calling widgets

  1. 1. Instant calling widgets for better online conversion w w w. b o u n z d . c o m Accurate Call Tracking on Cloud with Click to Call All rights reserved | © Waybeo Inc
  2. 2. Still using Toll Free Numbers in the Digital World? Call us: 1 800 123456 X
  3. 3. Try “Click To Call” widgets A Smarter and Intelligent Option X
  4. 4. WHY
  5. 5. Differences In a Sample Call THE NUMBERS Take visitors away from your website Customer needs to reach his phone and dial  BOUNZD WIDGETS Calling is now a Browsing experience Can talk in a Click via browser or Receive a call back to his phone
  6. 6. Differences In a Sample Call THE NUMBERS  BOUNZD WIDGETS Lands at No Sales ready Reception Knows Why & How the Call is made The Phone reaches your non sales ready reception or call center IVR. Filters the call based on visitor browsing data, history & is prioritized accordingly
  7. 7. Differences In a Sample Call THE NUMBERS  BOUNZD WIDGETS More the waiting, More unhappy Intelligent Routing & Less waiting When the call is answered finally, the customer happiness decreases. No Intelligent Call Routing possible Reduces waiting time by removing IVRs. Finds the most able person based on  Location  Departments  Need & Skills-Set  Working Hours
  8. 8. Differences In a Sample Call THE NUMBERS No Call Details for marketers Once a call is Missed It is missed for ever. Marketers can’t analyse call records.  BOUNZD WIDGETS Call Records get saved on cloud Every call with caller details are saved and synced with CRMs and your marketing tools.
  9. 9. Differences In a Sample Call THE NUMBERS Calls cannot be tracked Marketers don’t even know calls are valuable or not.  BOUNZD WIDGETS Great Call Tracking & More revenue Accurately tracks which keyword or Ad campaign generates each of the calls for you.
  10. 10. And your visitors can call you using Any device from Any where on a click
  11. 11. Visitor Can Talk via Browser or Phone
  12. 12. Bounzd Cloud Telephony System Based on Visitor Browsing Data | Predefined Call Routing | Time | Location and more Identifies the Right Person to connect Visitor Your Call Center Agents Your Office or Department Phones Sales Person’s Mobile Voicemail Box
  13. 13. Bounzd Cloud Telephony System Call Established 00:00:12 Hey, I’m Jane Doe…. Do your company provide “XYZ” services? Yes Jane, We are the leaders in XYZ services in #yourlocation Visitor Available Person with Matched Skill Agent Can see Visitor’s Live Caller Info for easy selling      Current Web Page Browsing History Keywords Source OR Referrals Location
  14. 14. Bounzd Cloud Telephony System Call Ended 00:07:34 Ok, I can purchase using my credit card. Thank you so much. Always a Pleasure. Happy Purchasing from Visitor Available Person with Matched Skill Get More Happy Customers and More Sales
  15. 15. As a Marketer You get much more like Complete Call Reports Intelligent Call Analytics Instant Call Alerts to Mail Listen to Call Recording Campaigns/Keywords - Calls Tracking
  16. 16. Improve Lead Generation from all Channels No: of Leads Extra Leads with Bounzd Website HomePage Google Text Ads Email Campaign Landing Pages Image Ad Banners
  17. 17. 1 MILLION+ CALLS GENERATED SO FAR, FOR MORE THAN 300+ CUSTOMERS Sign Up Now No Credit Card Needed | 30 Days Free Trial