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Wine marketing final ppt

  1. 1. Wine Marketing & Promotions
  2. 2. Wine Types Sparklin White g Rose Red
  3. 3. Total Indian Population Indian wine Drinkers 2% 98%
  4. 4. Top wine brands in India
  5. 5. Indage Vintners Samant Soma Wines Grover Vineyards Others 27% 44% 9% 20%
  6. 6. Top preferred brands in India
  7. 7. Market Research  Most Preferred in Bangalore : In Departmental Stores: 1. Grover Shiraz Art Collection 2. Sula Cabernet Shiraz 3. Seagram's Nine Hills In Restaurants: 1. Sula Satori Merlot 2. Sula Chenin Blanc 3. Moet- et-Chandon
  8. 8. 15% locate d in ROI 85% located in Maharashtr a 6 wineries in India
  9. 9. Things to be noted  Red wines rule the taste buds of Indians  Nearly 50 %of consumers are women growing at 5 per cent every 6 months  The 80 registered wine importing firms in India currently bring in over 120 foreign wine labels to the country.  French control 45 per cent of the imported wine market share but their dominance is being challenged by wines from Australia and Italy, which together control almost 30 per cent of the market.
  10. 10. Indage wines Chantilli: Most preferred wine, 7 different variants Won 23 prestigious international awards
  11. 11. Variants of Cabernet Chantilli Sauvignon • Dry red Merlot • Dry red Shiraz • Dry red Chardonnay • Dry white Chenin Blanc • Medium dry white Sauvignon Blanc • Dry white White Zinfandel • Blush
  12. 12. Top wines by Indage wines Marquise de Pompadour Chantilli Cabernet Sauvignon Riviera Blanc de Blanc Ivy Shiraz
  13. 13. Top wines by Grover vineyards Cabernet Shiraz Rs 460 RW Viognier (Clairette) Rs 440 RW Shiraz Rose Rs 420 WW La Reserve Red Wine Rs 765 RW Sauvignon BLANC Rs 470 WW *RW – Red Wine | WW – White Wine
  14. 14. Top wines by Sula vineyards Dindori Reserve Shiraz Rs.796 RW Sula Satori Merlot Rs.425 RW Sula Sauvignon Blanc Rs.629 WW Sula Blush Zinfande Rs.750 RW Sula Brut Rs.450 SW Late Harvest Chenin Rs. 275 WW Blanc *RW – Red Wine | WW – White Wine | SW – Sparkling Wine
  15. 15. Top wines by N.D wines N. D. Syrah Galaxy – Red Chenin Blanc Cabernet sauvignon Sauvignon Blanc reserve
  16. 16. The best Indian wines Red wines  Grover la reserve Grover Vineyar Rs.540 d  Cabernet Merlot Chateau d'Ori Rs.650
  17. 17. Top wines by Vintage wines  Reveilo – Syrah  Late Harvest Chenin Blanc
  18. 18. Nine Hills Cabernet Sauvignon Seagram Rs.686 s Reveilo - Syrah Reserve Vintage wines Rs.545 Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz Sula vineyards Rs.796
  19. 19. White wines Sula Sauvignon Blanc Sula wines Rs.490 Sauvignon Blanc Chateau de Rs.475 Banyan
  20. 20. Viognier Clairette Grover vineyard Rs.385 Reveilo Chenin Blanc Vintage wines Rs.505
  21. 21. Rose wine Sula Blush Zinfandel Sula Rs.483 winery Grover Shiraz Rosé Grover Rs.420 Vineyard
  22. 22. Sparkling Wine Sula Brut Sula Rs.550 vineyard Marquise de Pompadour Brut Chateau Rs.567 Indage
  23. 23. Promotion of wine Wine tasting festival  Mumbai Wine Festival  Pune Wine Festival  Bangalore Wine Festival
  24. 24. Mumbai wine Pune wine festival festival
  25. 25. Wine Publications  Sommelier India WINE Magazine  Fine wine and champagne magazine India will be launched on 24th April 2011 in New Delhi  Food and wine magazine
  26. 26. Wine Tasting Events  Delhi wine dinner  Wine tasting with KGA Bangalore  Wine village
  27. 27. Wine- tasting events  Offer a minimal amount at low cost  Especially at gatherings where one doesn’t want to be embarrassed due to wrong selection of wine.  It gives a chance for tasters to try wine many customers would not normally think to order  After the even a certain percentage of discount can be offered to customers on all the bottles purchased
  28. 28. Wine Tasting Brochure
  29. 29. Online Marketing   http://www.e- wine.html  rch.aspx?SearchTerm=SEARCH+PRODUCTS 
  30. 30. Food & Drink Portals    
  31. 31. Wine is available at… Bars, Restaurants & Lounges  Cruise, Ships, Yachts', Flights  Palace on Wheels & Royal Rajasthan  7* & 5* Hotels
  32. 32. Recommendation s
  33. 33. Sponsor charity events  Find an appropriate local charity event that the winery can sponsor  Be either the main sponsor showcased throughout or one of the largest sponsors  Charity event can be hosted at your winery or store, where customers will be directed towards your wine products
  34. 34. Gift Ideas  Network with local business such as law offices or larger corporations that do a lot of gift giving during the holiday season.  Larger corporations also purchase gift baskets for vendors and their loyal customers. You can offer unique business gift baskets for their company and even offer local deliveries.  A business gift basket can have bottles of your wine, foods such cheese and other appropriate wine accessories such as corkscrews wine glasses, wine – themed
  35. 35. Offers & Discounts In order to spark interest of local restaurants or stores, offer them a few free bottles of the wine First , educate the owners of the restaurants or store from where the wine came from. Once they seem interested, offer a few free bottles for them to use as promotion of your product These bottles can be used a free sample or a as daily special for customers to try If the customers enjoy the wine chances are the restaurant or store will want more.
  36. 36. Wine Club The world is full of wine enthusiasts ,according to That is why they created a wine club, which sells wine to an elite few instead of mass consumers Once you host wine tasting parties or social networking sites, you can form a group of wine enthusiasts that will stay loyal to your brand Within this club. host parties where you can educate them on new wines you are developing. Because this group will be knowledgeable on your wine. You can use their comments to improve your product.
  37. 37. Others  Guides & Books  Event Sponsorships  Wine Fairs  Newspaper Features  Showcase Artists on Labels  Through GPRS service