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  1. 1. Rapid Advance: The Ultimate in Cash AdvanceI have owned a pool maintenance company in South Florida for a little over ten years now.Starting off, it was just me servicing what few pools I had (28). Over the years I have progressedto where I have a team of pool techs working for me on both residential and commercial pools soI no longer have to do weekly pool service myself, rather I focus on customer relations and repair work. Within the last year I have also expanded my business to include pool construction, where I have a small team of excellent professionals working on constructing and remodeling residential pools. Without the cash advances from Rapid Advance that I needed to expand my business, I never would have been able to be as successful as I am today. At first I was skeptical about cash advances, thinking they were a scam. Being as I never like being in debt, taking out a business loan just wasn’t an option and I never considered it until I began expanding my business to include pool construction andremodeling. Once I began my business expansion I naturally felt a dent in my wallet anddesperately needed some help or else drop the project altogether, so I began taking an interest incash advances. After speaking with a few different cash advance providers, I beganunderstanding the system, but still didn’t trust the providers. It took me a few tries, but I finallyfound Rapid Advance, a cash advance provider I could trust. After speaking with an accountexecutive with Rapid Advance, getting a cash advance was easier than I thought it would be.With a little extra cash in my wallet, my family and I were able to finally live a little morecomfortably and I could afford to buy the materials I needed to begin pool construction. Thegreat part is that I was able to pay off the entire cash advance within a couple of weeks!Since my first cash advance with RapidAdvance, I have taken an additional cash advance and asmall business loan. Truly, it was the small business loan that allowed my expanded business tofinally take off. With the money I needed to start off, my new pool construction and remodelingbusiness generated a ton of new clients, so I was able to pay the loan off, no problem. RapidAdvance offers small business loans that are actually affordable to pay off. Banks will crippleyou with their interest rates and of course, treat you as a number the whole time; not so withRapid Advance. Everyone I have talked with at Rapid Advance was friendly and quicklyreceptive to what I wanted.