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Toronto HVAC


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Toronto HVAC

  1. 1. Options for Air Conditioning Your HomeWe all dread the day when summer comes and sweeps our sunscreen and baseball caps off theirfeet. Driving in the car can be horrible with blistering hot metal buttons and leather seats thatstick to your cotton shirts, can make anyone want to not go out today and stay at home.However, without proper heating and air conditioning in your home can lose that sense ofcomfort in the warmer months by turning your home into an oven. Of course, there are numerousdifferent ways that someone can bring the cool breezes in your home however, not every optionis best for every home. Some homes that are large and have many rooms will need more powerand therefore larger and more efficient air conditioning units. Some homes or other buildingslike small offices or storage units can utilize much smaller air conditioning units. All in all thereare numerous options for whatever building needs to be air conditioning. Here is a short list ofoptions:  Window Unit  Single Split Walled Mounted  Central A/C  RooftopWindow units are the smallest, cheapest, and easiest to install. Requiring only an open windowand an electrical outlet nearby, this unit is only practical for a single room. Some homes find itmore cost efficient to set up multiple window units in their home. Often times these people willleave the A/C off during the day when they are out at work, only to turn it on again when theyget home. These homes have very good insulation or are incool enough areas that it doesn’t take very long to cool thehouse down once the units are turned on in the afternoononce the homeowner comes home from work.Another, and more permanent solution for A/C in similarbuildings that would require the window unit is the single –split walled mounted unit. This style of A/C unit is rapidlybecoming more popular in Asian countries and Americanhotels. Toronto hvac companies are catching this trend as well. This style unit offers an outdoorcompressor unit and an indoor evaporator unit. This allows for the air conditioning of a building
  2. 2. Options for Air Conditioning Your Homewithout the problems of condensation. Much like window units, these units only offer airconditioning to the room that it is installed in. Another issue is the lack of necessary piping thatis needed to attach compressor and evaporator units.Rooftop units offer a much further range of flexibility than the previously mentioned units.These are self-contained units that offer A/C through ductwork. Installed on the roof, these unitsoffer A/C without the ugliness of a unit in the yard or window. A similar solution to airconditioning or heating Toronto your home and the preferred method for larger buildings is thecentral A/C unit. With a self-contained unit situated outside your home, Central A/C utilizesductwork to bring cool breezes to every room in your home cost effectively, despite heavyinstallation prices.