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What Goes Around Comes Around

A touring exhibition of 70 artworks from the Landfill Art Collection. Found objects transformed into art - what once began as a tool for industrialized society, then became an object of trash and now in its 3rd life, it has become a work of art.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. 1. What Goes Around . . . . . Comes Around Groovy Ride (On the Road) by Vera Tataro Prague, Czech Republic A touring exhibition of 70 artworks selected from the LandfillArt Collection Transforming Found Objects into Art 1. Found Objects Transformed What once began as a tool for industrialized society, then became an object of trash, and now for its third life, it has become a work of art 2. The Car Experience....... America's love affair with the automobile, and driving on the “Open Road” 3. Driving in Style Explores the lore and popular culture which surrounds some of the iconic cars, and America's well-known highways and byways 4. Pop Culture and Music As the automobile became more and more an extension of the individual, it was natural that this was reflected in popular culture Themes in the Exhibition “ ..... If we don’t keep moving, following our personal compass as we continually rebuild our environment and ourselves we will wither and die. What better way to apply the theme than to resurrect something that was beaten down, tossed out as if it were used up and give it the respect and new life it’s entitled to?" Carol Surface 1. Found Objects Transformed Where Will You Go Today? by Carol Surface Beverly Hills, California It is a Western obsession to waste, disregard and abandon. Like a hubcap that has been fashioned for a single end use; once the car becomes obsolete, the hubcap becomes worthless junk, an eyesore. Yet it is still a beautiful object and can find another use." Lorrain Mailer O+M = Values / Opportunity + Morals = Values By Lorrain Mailer Tunbridge Wells, Tennessee 2. The Car Experience “I am inspired by the energy of the city at night. Through the use of vibrant color, luscious brushwork and sense of motion, I am able to capture the essence of the city." Alexandra Pacula Dazzling Journey by Alexandra Pacula Brooklyn, New York ...... cars quickly became essential appendages of the American suburban Iife-style. 3. Driving in Style Nice Grille, What's Under the Hood by Erick Johnson Fort Collins, Colorado The hubcap Is a response to the automobile age of the fifties with exaggerated bumpers, fins an grilles, the more chrome, the better. Outlandish and detailed, vintage mid century cars offered all the horsepower touting strength, weight, shiny and glamour..” Erick C. Johnson "The car has become... an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad, and incomplete". ~Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, 1964 4. Pop Culture and Music America's love affair with the automobile was most evident in the music of the era. Noteworthy by Janice Elaine Cooper San Antonio, Texas Progressive Harmony by Diane Whitely Montgomery, Texas “Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz.” Janis Joplin In 2008, Ken Marquis, a Pennsylvania picture framer, had an inspiration while milling around an auto show........... “I started rushing up and down aisles buying old hub caps. I bought 41 rusted old hub caps that day. My friend thought I was crazy. I said ‘I have an idea’.” - Marquis Within days, he began calling artists to share in his vision of transforming them into works of art. He invited each artist to brainstorm a hubcap into art, and the resulting collection now includes over 1,000 works by artists from around the world -- from every state, and 50 countries. Marquis’ idea led to the largest non-profit international art initiative of its kind. 1,041 hubcap “metal and plastic canvasses” are now 1,041 exceptional works of art -- kindling a powerful message of sustainable, green living and the transformative power of Art. The LandfillArt Collection The LandfillArt artists are a community in support of the creative reuse of the earth's resources. The artists explored the potential of re-using materials -– and in their hands, workroom scraps, broken dishes, and even recycled paint have become art. The Big Bang by Maria Livrone Plains, Pennsylvania The Artists With such a diversity of creative expressions, the artists created a body of work, intending to make us pause, ponder, and plan to make a difference in our own world ......... As long as art has existed, some of it has pushed people to look beyond their comfort zones ....... the artworks in this exhibition seek to open our eyes a little wider Sunset at Hubcap Bay by Gary Michael Denver, Colorado Petroleum Pearl By Rosemary Luckett Manassas, Virginia "It is important that people see the connections between their cars, our distressed economy, and the need to reduce our dependence on cars especially oil powered vehicles.” Rosemary Luckett Untitled by Sunny Belliston Midvale, Utah Time For Harmony By Michelle Ciarlo-Hayers Elkins Park, Pennsylvania “ is imperative that we understand the effect of our actions (or inaction) on our planet. Our children– and our children’s children– are depending on us to find and Implement solutions.” Michelle Ciarlo-Hayers Data SheetAvailable: 2016 - 2018 for 8 week periods or longer Participation Fee: inquire, -- depends on length of display period Security: 24 hour security. During open hours, the exhibition must be under surveillance Temperature: 64 - 72 degrees F, with 2 degree variation Humidity: 50% with 10% variation Borrowing Institution responsible for one-way transport costs and Wall to wall insurance coverage from prior institution and while on display at host site Nations Rising by Connie W. Shaw Franklin, Tennessee Also Being Developed : Assistance in developing marketing and sales for the museum boutique A sponsorship package is being developed to assist borrowing institutions in their fund raising. Catalogue: A richly illustrated catalogue/book will be produced in conjunction with the exhibition that will include statements of the artists, a history of the LandfillArt Project. Chevy to the Levee, by Guinotte Wise LaCygne, Kansas Shirley Reiff Howarth The Humanities Exchange 514-935-1228 Jeffrey Landau Landau Traveling Exhibitions 310-397-3098 Waste Not By Kerri Warner Sacramento, California “I always try to use found objects in my work. The Landfillart project appealed to me on many levels- being part of the community project, being challenged by how to use a hubcap and the larger mission and purpose, to create awareness of environmental issues." Kerri Warner Further Information: