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  1. 1. Buying Real Estate in ItalyVisiting Italy is nothing short of breathtaking. The beautiful countryside, denseand active cities, and rich culture that Italy has to offer is why millions of people worldwide travel vast distances to see the wonderful country. As we visit Italy and see firsthand what the country has to offer, those dreams of visiting Italy instantly evolve to living in Italy, to owning a farmhouse to vacate to, a country villa to retire in. And why not? Italy has perfect opportunities for the thrifty investor as long as proper protocols and procedures are enacted inorder to truly benefit from investing in real estate in Italy. Throughout thisarticle we will go over necessary information when buying a house in Italy.Choosing which area to buy real estate in may seem difficult. Frequentvacations to the same area in Italy can help familiarize yourself with an area.Choosing whether you buy a house in the country, suburbs, or city shouldnaturally depend on your lifestyle habits and general interests. While you arestill visiting Italy and even while back home, check out the real estate for sale inthe area you are visiting to get a general idea of the market. Reference thisinformation with similar areas in Italy to compare local real estate markets. Thisis a basic procedure but is very beneficial in knowing the current trends of realestate in Italy.The most important part of buying Italy real estate is that you must hire a locallawyer. Even buying real estate in the U.S. can be overbearing and Italy has acompletely different process than othercountries. It can seem like a labyrinth ofprocedures and paperwork that trulyneeds a local lawyer to be able tointerpret. It is imperative to hire localItalian real estate lawyers who know thelaws inside and out to prevent any
  2. 2. Buying Real Estate in Italydetriments to your finances in your home country.It is important to note that a convenient way to buying Italy real estate is torent the home before you buy it. Italy real estate is slightly different in that itallows for renting of homes for sale before purchase, even luxury real estate.Renting the property beforehand allows the buyer to test everything in thehome to ensure all appliances and what not are in working order and that theproperty is in a convenient location according to your specifications.One such resource that can assist you with this is It is important tobe sure that you are comfortable and happy with every aspect of the realestate you anticipate buying. The property may seem fine on the surface, butafter living in the home for a couple of days is a real eye-opener.For instance, it may not be apparent at first, but having the living room closerto the front door than the kitchen may be inconvenient for bringing groceriesinside. Other problems that may not arise instantly are structural problems. Forinstance, that farmhouse on the top of the green hill may be beautiful, yetcheck and make sure that all rooms in the house have a level floor. It is verycommon for families who recently bought real estate to notice in a couple ofdays that the house is slightly tilted.