Chapter 10.2


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The end of the Sims 2 Otaku Legacy.

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Chapter 10.2

  1. 1. Chapter 10.2: The End of a Legacy.
  2. 2. After Ichigo returned from his confrontation, he was a changed man. He became more laid back and supportive of his family. He apologised to his mother, and to Star, for being a royal pain.
  3. 3. It wasn't long before the Otaku family was growing again. Even Melanthios grew attached to little Juliet.
  4. 4. “Things are finally starting to look up.” Ichigo said, speaking openly to the omnicient voice that had guided his family for generations. You're well on your way to becoming more like the real Ichigo, but don't get ahead of yourself – not everything the hollow said was a lie. “Daddy, can't you chat with Voice-sama somewhere else? I need to teach Zangetsu to behave.” Junjun interjected. “Of course, dear.”
  5. 5. The days seemed to fly by, and soon Juliet was a precocious little toddler. Her father and grandfather doted on her – so much so, that Star was worried she would become spoiled by all the attention.
  6. 6. JunJun grew quickly towards her teenage years, ambitious to live up to her family name.
  7. 7. . . . and with a quick change, JunJun became the spitting image of the athletic amazoness she was destined to be.
  8. 8. “What did you mean, 'not all of it was a lie?'” Ichigo asked aloud. That little comment had been nagging at him. He was right about one thing – the legacy does end at 10 generations. “WHAT? You're abandoning us?” he exploded. “Hasn't all this meant anything to you?” It has, but things are about to change, and I don't know if you'll make it. I have to say my goodbyes now, or else I might not get the chance.
  9. 9. “I'm not going to let this legacy fail.” This coming from you, who wanted no part in the legacy not too long ago? “I've changed, Voice-sama. I've learned that Ichigo would do whatever it took to save this family, and so will I.” He answered back, his voice full of determination.
  10. 10. “Zangetsu, if only you could help me the way your namesake helps mine.” “Meow?” Ichigo, I don't know how to save you, but there is someone who might. Are you prepared to give up your life, your career, even Zangetsu to keep this family going?
  11. 11. Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking. I've explained to Ichigo that the family's end will come with the birth of their third child – although I don't think he's conveyed that to the rest of the family. Bullheaded as his namesake, he and Star have gotten pregnant again.
  12. 12. Juliet has grown into a beautiful child, and is seen bustling around the house clearing away abandoned plates and books left out like she was destined to be a maid instead of a secretary.
  13. 13. The time has come. The birth of the third child heralds the end of the legacy. Ichigo knew this, yet allowed it to happen. I guess he wasn't serious about saving the family after all.
  14. 14. Juushiro Otaku, named for the Captain of Jakotsu Otaku, named for the second strongest the 13th division of the 13 Court Guard member of the Shichinintai from InuYasha – a Squads of Bleach. band of mercenaries brought back from the dead. Twins? . . . that was unexpected. Even I don't know what reprecussions will come of this, but from the looks of it, this has a bigger impact than I had imagined.
  15. 15. “A bigger impact?” Ichigo asked, overhearing me. “How?” I don't know. Somehow the birth of twins has destabalized time and space. It may mean the end for the entire neighbourhood, not just your family.
  16. 16. “Ichigo, why didn't you tell us that our family was going to end?” Star confronted him after she settled the twins in their cribs. “That's kinda big.” “I know – I just didn't want you to worry.” Ichigo replied.
  17. 17. And so the Legacy in Tokyoville ends prematurely. It was originally intended as an Alphabet legacy, but space has begun to collapse in on them. I do not know what Ichigo's plan to save the family was, but he's gone now. Along with Star, JunJun, Juliet, Juushiro and Jakotsu. Not dead – at least, I hope not. They are simply gone. Haruhi and Melanthios did not survive. I saw grim come for them in the last moments, before everyone disappeared. It may be that they will appear in another time and place – the flow of time-space was disrupted by the event of twins. I will keep looking, and someday, I'll find them.