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Logo Design Trends 2018


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In 2017, we saw some wonderful new logos and some great logo re-designs. Every year brings some exciting new trends and 2018 isn’t going to be any different. We are extremely excited (we’re sure you too are) and can’t wait to see the new logo design trends that will emerge in 2018.

Current trends may not define the future trends but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that current trends do have an impact on the future ones. Hence we have picked some great trends that emerged in 2017 (and earlier) and we strongly believe that they will continue making their presence felt in 2018. Some of these trends may evolve into such awesomeness that will redefine how we see the logos today.

Presenting the logo design trends for 2018 as an infographic created by 40dollarlogo team.

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Logo Design Trends 2018

  3. 3. The Main Museum and Canada Snowboard redesigned their logos to a more minimal, simple designs. In contrast to latest trends, without affecting the identity and the history behind, the new design gives the the old logo more flow. Minimalism
  4. 4. Gradients One of the style evaded at the inception of the flat design era is making a comeback. It seems like gradients are coming in logo designs once again in . In the latest Apple Special Event at Steve Jobs Theater we can see Apple's iconic logo in the new gradient colors.
  5. 5. Negative Space Climbing from 2016 Negative space logos have become the erupted trend of 2017. At first glance appering straight and simple, this style based on twofold image of postive and negative space, plays with spectator’s notice. BabySleepSafe
  6. 6. Wordmarks Different people have different tastes, some like messy designs and some prefer clean. Recently, big brands like NASCAR, CALVIN KLEIN and MOZILLA rebranded their busy looking logos to a more simple yet beautiful designs.
  7. 7. Colorful rectangles, overlapping circles or just semicircles with triangles, these conceptual looking designs can form a unfading logo style. Sometimes these simple shapes can also be judged as a overly complex abstarct designs. Geomatric
  8. 8. Pictorial Mark This icon based logo design is always on top in the industry and is likely to still be on top in 2018. This trend uses just a image with only one or two solid colours racially balanced. It can be seen being used by various brands wishes themselves instantly recognizable with the mark alone.
  9. 9. Letterstacking We can call it twenty first century’s ultramodern style of logo design. Where letters of business name are tactically positioned in abnormal, out of the ordinary scheme. This perplexed style of logo design commonly drives audiences to disburse their time to analyse the design and assemble them up together just like a puzzle game.
  10. 10. Simple Latest brands like BRANDLESS, ESSENTIAL and FORWARD have taken alternate route and come up with very simple, unique and memorable logo designs for their business. You may have heard this latin phrase “Less is more”, this style of design is very good example of this idiom. Not only it looks cool but also successfully communicate the company’s brand story.
  11. 11. Abstract Instead of being instantly noticeable like pictorial mark logo abstarct style of logo can ascribe sense and sentiment to the brand through color and notional appearance. The new DELIVEROO logo and ALL ABOARD! from Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is a good example of abstract style, communicates the message of company’s work visually.
  12. 12. Line Art New updated logo designs of FACTORIE and GRAVIS designed by Interbrand and That Thing uses a single color line art drawing which attain a clean, minimal and simple looking design. This new style is cherished by many people.
  13. 13. Emblem Emblem style of logos are timeless and it is used by many brands.In this style text and icon can be placed inside the emblem. Combination of text and icon in emblem forms a unique symbol identity for a brand.
  14. 14. Present trends are good indicators for predicting future trends. These wonderful trends that emerged in 2017 will certainly impact the logo designs of 2018 and some new trends will also emerge in the coming year. We are sure you too are as excited to know about them as we are.
  15. 15. Brought to you by All logos and trademarks shown in the infographic belong to their respective brands & organizations and have been used as a reference only. Happy New Year 2018 Happy New Year 2018 Happy New Year 2018