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Toronto Landscapers

  1. 1. Xeriscaping: Optimum GardeningXeriscaping is the process of gardening or landscaping design without the use of irrigation.You just learned a cool word! This is beneficial both to you and the Earth. If you live in agated community in Florida you are probably already familiar with this process, but didn’tknow it was a general concept of by itself. Commonplace plants that are found in xeriscapegardens are cacti, agave, or other plants that do well without much water. This is offers aserene beauty to your garden while being both cost effective and better for theenvironment altogether.How is it better for the environment? Tilling, a process that is heavily utilized in farms orother agricultural entities in which they dig channels into the Earth so that water may floweasily into these channels. Planting vegetables and such on the high levels of ground inbetween channels allows for an easy way of watering your plants, when your farm maystretch for acres. This tilling process actually reshapes the Earth in a way that wasn’tintended to be so. Over time, and when the farm is gone and no more, the scars fromirrigation remain causing flooding and other problems in natural area that shouldn’t beflooded, causing changes to the environment and a shift in habitat culture.Xeriscape offers a change to all of that by allowing the capability of gardening withoutmaking any changes to the Earth. Many Toronto landscaping companies are already onboard with xeriscaping because of the lack of man hours needed to provide a beautifulgarden while also offering plants that are presented in an array of colors.There is another benefit to xeriscaping. With the utilization of desert plants, Torontolandscapers spread rocky soil is desired. Often you will find areas of your yard that arereminiscent of rock gardens. Not only is this better for the desert plants, but it alsominimizes the need to mow your lawn. The more xeriscaping that is present, the less grassthat will needed to be mowed. If your entire yard is xeriscaped you may find that you havecut out the need to mow altogether, while enhancing the beauty of your garden or yardtenfold. Alternatives to the rock-style garden include mulch and alternative turfs. Offered innumerous eye-pleasing colors including red and natural beige, mulch is highly utilized inxeriscaping and other facets of landscaping. Mulch offers ground cover that is beautiful andalso serves a purpose by minimizing the presence of weeds in your garden. Alternativeturfs offer even more play room by planting native grasses in your garden like BuffaloGrass or Blue Grama. These particular species do well in warmer climates and do not growas fast as bluegrass, once again eliminating the need to mow your lawn as much as the nextguy.