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Project planning forms

  1. 1. PROJECT OVERVIEWName of Project: Alike or Different? Duration: 3 weeks?Subject/Course: Life Science Teacher(s): Ms. Velasco Grade Level: 7Other subject areas to Computers,be included, if any:Project Idea Students will independently answer the driving question in their electronic portfolio based on their investigations fromSummary of the issue, lab activities.challenge, investigation,scenario, or problem:Driving Question Are we more alike than we are different?Content and Skills 2b. Students know sexual reproduction produces offspring that inherit half their genes from each parent.Standards to be 2c. Students know an inherited trait can be determined by one or more genes.addressed: 2d. Students know plant and animal cells contain many thousands of different genes and typically have two copies of every gene. The two copies (or alleles) of the gene may or may not be identical, and one may be dominant in determining the phenotype while the other is recessive. T+A E T+A E21st Century Skills Collaboration x Other: Online Research xto be explicitly taught andassessed (T+A) or thatwill be encouraged (E) by Presentation xproject work, but nottaught or assessed: Critical Thinking: x Presentation Audience: © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 1
  2. 2. Group: Group website xCulminating Class:Products andPerformances School: Community: An electronic portfolio Experts: Individual: x Web: Other: PROJECT OVERVIEWEntry event to Students will break into groups of 3 or 4 and create a T-chart that lists their similar and different physical traits.launch inquiry,engage students:Assessments Quizzes/Tests x Practice Presentations Formative Assessments Journal/Learning Log x Notes (During Project) Preliminary Plans/Outlines/Prototypes Checklists Rough Drafts x Concept Maps x Online Tests/Exams x Other: Written Product(s), with rubric: x Other Product(s) or Performance(s), with rubric: Summative __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Assessments (End of Project) Oral Presentation, with rubric x Peer Evaluation x Multiple Choice/Short Answer Test x Self-Evaluation x Essay Test Other: . © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 2
  3. 3. Resources On-site people, facilities:Needed Equipment: Materials: Community resources:Reflection Journal/Learning Log x Focus GroupMethods (Individual, Group, and/or Whole-Class Discussion x Fishbowl Discussion Whole Class) Survey x Other: © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 3
  4. 4. PROJECT TEACHING AND LEARNING GUIDEProject: Course/Semester: Knowledge and Skills Needed By Students Scaffolding / Materials/ Lessons To Be Provided to successfully complete culminating products and by the project teacher, other teachers, experts, performances, and do well on summative assessments mentors, or community membersDevelop competency in the area of inquiry Build a foundation of factual knowledge To understand the conceptual framework… They will organize knowledge by…  1. applying & understanding concepts through inquiry & active involvment    © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 4
  5. 5. PROJECT CALENDARProject: Start Date: MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY Project Week One a. begin investigatio ns with questions that they ask themselves b. give them items to observe c. concentrate on collecting & using evidence 2. characteristics of a scientifically literature person: a. aware that science, math, technology are interdepen dent b. can ask, find, determine © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 5
  6. 6. answers to questions derived from curiosityc. can pose, evaluate arguments based on evidence & apply conclusions Project Week Two Project Week Three © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 6
  7. 7. Project Week Four © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 7
  8. 8. © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 8