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A range of cashflow solutions for UK businesses

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Shire Funding Solutions

  1. 1. Shire Funding Solutions A range of cash flow solutions for UK businesses
  2. 2. Shire Funding SolutionsWe understand that cash flow is the lifeblood of a businessand offer you our range of funding options to help supportand grow your business where traditional funding is notavailable. These options allow an immediate injection of cashinto your business for:-• Working capital• Business expansion• Purchasing stock• Clear debts
  3. 3. Funding SolutionsInvoice Finance• Generate the cash tied up in your invoices and release working capital …
  4. 4. Funding SolutionsInvoice Finance• Invoice Factoring – collection of outstanding invoices• Invoice Discounting – cash is in your bank within 48 hours• Confidential Invoice Discounting – customers remain totally unaware of a funder’s involvement
  5. 5. Funding SolutionsUnsecured Business Loans• A range of loans for investment, development or for whatever your business needs… ent t estm me n er nv elop Oth I Dev
  6. 6. Funding SolutionsUnsecured Business Loans• 16% of small businesses are reportedly looking to borrow money and nearly 40% of those are being turned down by banks• Shire Funding Solutions work with a range of funders, matching your needs to the lending criteria on offer.
  7. 7. Funding SolutionsCommercial Mortgages• Use the equity in your premises to access funds for your business…
  8. 8. Funding SolutionsCommercial Mortgages• A loan secured on commercial property including a shop, warehouse, factory, workshop and garage etc.• The cost of secured lending is typically at a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan• Lender holds title deeds
  9. 9. Funding SolutionsMerchant Cash Advance• Turn future card sales into cash today!• A convenient, flexible means of raising funds for businesses that use credit and/or debit cards and is tailor-made for retailers and those in the hospitality and leisure sector.
  10. 10. Funding SolutionsMerchant Cash flow AdvanceFuture revenue of card sales can be used toobtain an unsecured business loan which isrepaid through an agreed percentage of futuretransactions.• No need to produce a business plan or forecast• No security required• No fixed repayment value• No repayment dates• No fixed term agreement• No penalties
  11. 11. Bridging Loans A bridging loan is an ideal short-term secured loan and can be used to solve temporary cash shortfall when buying a property or paying for a major renovation.
  12. 12. Bridging LoansBridging loans come in two forms:-• Open Bridging Loans: When buying a property and the contract for sale has not yet been completed• Closed Bridging Loans: Where the contract for sale has been completed but there is a delay in the receipt of fundsBenefitsBridging loans can be a good means of funding for:-• Purchasing one property before selling another• Purchasing a property before a long-term mortgage is in place• Purchasing property in need of repair/renovation until repairs are completed
  13. 13. Shire Funding Solutions Funding Solutions is committed to providing Shireinnovative, simple and effective finance solutions for UK businesses. We’re based in the Midlands and have thousands of satisfied customers across the UK. Call now for more information on 01827 300357