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Chronic illness: Wellness Solutions Personalized with Genomics & Biometrics


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Data drives company outcomes - employers agree analytics are a key factor in strategic planning. Customizing wellness solutions that has turned science fiction into science. Employees biometrics and genomics - sequencing the genome - drives choosing individualized wellness coaching. Health solutions - providing a path of sustainability and adherence - scientific, engaging, redefining individualized - And we make it affordable. Employee health programs - what a wonderful way to build healthier communities - establish lifestyle habits creating a healthier future for our children. We can manage & prevent chronic illnesses - saving lives and money - investing the money for happier, bigger, better futures.

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Chronic illness: Wellness Solutions Personalized with Genomics & Biometrics

  1. 1. Chronic illness in the Workplace….. And How we are Creating Personalized Employee Programs Employees Biometrics & DNA are the template….. In This Issue… Our Solutions Biometrics & Motivation with Wearable Technology Genomics….Testing our DNA Coaching & Live Interactive webinars Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Corporate Culture Assessment (CCA) Incentivized with wearable technology Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, Reducing Inflammation Cellular Health FUN, Engaging The Cost of Non Adherence CDC Workplace Health Improvement Implementing Biometrics & Genomics in our Wellness Solutions Genetics vs. Epigenetics Data Analytics Changing Benefit Strategies Motivating Employees with Real Time Data Incentivizing with Wearable technology Measuring Biometrics Course development - Still comes with an HRA & CCA
  2. 2. CDC: Workplace Health Promotion Using the Workplace to Improve the Nation’s Health. 2015  Four of the 10 most expensive health conditions for US employers—high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, and chest pain—are related to heart disease and stroke. ✔ preventable 
  Work-related stress is the leading workplace health problem and a major occupational health risk, ranking above physical inactivity and obesity. ✔ preventable
  Productivity losses linked to employees who miss work cost employers $225.8 billion, or $1,685 per employee, each year. ✔ preventable
  Full-time workers who are overweight or obese and have other chronic health problems miss about 450 million more days of work each year than healthy workers. The result is an estimated cost of more than $153 billion in lost productivity each year. ✔ preventable
  A 1% reduction in excess weight and high blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels has been shown to save $83 to $103 annually in medical costs per person. ✔ We Can Do This

  3. 3. A Reminder from the World Health Organization 80% of Chronic Illness is Preventable through Modifiable Lifestyle Habits Our challenge is, knowing what needs to be modified, and how to modify
  4. 4. Biometrics & Genomics Biometrics: Biometrics provide a numerical snapshot of health. This quantification of health helps health care professionals identify disease risks by comparing the numbers to what is considered typical or healthy. Biometrics such as blood pressure, blood glucose, are taken by healthcare professionals - however now we have wearable technology, NOT to replace medical diagnostics - but we can take better charge of our health tracking such biomarkers. Knowing and watching numbers is a key way to monitor our health - knowing when we need to make a trip to the doctor sooner, and becoming more vigilant to our health. Genomics: A genome is an organism’s complete set of DNA, including all of its genes. Each genome contains all of the information needed to build and maintain that organism. In humans, a copy of the entire genome—more than 3 billion DNA base pairs—is contained in all cells that have a nucleus. Genomics is the study of our genome - analyzing genes and their inter relationships in order to identify their combined influence on the growth and development of the organism. We can identify if a person is at higher risk of a disease, and the person can make more targeted solutions about their health, lifestyle choices, and open discussions with healthcare professionals - how to utilize this knowledge.
  5. 5. Genetics vs. Epigenetics Genetics: Our genetic material as passed on from Mamma & Pappa Epigenetics: refers to covalent (chemical bonds formed from the sharing of electrons) modification of the genetic material (DNA, protein, or RNA), resulting in changes to the function and/or regulation of these molecules, without altering their primary sequences. In some cases, epigenetic modifications are stable and passed on to future generations, but in other instances they are dynamic and change in response to environmental stimuli. Nearly every aspect of biology is influenced by epigenetics, making it one of the most important fields in science
  6. 6. Genomic Testing…Sequencing the Genome Our DNA does NOT have to be our destiny. Knowledge is Power Sooner or later, we will shift from population-based medicine to personalized medicine for most medical conditions, and genomics will be front and center in this conversion • Know diseases & conditions we are most susceptible to • Encourage deeper dialogue with health care professionals • Encourage regular diagnostics • Encourage better lifestyle habits • Encourage consumerization of healthcare • Encourage discussion ➪ Personalized Medicine
  7. 7. HRA: Health Risk Assessment CCA: Corporate Culture Assessment Incentivizing with Wearable Technology BICH can also design an Incentivized with wearable technology program. Along with the HRA & CCA, for the cost of the wearable technology only, BICH further customizes the HRA and the wellness programs based on the detailed biometrics obtained from the wearable device. New heights of personalization…..employees biometrics determine the wellness program….. Best In Corporate Health Incentivized Wellness Includes: • Device • Customized Live & Interactive Webinars • Customized HRA & CCA • Data for customization IS your employee biomarkers,,,,, All for the Cost of the Device ⇒ getting a wellness program at no extra cost Incentivizing slideshare:
  8. 8. PWC 2017: 1/5 People Own Wearable Technology 46% said they believe their company should fund wearable technology for employees.
  9. 9. Raconteur August 2016 “wearable and self-monitoring medical technology is changing the way we think about our own biology”. According to a recent survey by software service company Trustmarque and YouGov, 81% of respondents said they would like to see more connected and wearable devices used in healthcare, with half saying wearables were potentially most useful to monitor vulnerable people. Collette Johnson, director of medical at electronics consultancy Plextek, believes the use of self-monitoring devices has enormous potential and could help the NHS save at least 60 per cent on the average cost per patient. Crucially, she thinks, the public is ready for it.”
  10. 10. “And in a patient with a chronic condition, such as diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a wearable monitoring device might alert them earlier to a change in their health which needs medical attention. So wearables can help patients engage with the medical community sooner.” Cédric Hutchings, vice president for health at Nokia Technologies, agrees. “The greatest benefit from wearables is in chronic disease management through empowering the patient” Raconteur Report Continued
  11. 11. Employee Benefit News Sept 2017. Deloitte How data analytics is changing employee benefit strategies. Recent developments in data analytics have unlocked the potential of using consumer behavior insights to drive employee benefits strategy. What better data analytics are there for health than biometrics & genomics? An HRA for behaviors + these scientific insights into an employee’s physiology, could there be anything more accurately predictive? Not rear view of claims - there is nothing else more predictive to rely on for employee health benefits strategies than Biometrics & Genomics.
  12. 12. Provide Employees Real time Data they can: Target Track Get Involved in their health See a Direct Correlation between Effort & Success Know how to better target their own genetic predispositions Have the science to support better lifestyle choices Participate in fun challenges Motivate Employees adherence to lifestyle and management protocol Most of all…prevent chronic illness…..
  13. 13. The Cost of Treatment Non Adherence • Non-adherence also leads to $4 billion in costs to the country’s healthcare system, 5% of hospital admissions and 5% of physician visits • Leads to increased benefit costs, lost productivity, temporary disability and increased absenteeism • Solving for non-adherence can mean deciphering complex patient motivators and tailoring strategies specifically for that person • Some groups are more at risk than others… Ex. clinically depressed patients—or those with another underlying condition that impacts mental health—are more likely to be non-adherent • Conditions with no symptoms, or those that have symptom-free periods, are more likely to lead to non-adherence • “Increasing engagement and education surrounding adherence will result in a reduction of many additional costs that your benefits plan and employees may be absorbing, as well as fewer hospital visits and slower disease progression” Sun Life 2014 “Non Adherence Costs Employers”
  14. 14. The Global Attitude of Patients and Physicians Survey found that more than one-quarter of type 2 diabetics are not taking insulin as prescribed by their physician. • More than 25% of patients surveyed said they had missed, mistimed (> 2 hours) and reduced doses • 26% said they had done so five or more times in a 30-day period • 20% of respondents said they deliberately did not take their insulin as prescribed • 1/7 allowed blood glucose levels go higher to reduce their risk of nocturnal self-treated minor nocturnal hypoglycemia. Diabetic Non Adherence
  15. 15. Course Development Best In Corporate Health has designed hundreds of courses for a wide variety of industries. We can prerecord - and employees can participate on their own time. All courses have detailed workbooks to accompany the program, action plans & goal setting process to implement the newly learned health skills. We also offer to perform an HRA & CCA to determine which courses will be most beneficial to the employees. There is a flat fee for course development, we customize to your organization, make it relevant to your industry. We can develop your own specific courses for chronic disease prevention/management
  16. 16. Personalized Wellness Solutions for Adherence & Sustainability Our wellness solutions are not only to educate employees, we provide the technology, the programs and yes - the personalized human touch to encourage adherence & sustainability along their continuous wellness journey • HRA & CCA (Corporate Culture Assessment) discovering employees wants, difficulties, strengths, behavior • Incentivize with wearable technology to customize wellness solutions with employees own biometrics - and to provide fu, motivation & proof of success • Genomic testing - find out what genetic predispositions might exist - and then further personalize the wellness process for the prevention of those conditions • Providing Employees with overall health & strength - feeling the rewards of their efforts - reinforcing with wearable technology and challenges - empowering with health • All of these Go together to form the most empowering & personalized wellness solutions - at a fraction of the cost of most other programs - Often - just for the cost of the wearable tech only! Webinars & Coaching - live and interactive - hundreds of topics - combining to support employees for sustainability & adherence
  17. 17. Webinar series….Sample of Topics…..all Customized.. each topic could be a series itself……All Webinars Live & Interactive …Never Prerecorded Sexual Health Family lifestyle Cancer prevention Financial Stress Oxidative Stress Inventories Work Family Integration Alcohol Chronic disease management lifestyle Where is the time? Management Metabolic Syndrome Nutrition for Disease Prevention/Management Sleep…Getting Sleep Help Smoking Cessation Sugar Addictions Proactive Health Much more than Diagnostics How to use our Wearable Technology Digestive Function: The first step of the Immune System Immune Function Cell Being Stages of Life Hormonal Balance My Achey Breaky Body Mood Stabilization Who has time? Exercise & Physical Activity Stress - not just managing -Getting to the Physiological Source
  18. 18. All Webinars Are Live, Interactive ➪Led by highly specialized experts in their fields, researchers, with excellent communication skills ➪ Employees are encouraged to participate, ask questions either privately or as a group ➪ Its like having health and financial coaches, all in the price of the wearable device We are making health affordable to all - health coaching and the most advanced, scientific wearable technology, inspiring people to take charge
  19. 19. FU N Winston Churchill: “Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught Engagement Unleashed……….. • A study in the journal, College Teaching, found that students could recall a statistics lecture more easily when the lecturer added jokes about relevant topics. • In her book, Neurologist, Judy Willis showed how fun experiences increase levels of dopamine, endorphins, and oxygen – all things that promote learning. • In a study for the Journal of Vocational Behaviour, Michael Tews found that employees are more likely to try new things if their work environment is fun
  20. 20. Best In Corporate Health, Shira Litwack Corporate health programs…what a wonderful way to affordably  make the world a happier, healthier place.  Shira Litwack – The Corporate Happy Place medical fitness professional, Cancer Exercise Specialist, BSc Chemistry, Medical Exercise Specialist, Holistic Nutritionist, addiction recovery, Radio Host, and regularly interviewed for the science….. Chief Health Enthusiast – Best In Corporate Health We work with a team of 20 health experts, providing live, interactive webinars and coaching - its like having your own personalized health coaches - specialized in programs from health, nutrition, exercise, physical activity, financial stress, work life integration, sexual health…..we have the coaches. No middleman. We are the specialists bringing you the science. Your are paying strictly for your health design and process…no middlemen at all. Just us.