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Limo Service Boca


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Limo Service Boca

  1. 1. Act One Limo Company - Boca Limo ServiceAct One Act One Limo Company has been known for many years. Act One Act One Limo Company provides limousines for rent for anumber of purposes. Some of the main purposes for which the limousines are rented out include weddings, home based functions,civil ceremonies and churches. In case of weddings, the decorations of the cars are also taken care of and are the responsibility ofthe company. All kinds of flower arrangements, red carpet, and flowers are part of the decoration of the cars hired for weddings.The cars are rented for birthdays and there is no age limit in these cases. There are many people who want to get their marriagevows renewed and refreshed, for which limousines are rented. For the purpose of picking and dropping off people from gatherings that include concerts also requires limousines. Transportation of people to and from the airports is also one of the main reasons of limousine rental. The drivers who are hired for driving these limousines are highly trained within Limo Service Boca. There are certain conditions that are to be fulfilled by the drivers of these limousines. One of the main exam that needs to be passed by these drivers include the exam certification of Commission for Taxi Regulation. These are the regulations that are important for the maintenance of standards of Act One Limo. Three main qualities that are polished in the drivers include being courteous, more professional having an improved attire. At Act One Limo, the cars are taken care of and looked after in a manner that the customers are attracted more. The cars are checked for having any technical issues and are thereby safe to drive. A number of services are provided by the chauffeurs in this limousine company. Drinks andnibbles are provided during the journey. Some of the most common models of the limousines that are used for services includeFairmount limousine. These limousines are super stretched, have stretched seats on which easily 8 adults can fit in. The other designincludes well-stretched executive class Fairmount limousine. The main advantage offered by this model is comfortable sitting and "A Limo Company You Can Count On"
  2. 2. Act One Limo Company - Boca Limo Serviceextra leg space that can give extra comfort to a person who is being picked from an airport after having a long flight. Allof the limousines of Act One Limo are known to provide the best available facilities to the customers. Some ofthese facilities include near facility, drinks, air conditioning as well as sound systems. Some of theadditional features that are seen in the super stretched limousines include mood lightning features.Another option provided by Act One Limo includes the tours to certain spots across the countries. Nomatter what the destination, stays are provided with luxurious stays. On the other hand, when thecustomers book the limousine, the limousine companies make it open to the customers about how many miles are covered andwhat the mileage will be covered. There are a number of reasons based on which the customers get limousine booked. Thecustomer services provided by the limousine companies are worth spending. The services and the level of entertainment providedby Act One Act One Limo Company is such that the customers are more attracted towards the services. Web Resources Act One Limousine Inc. 18560 Ocean Mist Drive Boca Raton, FL 33498 Email: Phone: 855-272-7027 Fax: 561-883-6144 "A Limo Company You Can Count On"