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Speech Communications Farewell


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Speech Communications Farewell

  1. 1. Speech Communications Farewell Shirley Hall August 16, 2015 Dr. Stephanie May 8/16/15
  2. 2. Speech Communications Farewell Thank you for an eye opening experience, as for me who has faced life’s challenges since I have had a learning disability since school age. I have always had communications problems which made me not wanting to hang around with other kids and/or adults. After learning how to communicate in this course, I can use this new found knowledge and use it whenever needed too.
  3. 3. Overcoming Challenges In my past experience I have always had problems when it came to talk and/or speech out didn’t know exactly how to get started. I would be afraid of their negative comments with an open mind. After studying and listening to chats I was able develop my outline based on Nonverbal and Verbal Communication Skills Effectively.
  4. 4. Applying the Communication Skills I will be adapt my new skills by thoughts, ideas, and focus on the audience own beliefs, values, common interest. This way I can consider which nonverbal and verbal communication to share my own dilemma so it would lead respect and curiosity.
  5. 5. Speech Communication the Conclusion As a final recollection of my last thought. I want to think all that were in attendance. As for me I have broaden my knowledge and will use them in the future whenever the occasion arises. Using effective speaking tools will help me to do so , when talking or communicating with others and their cultural behaviors oon how to approach them.
  6. 6. Memorable Topics and Discussions The most memorable events for me that I have learned from this course. When I was given a topic in class for my outline. I chose Nonverbal and Verbal Communications for my experience to better understand what Dr. May was explaining in class. First , I recall her explaining the different forms of speeches. I was instructed to study my techniques and audience so both could be done correctly. The other thing being aware not to be misleading or discriminating for other people may view and hear the presentation different.