Pitching Presentation


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What is most important in a potential entrepreneurial partner and what your pitch should include

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Pitching Presentation

  1. A presentation takes the investor on a journey. During the course of the journey, we provide information about ourselves, about our enterprise, our competitors and our business plan.
  2. If we build our journey’s path correctly, the investor will be able to connect the dots and arrive at the conclusion that we are capable of leading the enterprise to success.
  3. A maximum yield of revenue within a maximum of four years What is the investor interested in? A winning idea Someone capable of leading it to success
  4. Richard Branson, entrepreneur and CEO of the Virgin Group, was asked what is most important in a potential entrepreneurial partner. His answer was: I Just need to like LIKEhim. “ “
  5. So, what does an investor look for in an entrepreneur?
  6. The investor wants someone whose eyes shine with enthusiasm, someone who will do everything in his power to ensure the success of the enterprise, someone who will sink his teeth in and give it everything he’s got.
  7. The investor wants someone who is knowledgeable in his field, who is familiar with the needs of his target audience, and who knows what solutions have already been put out there.
  8. He wants someone with experience. And if it was an experience of failure, that’s okay. Investors like to see that a person is not discouraged, that they try again until they succeed.
  9. The investor wants to see a winning team, a team of people with a special connection between them, a team that has been through obstacles together, a team of individuals that complement one another. If you’re on your own, you should present your ability to create such a team.
  10. It is important that you have a vision, but make sure your vision is realistic.
  11. What about the content of the presentation? The idea is to step into the investor’s shoes, anticipate what his next question might be, and then provide him with the relevant information.
  12. Introduction Who we are What we do Why you should listen
  13. Pain + Solution What’s the pain What are the current solutions How can you eliminate the pain
  14. Tell a story
  15. Differentiation What else is out there Why will you succeed where others failed
  16. The Market + The Competition Show us you know the market! Talk with numbers!
  17. The Team Who’s running the show Why are you going to do it right
  18. Business Model How much does it cost me What do I get How will you spend my money What is my expected return When will I see a return
  19. The Request Be specific: name a precise sum and what you intend to do with it.
  20. Conclude with one distinctive, saleable, fundable sentence
  21. “A Person can have the greatest idea in the world – completely different and novel – but if that person can’t convince enough other people, it doesn’t matter. Gregory Berns “
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