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Unlock 4S


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Unlock 4S

  1. 1. Unlocking the 4SNowadays, in the cellular phone marketplace, there are more options for smart phones that asingle person could fathom. Unless of course you work for a cell phone company/store thatoffers multiple different carriers, over several different platforms, that for the most part cannot beinterchanged. At the pinnacle of this subject is the highly valued iPhone. Which at one point intime, was only offered through one carrier AT&T. But because of the extremely high demandfor the phone, slowly but surely other carriers opened their gates to supporting the iPhone and itshighly sophisticated software and application market. Even after the other top cell phonecarriers (Verizon, Sprint, and even some prepaid plans such as Boost Mobile) have allowed theinduction of the iPhone to their option plans, once you purchase the phone from a carrier thereare certain things that you become “locked” into that the carrier you choose is not going to letyou in on. Basically, when you purchase a phone from a carrier the phone is then “locked” inwith that specific company. So in able to receive a monthly service plan from them you have toabide by their guidelines and pay for certain aspects of the service. Regardless of your usage(you can see my site for more info). The company basically has a leash around your neck and whatever changes they decide toimplement, in order to maintain service, you must pay for them. The carriers put this into affectto keep people from purchasing iPhones from one company and then they decide to switch toanother carrier while still under contract and use the same phone. It keeps the new companyfrom losing out on any revenue that would be generated from the sale of a new phone whenswitching to them. (see iUnlock 4s for more info) On top of having your phone locked in with yourcarrier when you purchase an iPhone, you are also locked in with the Apple Corporation itself.Apple puts these measures into place because in the companys eyes your phone, that youpurchased for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, is only a module which they allow you tom“borrow” and use their technology on. It makes it so regardless of the carrier you still mustfollow Apples rules and regulations as it pertains to the technology they are loaning to you.With these parameters put into place it would seem that you really dont have much of a leewaywhen buying an iPhone, even if purchased from Apple. It would seem once you dedicateyourself to a carrier you are stuck with them and even if you wanted to change, you couldnt.However, there are numerous programs now available to consumers that allow you to unlockyour phone and lift the restrictions put on by the carrier and the Apple Corporation. When youunlock your phone it allows you to use your phone with other carriers that use different SIMcards, not just the company that you signed your contract with. This gives you the freedom toshop around and find a carrier that fits the needs your looking for and the price point that fitsyour budget for monthly service. Just make sure that the carriers servers your looking to workwith support the software of the iPhone before you make the switch.Resources: