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Shire Business Group Brochure


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Shire Business Group provides UK SMEs with a diverse range of business services to help support, maintain and develop future growth.

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Shire Business Group Brochure

  1. 1. Supporting our direct customers throughout the Shire community
  2. 2. T. 01827 300 095 | E. | 1 Calico Business Park, Sandy Way, Amington, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 4BF Contact Specialist practice finance for professionals and practice owners As specialist funders we understand that solving financial demands sometimes takes second place. We are here to assist. As part of Shire Business Group we call on over 20 years’ experience to provide specialist practice finance. We listen to our clients and take into account the specific customer needs and the challenges professionals face every day, so that clients are assured of the best advice and terms available for each individual circumstance. Tax/VAT Funding Unsecure Loan Equipment Funding New Practice Acquisition Working Capital Practice Extensions Practice Funding Partner Buyins/Buyouts Vehicle Funding The service you’ve been seeking. Call 01827 489 166